My Subby Valentine – 17

For those of you following along. This is the last bit of the book. Hope you enjoyed it!


Two hours later, they finally made it back to Mase’s house. A bandage was wrapped around the Dom’s shoulder and Kit also had a few bandages where the rope had cut into his wrists.

“I’m too tired tonight but I can take you home in the morning.”

“Hell no!” Kit glared at the Dom. “There is no way you are getting rid of me.”

He planted his hands on his hips and gave Mase his best glare. Mase looked back at him calmly. “Kit—be reasonable…” A twinge of guilt went through him when he saw the effort it took Mase to stay standing.

“I’m done being reasonable. I’m your sub, dammit, and I belong to you now.”

Mase laughed…fucking laughed. Kit was ready to poke him in his bullet wound, which wasn’t a ‘scratch’ by any means.

“I didn’t mean it that way. I wouldn’t blame you if you needed your space after all this.”

Kit’s anger evaporated beneath Mase’s sincere expression. “The last thing I want right now is to be alone. I need to know when I wake up that some psycho doesn’t have a hold of me.”

“Then come to bed. We’ll straighten everything out tomorrow.”

The only thing they’d be straightening out tomorrow was when he could move all his stuff in.

Kit petted Pixie as he glared at his lover.

“Bring the damn dog too—she deserves combat cuddles,” Mase said as he walked past.

“Did you hear that, Pixie? Mase likes you,” Kit whispered.

The dog gave a happy bark.

Kit pulled a blanket off the bed and settled Pixie down for the night. The little dog curled up immediately.

“Come to bed,” Mase called.

Kit stopped stalling. As much as he longed to be with Mase, the entire encounter with Jon had him on edge. He stood at the end of the bed and stared at Mase.

“Are you all right?” Mase’s forehead creased in concern.

“I don’t know.” Kit answered honestly.

Mase stood up and walked over to him. Even wounded, the man oozed confidence.

“Strip and put your folded clothes on the chair.” Mase pointed to a chair in the corner.

At the direct guidance, Kit’s nerves smoothed out. Even his hands were steady as he quickly removed his clothing and followed Mase’s command.

After he finished his task, Kit assumed a waiting position. Hands clasped behind him, he focused his gaze straight ahead and set his feet shoulder width apart.

“Good.” Mase stroked a hand from Kit’s head to the middle of his back. “Do you want me?”

Kit nodded his head so vigorously he probably resembled a bobble head, but he didn’t care as long as Mase’s hand stayed on his body.

Mase gave a soft laugh as he circled behind Kit.

“I gave you several chances to get away but you didn’t…so now I’m keeping you. Any objections?”

“No, Sir.”

Kit knew Mase could see his excitement. His body rose to match his pleasure at the mere thought of belonging to Mase.

“Good. As we’ve both had a hard day and I’m injured, I’m not staging a big scene. I’m planning to lie on the bed and you’re going to show me how pleased you are to belong to me.” Mase’s wicked smile sent a fire through Kit’s body.

Mase climbed back on the bed after trailing a teasing finger across Kit’s chest.

Kit let a moan roll up his throat.

The vision of Mase lying on his bed and waiting for Kit like a pasha made Kit harder than granite.

Climbing onto the end of the bed, he crawled over Mase, enjoying the feel of Mase’s naked body brushing against his bare skin. He slid his cheek across Mase’s skin relishing the contact of warm flesh and silky leg hairs.

He hummed in appreciation.

“Don’t forget the condom and lube,” Mase warned, but his voice was languid.

Smiling, Kit leaned over Mase and reached to open the nightstand drawer. He made sure as much skin to skin contact happened as he retrieved the articles.

Mase’s laughter warmed Kit to his toes. He hoped to make the serious man laugh for many years to come.

His fingers brushed against a foil square and a tube.


He waved them victoriously at Mase, who laughed again.

“Good job. Slick yourself up but sit up when you do it. I want to watch.”

Nodding, Kit slid up to his knees until he was positioned over Mase’s stomach. He opened the tube and poured lube over his fingers. He pushed one finger into his hole, making sure he brushed against Mase’s cock as he opened himself up. Two fingers and further rubbing made Mase groan. The Dom clamped his large hands on Kit’s hips, holding him still. Kit tried for a guileless look through his lashes.

