Blog Story #14

Vin didn’t know who moved first. His need had his feet carrying him over to Loren. “You look tired.” He indulged his need to touch his mate’s face.

“I am tired. I haven’t done well with our separation.”

“Have you taken any blood?” The thought of Loren drinking from another had Vin gritting his teeth.

“I can’t take from anyone but you. I thought you knew that?”


“Jessie never mentioned…”

Vin thought over the many conversations he’d shared with his friend. “If he did I didn’t remember. I knew you preferred your mate’s blood but I didn’t know it was essential.”

“It is. I can get by on donors but my teeth won’t drop for just anyone any more.”

“Good. I wouldn’t want you sucking down anyone else.” Vin laughed. “That sounded dirtier than I planned.”

“It sounded perfect to me.” Loren dropped to his knees. “I’ve been dying to taste you. The feel of your skin parting beneath my teeth, sucking down your life essence, or holding your fragile trust in my hands. There’s nothing about you I haven’t missed.”

Vin stroked Loren’s hair. “What about my smart mouth?”

“It hides your vulnerable heart,” Loren countered as he unzipped Loren’s pants.

Vin didn’t bother to contradict his mate. If Loren wanted to think he was more sensitive than he was, he wouldn’t disillusion his passionate mate so early in their relationship. He’d let Loren learn over time that Vin could be an irritating bastard.

“May I have you?” Loren’s eyes glowed even in the bright sunlight.

“I thought you already did.” Hadn’t they just had that conversation where Vin agreed to belong to Loren. Of course what Loren considered belonging and Vin’s idea of what they consisted of might be different.

Loren didn’t comment instead he pulled Vin out and sucked him down greedily sucking on Vin’s length until his eyes lost focus and he had to clench his fists to resist the urge to grab Loren’s hair and control his actions. He doubted his alpha mate would appreciate that behavior.

It didn’t take long before Vin gave into the persuasion of Loren’s skillful mouth. He came with a shout, pouring his essence down Loren’s throat. After he finished Loren released him, letting him drop from between his lips. While Vin’s head spun, Loren tucked him back beneath the barrier of his zipper. “You are delicious.”

“I’m glad you approve.” Vin said with a husky laugh.

“I approve of a lot of things about my mate. I can’t wait to know you further.” Loren rose to his feet. “Now we will have spend hundreds of years getting to know each other.”

“Do you find it strange?” Vin couldn’t help asking.


“That we are fated mates. That something predestined us to belong together.” Vin might have been the one who recognize their connection first but that didn’t make it any less strange.

“No. I consider us lucky.” Loren licked his licks, his eyes gleaming. “And I hope you will consider yourself the same for the rest of our lives.”


Blog Story #13

“Are you here to apologize?” Vin tried to harden his heart toward his bonded but he knew he’d eventually give in. The past few days had proven he couldn’t stay away from Loren for long.

Loren nodded. “If you will excuse us nephew.”

Jessie jumped to his feet. “Sure, I’ll go to the library and study.”

Loren waited until Jessie left before speaking. “I am sorry. You were right. I shouldn’t be trying to run your life.” He paused before he continued. “I want you to be happy.”

Vin sighed, letting out the air in his lungs. “I want us to be happy together.” He had no wish to be on the outs with his mate. He wanted them to move forward with the same goals but he wouldn’t be pushed into a corner by anyone.

“We will be. I just have to learn to compromise.” Loren made the word compromise sound as if it tasted like ash in his mouth.

“Did that hurt?” Vin asked. He couldn’t resist poking at Loren’s obvious discomfort.

“Yes. I will no doubt be regretting this moment for the rest of our lives.”

Vin laughed. He walked over to Loren and wrapped his arms around him. Relief swept through him. The tension he’d been fighting eased, then popped like a champagne bubble only leaving the fizzy, heady rush of being close to his mate. “How can I make it worth your while?”

Loren unbent enough to offer a quick smile. “The gods have a wicked sense of humor the day they sent you to me.”

