Book List

TB – Totally Bound Publishiing; RES – Resplendence Publishing; AKB –



Unconventional at Best

Unconventional in Atlanta


Xavier’s Xmas


Banded Brothers

Building the Pack

End Street Detective Agency Vol. 1

The Thresl Chronicles Vol. 1

Unconventional at Best

Unconventional in Atlanta


 ARe Published

Wooing Master Jones

Considering Carlyle

Banded Brothers (eXtasy)

To Have a Human

To Catch a Croc

To Enchant an Eagle

To Bite a Bear

To Kiss a Killer

Blood Moon and Sun (AKB)

Blood Signs

Samhain’s Kiss

Building the Pack (eXtasy)

The Alpha’s Only

Cob Brothers (RES)

Ash Swan

The Swimming Swan

The Helpful Swan

Cowboy Lovin’ (TB)

Tyler’s Cowboy

Robert’s Rancher

Dangerous Lovers (TB)

Catching Mr. Right

Accounting for Luke

Dragon Mate Books (AKB)

Mate Hunt

Mate Test

Mate Dance

Mate Healer

End Street Detective  (TB)

The Case of the Cupid Curse

The Case of the Wicked Werewolf

The Case of the Dragon’s Dilemma

The Case of the Sinful Santa

Hellbourne (TB)


Back to Hell

Hidden Magic (TB)

William’s House

Modelling Death

Magically His

Imperfect Porn (eXtasy)

Patrick’s Plight

Oliver’s Online

Killers & Thorns (AKB)

Twisted Rose

The Larson Legacy (AKB)

Trails of Tam

Lesson’s For Lewis

Magical Men (TB)

Keeping Dallas

Mercenary Love (TB)

Tempting Sin

Testing Arthur

Teasing Jonathan

Moon Pack (AKB)

Attracting Anthony

Baiting Ben

Courting Calvin

Denying Dare

Enticing Elliott

Finding Farro

Getting Gabe

Hunting Henry

Inflaming Inno

Judging Jager

Keeping Kylen

Nick’s Tales (AKB)

Vampire Wanted

Planetary Submissive (TB)


Orlin’s Fall

Zall’s Captain

Supernatural Mates (TB)

From Pack to Pride

A Prideful Mate

A Prideless Man

Talan’s Treasure

Nothing To Do with Pride

More Than Pride

Protecting His Pride

Thresl Chronicles  (TB)

Soldier Mine

Prince Claimed

Politician Won

Bonded Broken

Duke Betrayed

Saint Returns

The Underwolves (TB)

A Gamma’s Choice

A Wizard’s Touch (TB)

Jaynell’s Wolf

Kevin’s Alpha

Yearning Love (TB)

Taking Care of Charlie

Protecting Francis


Blown Away

Convention Confusion

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

My Subby Valentine

Protecting His Soul

Switching Payne



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