It’s been so long! (Catnapped Part 18)

I have to say I didn’t notice the passing of time. As much as I swore I would catch up this year I can see I’ve already failed that goal. I’m going to have to try and make it up one day at a time. My writing has been off for a long time now. I’m working really hard this week and for the rest of the year to reestablish my connection with my fans that has fallen by the wayside during the hectic process of life. Below you will find the latest edition of catnapped. I’m hoping to get a few of these out a week. With the summer and my kids out of school I think it will be a good test to my commitment to blogging.

***If you are missing part of this story a search on the word catnapped should bring them up.***

“You can’t ever leave him.”

Jacques spun around to face the speaker. The vampire Zio leaned against the opposite wall watching him with a careful expression as if expecting Jacques to turn into a bomb and explode.

“What are you talking about?” There was no getting around it; vampires were weird. Zio’s comment almost sounded like they were continuing a conversation they had never started.

“I mean it. You can’t ever leave Nevio. I don’t mean like leave the house or go off shopping for a day. I mean permanently. He needs you.”

“Is there a reason you’re mentioning it now? I signed a contract promising to be his blood supplier and I’m studying from home. I’m not planning on going anywhere.” What would make Zio believe Jaques planned on going back on his word?

“Even when the contract ends you can’t leave. It was a stupid idea any way to even have a written agreement. You two are mates. Contracts shouldn’t exist between mates.”

“Then why did I sign one?” Jacques huffed. He tried to remember what he knew of vampire mates. “He’s not going to die if I leave or anything.”

“I probably said too much.” Zio turned to walk away.

Jacques growled, grabbed Zio’s shoulder and spun him back around. “If you didn’t want me to know something you shouldn’t have followed me. Now if contracts don’t work between mates the only reason to make me sign one is to keep me here until Nevio convinces me to be his permanent mate. Is that right?”

“I can’t say what our leader might have planned. The only thing I know is that there are few leaders that have a mate and stay in power. They are too easily toppled from their leadership if you take out their mates. You and Nevio are bonded for life.”

“Then why did you tell me I have to stay if you don’t want him to keep me.”

Zio sighed as if Jacques annoyed him. “It might not be good for a leader to have an obvious weakness. It would be worse if you left.”

“I’m getting mixed signals here,” Jacques complained. He held back a frustrated scream. If this kept up he’d have to escape to the pack house for a few days to work out his building aggression. “I’m doing everything requested of me. Leave things alone.” A low growl worked up his throat. When Zio paled even more for a vampire Jacques inner lion all but purred with satisfaction.

Jacques left Zio standing in the hall. Breakfast before homework sounded like a good idea.

A collection of humans sprawled around the kitchen in various levels of clothing and awareness. Among the dozen at least half appeared to have not gone to sleep at all. Jacques nodded to them but didn’t speak as he headed for the fridge.

“You’re not allowed to do that,” a young man commented in a bored voice.

“Allowed to do what?” Jacques frowned.

“Get food out of the refrigerator. We have to wait for the chef.”

His stomach growled. “When is the chef going to show up?”

The unnamed male shrugged. “He gets here around eight sometimes.”

Jacques checked his watch. “I’m not waiting two hours.”

He opened the fridge. A quick scan revealed some roast beef. “Yes.”

The smell of rare meat filled his nose and a happy noise escaped.

“You’re not human are you?” A girl asked, twirling her blond hair.

“Nope.” Jacques grabbed a plate from the cabinet above then a knife from the butcher’s block. “I’m a lion shifter.”

To his surprise several voices made sounds of amazement. He arched an eyebrow at the group. “It’s not like I did anything incredible. I was born this way.”

He sliced a piece of meat off and put it on the tray just as a tall, broad-shouldered man stomped into the room wearing chef whites. “What are you doing in my kitchen?”

“Getting something to eat.”

The chef’s nostril’s flared and he immediately lost his aggressive stance. “Are you Jacques?”


“Do you need anything else? I was alerted you left your rooms and was about to make you a meal.”

“A glass of milk would be nice.” The iron in the meat would satisfy his inner beast. Apparently he hadn’t been eating enough beef lately if he craved it this much. Of course his last hunt had been before he came here.

“How come he gets special treatment? We have to wait.” Asked a sulky man in silk night clothes.

“He’s Nevio’s mate.” The chef stated handing Jacques a glass of milk, then some tableware for his beef.

“Thanks.” Jacques clutched his glass and plate tight before leaving the room. Uncomfortable about standing in a room with a bunch of humans who would knife him for a chance at the vampire leader.

Humans generally came to a vampire coven either because they needed the money that donating blood offered or they were addicted to a vampire’s bite. Either way they wouldn’t appreciate Jacques high ranking.

Jacques turned a corner and stumbled as he avoided running into a person coming in the opposite direction.

“Good morning Nevio,” Jacques said. His nerves jangled uneasily as the morning sun cast a movie star glow across Nevio’s cheekbones.