“How do you know they weren’t sending you to me?”

“Can’t give me an inch can you.”

“No.” If he gave his mate any room at all Loren would take every opportunity to keep Vin under his thumb. He liked his mate but he wasn’t fooled into thinking a powerful ancient vampire would be an easy mate.

“What are we going to do?” He didn’t think they’d resolved anything except their wish to be together.

“I will buy a place closer to campus and you can live with me and still attend school. On the weekends we will go to my estate so I can manage things there.”

“You don’t want me living on campus do you?” Vin could see the struggle in Loren’s eyes.

“No. The thought of so many unattached people interacting with you makes me uneasy.”

Vin thought over everything he was giving up but a sideways glance at Loren showed a tight jaw and new frown lines around his eyes. Loren wasn’t as relaxed about Vin’s answer as he tried to appear.

“You don’t have to buy a place nearby.” Vin said, a slow sigh eased out of him, hidden stress going free.

“I won’t leave you. I know you’d prefer to hang out with your friends but I have to have you near.”

“No. That’s not it. I can teleport to visit you. I’d like to keep my room here. It’s a good place to keep track of everything and I can crash when I’ve studied too long. However, I can still come to you every night.”

Loren took so long to answer Vin worried he’d turn down his offer.

“Very well. I don’t want to take you completely from you friends but we will have dinner together every evening. Understood.”

“I agree to those terms.”

“Good, now let’s move on to more important things.”

Vin smiled. “It’s nice to have such a smart mate.”


Tuesday Teaser!

While I’m gone I’m going to post some older excerpts that I’m working on. This one is from Vampire Needed.


“Father, Nick needs an escort to go see Jeff.” I left my mind open so he could see what I was going to do.

“I’ll take care of it.”

“Thanks.” Approaching my mate, I slid my fingers through his softer than silk hair. Every fucking minute my mate spent on grooming products was worth it. I’m convinced no one ever spent as much time and energy as Nick on grooming but damn if I wouldn’t fork over my entire fortune to keep my man in hair care.

Accepted my lover’s kiss I reveled in Nick’s love and affection. My mate might be a pain in the ass but no one else had ever made me feel like a god by a simple brush of lips.

Slowly breaking the embrace I released him carefully until I was certain he was solid on his heels. “Be careful,” I admonished him with a tap on the nose.

“Of course, honey,” Nick said in his cheery, confident tone.

I knew as he spun around and left the house, a fellow vampire on his heels, my life would never be dull when my lover was around and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Nick made my long life worth living.

“When are you going to change him?” My sire, William, came up beside me and watched Nick leave. The older vamp was a cold asshole but oddly, like everyone else, he liked my Nick.

I shrugged. “I’m not sure. Not until he has that kid he’s got his heart set on.” Ever since the pooka told Nick he had special inherited status he’d been determined to have a kid. Luckily I approved of the woman he chose for his baby’s mother or it could’ve gotten ugly.

“You could freeze his sperm and save it for later?”

“I could but I don’t think he’s ready.”

William crossed his arms. “Do you think he’ll ever be truly ready?”

I wanted to snarl and argue but he brought up a good point. Would my Nick ever be ready to be a creature of the night? I didn’t know. “He’s still getting used to me. I want him ready before conversion.”

William snorted. “That man will never be ready for anything he can’t completely control.”

I shrugged. I didn’t want to get into Nick’s foibles. Sure he was strong minded but eventually he would come to my way of thinking and if he didn’t, I’d change him in his sleep. I let the idea leak out to William who I knew regularly scanned my mind in the hopes I’d leave down the strong walls I’d built inside.

“Good idea,” William gave me a rare nod of approval. “That way he can’t panic.”

My chest tightened at the thought of my Nick panicking. “I’ll knock him out before I let him get upset.”

Truer words were never spoken. I just didn’t know right then how true they would turn out to be.

Moon Pack Monday – Noel


Noel straightened the papers on King Kylen’s desk. He bit his bottom lip as he worked, his mind on everything but what he was doing.

“Noel, what are you doing?”

“Cleaning up. You’re not exactly tidy.” Noel didn’t bother to turn to speak to the king. They’d known each other long enough to not be formal in private.

“Why aren’t you home?”

Noel sighed. “Hart asked me to stay late tonight.”

“He what?” Kylen spun Noel around to face him.

Noel gripped the papers until his fingers turned white. “I’m sure he didn’t mean anything bad. He just said he needed me to occupy myself this evening.”

“Until when?”

Noel glanced at his watch. “Another half hour.”

“You know anything about this?” Kylen asked to someone behind Noel’s shoulder.

“About what?” Farro’s voice wrapped around Noel, a warm aural hug. It took Noel a few months to get used to a wolf shifter in the fae world. Once he accepted Farro wasn’t going to leave he’d come to appreciate Farro as a kind man and devoted father. Noel couldn’t have picked out a better match for the king.

“Hart’s hiding something. He asked Noel to stay late.”

Farro grinned. “I would think that if he were up to something he wouldn’t be so obvious. Maybe he just wants to arrange a surprise for his mate. Some people do that.”

King Kylen ran a finger along the inside of his collar. “What kind of surprises?”

Noel snorted. “I don’t think I need to be here for this discussion.” Watching the king squirm might be fun but the sparkle in Farro’s eyes prompted Noel to find a new place to bide his time. He waved to the royal couple. “I’ll see you both tomorrow.”

“See you.” Kylen’s absent wave made Noel smile. The king’s entire focus had switched to his mate.

Noel did several more bits of busy work until it became closer to time to go. His trek through the forest didn’t take long despite the swirls of nervous anticipation swishing around his stomach like a whirlpool.


The entryway to the cave he shared with Hart had a line of gold coins luring him from the entrance. Other lovers would’ve used rose petals. A dragon mate had different ideas about romance.

At the junction between corridors an arrow formed of rubies pointed the way. The depression riding him like a clingy beast evaporated. Hart still wanted him.

Noel entered their main chamber. A gasp left his lips. Lit candles covered every surface, reflecting off shiny coins and metal vases. Hart stood in the middle of the room wearing a beautiful grey suit and holding a glass of wine.

“Welcome home.”

“What’s all this?” Noel waved a hand to indicate the decorated room.

“It’s our one month anniversary.”

Noel flushed. “Is it?”

Hart walked over and handed Noel his glass of wine. After Noel accepted it, Hart leaned down for a kiss that Noel willingly offered. Hart kept his embrace light, welcoming instead of overwhelming before stepping back. Noel resisted the urge to follow.

“I don’t expect you to fuss. It’s not a contest. I just wanted you to know that I love you.” Hart handed over his heart without any fuss, simply laying out his emotions for Noel to see.

“I love you too.” Noel took a sip of wine before setting the glass on a nearby table. “Now I think I should show you how much.”

Hart’s eyes glowed as Noel approached. “I have dinner ready.”

Noel slid his tongue across his bottom lip. “Can it keep?”

Air rushed out of Hart’s lungs with an audible whoosh. “As long as you want.”

Noel grinned. “Excellent.”

Dragon Groomer

Dragon Groomer 600x900

It’s out. Now it’s not out on my Amber Kell site yet because since the update I’m having problems uploading things so it might be a bit before it’s available there. Happy Reading!

It is up at Amazon & ARe


Derlin thought working at a dragon stable would be the job of a lifetime. Little did he know he’d find the man who would become his world.

As soon as he spotted the dragon groomer Tyron knew he’d found his match. Never before had he felt such an instantaneous attraction.

Derlin has secrets he can’t share, secrets that aren’t only his. When Tyron’s life depends on Derlin’s abilities does he dare to take a chance or does he let Tyron die to protect his family?

Throwback Thursday!