“Morning, my lion.” He glanced at what Jacques was holding. “Not a balanced breakfast I see.”

Jacques shrugged, careful of his milk. “My lion wished for meat this morning.”

“Best feed the beast then.” Nevio grinned exposing his sharp teeth. “I know I always like to.”

A giddy giggle burst from Jacques mouth. “Sorry I don’t know where that came from.”

“Don’t worry it was adorable.” Nevio kissed Jacques on the cheek leaving a slight tingling on his skin. “Eat, my dear and I’d like to talk to you after your schooling today.”

“Um, okay.” Later he would castigate himself over his complete lack of confidence when confronted with a sexy vampire. He didn’t know when his emotions regarding Nevio started to change but he had to get a grip if he planned on remaining here. No one wanted a slightly hysterical shifter to be the other half of the vampire leadership.

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Previously Released

William’s House

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Cassius Grant, Cash to his family, is charged with getting rid of the house’s new resident. Determined to evict the interloper, he is taken aback by the beautiful, willful man who refuses to abandon his new house under any circumstances. Cassius realizes the best way to deal with the man is to keep a close eye on him…and what better place than from Will’s bed?

Modeling Death

Jacob Richmond is used to men hitting on him, but little does he realize that Guy Franks has waited hundreds of years to find his mate and nothing will dissuade him…

Guy Franks doesn’t plan to give up on Jacob Richmond, the sexy model who initially brushed him off like an annoying fly. With his sister looking for a new face for her fashion line, Guy is in the perfect position to get Jacob hired. Unfortunately, when someone starts killing models, Guy has to use his magic to weed out the murderer and protect the man who has made himself a target.

Falling for a man with magical powers doesn’t fit into Jacob’s plan for his life. For this same man to be claiming they are soul mates freaks him out more than a little. However, Guy’s blue eyes scream sincerity, and Jacob had always been a sucker for an honest man. Can Jacob admit he’s in love with Guy before the killer gets to him, or will he spend the rest of his short life regretting his choices?

Magically His

Kellum didn’t know escaping from his father would send him into the arms of the love of his life.

Drake Lender has always been alone. When he spontaneously decides to bring in an untrained wizard, he’s unprepared for the danger to his heart. After centuries alone Drake has discovered his mate in a young man floating above his bed. Unable to control his powers, Kellum soon shows his ability is not only magical but he excels at stealing Drake’s heart.

Kellum Richards woke up to find his ceiling inches from his face. However, the man who came to rescue him wasn’t anything like his idea of a powerful wizard. Afraid of bringing anyone to his powerful father’s attention, Kellum tries unsuccessfully to keep Drake at arm’s length. But love will not be denied and he soon succumbs to Drake’s sexy persuasion.

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RJ’s Autism Awareness Blog Hop


Every year RJ Scott does a monthly Autism Awareness blog hop. Part of that tour is to mention some autism facts. Mine was taken from the National Autism awareness Fact Sheet.

Autism Fact “Autism greatly varies from person to person (no two people with autism are alike)”

I’m happy to participate in this event because as some of you might be aware of my younger son is on the spectrum. The fact above couldn’t be more true. I have met many children with autism and their struggles are different for each child. Autism is considered a spectrum for its ability to manifest in many ways. Some have only minor learning disabilities while others can’t speak at all. My son is luckily highly functional but that doesn’t prevent him from having to struggle to get his ideas out. Often he has problems collecting his thoughts enough to convey what he wants to say.

After many years of effort by various teachers and at home my son has learned many valuable coping mechanisms and has made impressive improvements. We are very proud of him.

RJ told me that animals are the focus of this year. In our house we have three cats and a dog and although my son doesn’t do a lot of interacting with them other than to grumble when they take the spot he wanted on my office couch, I know he appreciates their innate companionship. I see him sliding his fingers through their fur when one of the cats plops down beside him and enjoying their fluffy texture.


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Der Gefährte des Königs


Als Kreslan angegriffen wird, weiß er nicht, dass der Gestaltwandler, der ihn rettet, sein Leben völlig verändern wird.

Kreslan Piers wird im Frachtraum angegriffen und von einem seltenen gestaltwandelnden Tier gerettet, das sich als der wiedergeborene Herrscher über einen ganzen Planeten erweist. Wird Kreslan bereit sein, seinen Traum vom Leben als einfacher Soldat aufzugeben, um mit einem außergewöhnlichen Mann zusammenzuleben?

Vohne erhielt seinen Namen von seinem menschlichen Gefährten, und je länger sie zusammen sind, desto mehr erinnert er sich an die Details ihrer gemeinsamen früheren Leben, welche er mit Kreslan verbrachte, bevor er ihn sterben sah. Als sie den Heimatplaneten der Thresls erreichen, muss er seinem nervösen Gefährten mitteilen, dass er nicht nur an Vohne gebunden ist, sondern auch den Rest der Ewigkeit an dessen Seite verbringen wird.