Amazon | Pride Publishing  | ARe


Orlin didn’t know when he put himself up for sale that he would be responsible for changing a kingdom.

Broke and homeless, Orlin puts himself up for sale as a pet. Approached by his new Master, Orlin decides maybe being owned by a gorgeous king wouldn’t be fate worse than death. He doesn’t expect to become the one person who changes the views of an entire kingdom…or to be more than a lover for the man who buys him.

At first sight of the sexy oiled sub, Aester Fall knows he’s not leaving until Orlin belongs to him. He might be hanging on to his kingdom by his fingernails but he knows some things are worth the fight. When he returns home with Orlin, he learns his new pet might not be as pet-like as he first appeared.

Neither man expects to change the fate of a world…much less two of them.



Orlin examined his reflection one more time, checking to make sure the oil coated his chest evenly. He wished to look seductively shiny—not like a soppy oil slick. His new nipple ring glowed in the dressing room lights as he tied the laces on his leather pants. The bite of the piercing distracted him as his fingers fumbled on the strings. Taking a deep breath to centre himself, he finally finished dressing. The outfit looked good, even though it had cost him his few remaining dollars. He hoped they would earn back the investment he’d made in them. He had to achieve top dollar in order to have any kind of life. Shifting his weight from foot to foot, he winced as he jostled his guiche. Two piercings in one day might not have been his brightest idea. The ring behind his balls burned but offered a happy distraction from his grim thoughts.

If his father were alive, this would’ve killed him. Of course, if his father were still alive, Orlin wouldn’t be in this situation.

Allowing strangers to bid on him for money was the last resort of a desperate man, but what else could he do? With no money behind his title, it did Orlin little good to be descended from royalty. His parents’ crippling debt had left Orlin with only a bit of pocket change. Money collectors had taken everything else of value. As an only child he didn’t have siblings to rely on and all of his ‘friends’ had disappeared when the reality of Orlin’s situation had settled in.

Left with no money and few practical skills, Orlin was going with a time-honoured beautiful-people tradition…and catching himself a sugar daddy. According to house rules, all but ten per cent of the money raised in his auction went to Orlin after five years of service. He only had to stand some rich old man slobbering all over him for that long to earn his freedom.

I saved my virginity for this?

To be truthful, he’d remained a virgin because he hadn’t wanted to come into his powers. The men in his family gained their magical abilities after sex with their mates for the first time. His father had had the ability to control fire and his mother the power to talk to animals. With Orlin’s luck, his talent would be setting animals on fire.

With the chance to meet his fated mate vanishing before his eyes, Orlin wished he’d taken his parents up on their offer to match him earlier. Now there would be no ceremony binding him and his lover together for life, or meeting with the royal seer to foretell the future of his and his mate’s union. As a child he’d dreamed of a golden-haired god who would be his permanent partner. Now Orlin wouldn’t be free to find him. Instead, he’d be some stranger’s pet—or slave or whatever his owner wanted to call him—until he finished out his contract.

Blinking tears from his eyes, Orlin brushed a strand of hair from his face. He should’ve cut it before the event, but he just couldn’t force that final step. Although he wanted to fetch a good price, his hair represented the one small bit of pride he had remaining. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Orlin looked away from the mirror, unable to meet his reflection’s shamed gaze.

“Ready, beautiful?”

One of the stagehands peeked around the door, ogling Orlin. He brutally fought back a blush. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

With a heavy sigh, Orlin followed the man out.

He hoped the gods were looking out for him because, these days, no one else was.

* * * *

“Anyone catch your eye, Pael?” King Aester Fall asked his brother before downing another glass of ale. Both of his brothers were checking out the room, trying to decide if there was more to this place than they’d found so far. Aester needed to find a pet quickly, before the factions rising against him declared him an unfit ruler. Planetary law clearly stated that a king needed a pet in order to properly rule. A man who couldn’t see to his bodily needs wasn’t ready to rule a kingdom.