“You might be on top but don’t think you’re in charge,” Mase growled.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Kit hoped he sounded innocent but the look he received told him he didn’t succeed.

“Uh huh.”

Kit laughed and slid a third finger into his ass. This time he didn’t rub against the Dom. Mase was more than capable of tying Kit up and not letting him come for hours. He quickly put the condom on Mase then slicked the Dom up so there was plenty of lubrication between them.

“Now ride me,” Mase ordered. Anyone else and Kit might have bridled at the tone, but Mase’s eyes contained enough heat to warm the coldest heart.

Kit dared a quick kiss on Mase’s hard mouth before obeying. Holding Mase’s cock, Kit lined his hole up and sank down on Mase’s shaft until he was completely filled.

He took a few slow breaths, letting his body adjust to the sensation.

“Don’t hurt yourself, sweetheart.” Mase’s deep voice rumbled through Kit like a rolling tide, overwhelming and all consuming.

Kit shook his head. “I’m fine.” Lifting up on his knees, he sank back down. They both moaned at the motion. Kit could easily stay like this for hours if his ass wouldn’t make him pay for it in the morning.

“Move,” Mase ordered.

Quick to obey, Kit slid up and down on Mase’s shaft until the hands gripping his hips tightened to an almost painful intensity. “You feel so good,” Kit sighed. No one had ever filled him so perfectly before. He clenched his ass to encourage Mase to come.

“Naughty boy.”

Kit gasped as a sharp slap burned his ass. “Oh.”

With wide eyes he stared down at the Dom. He wondered what it would take to make it happen again.

Mase grinned. “We’ll explore that later when I’m not injured. This one time I’m going to let you bring yourself off, because my shoulder isn’t up to it, but next time you won’t have it so easy.”

Kit grinned. Quick to obey, he wrapped his hand around his cock. The dual sensations of his hand and Mase inside him quickly had Kit pumping out his release.

Only the sound of Mase grunting through his own orgasm kept Kit from feeling guilt over coming before his master.

Sticky and exhausted, he pushed off of Mase, quickly disposed of the condom then went to wipe himself clean.

He returned to clean up his Dom. After getting rid of the wash cloth, he slid back into bed and snuggled next to Mase, making sure to lie on the uninjured side.

“I could’ve lost you,” Kit whispered as memories of the day rushed back.

“Shhh, it will take more than one crazed maniac to get rid of me.”

“Good. I want you to keep me for a long time.” Kit clutched at Mase as though he were the only stable object in a tumultuous world.

Mase pressed a kiss to Kit’s forehead. “Sounds like a good plan.”

Sighing, Kit rested his head on the pillow next to his Dom’s head. “I love you,” he whispered.

Mase wrapped his arm around Kit and pulled him closer. “I love you back, now go to sleep.”

Kit tumbled into sleep with a smile on his lips and a light heart.

My Subby Valentine – 16


Kit couldn’t move. He could barely breathe save for short panicked breaths of air. The gag tied around his mouth stifled his yells for help and although Pixie yipped and growled in the corner, he doubted anyone would hear that sound.

“You should stop struggling. We both know you like to be tied up.” Jon slid a finger down Kit’s chest. Kit barely swallowed down the bile rising in his throat. “I’m saving you from that murderer. You probably don’t know the real story…just the one he told you. The one that got the judge to set the bastard free. He should be in a cage with the other animals and after they find you, they won’t decide he’s so innocent a second time.” Jon kissed Kit on the cheek. “He should never have touched my sub.”

With those ominous words Jon left the room, kicking at Pixie as he passed her. The agile puppy avoided his shoe.

Kit struggled further with his bonds. He needed to warn Mase. Unfortunately, Jon knew how to tie knots well and Kit couldn’t get out of them.

Pacing at the side of the bed, Pixie barked up at him.

Kit wished he could call the little dog to calm her and make her feel better. To his surprise, the collie made it up on the mattress. The rope! Shaking the rope at her, he hoped to appeal to her tugging urges.

Sure enough, she fell for it. With a happy bark, she jumped at the rope. Gripping with her sharp puppy teeth, she growled and yanked repeatedly at the end.

She finally conquered her enemy, managing to loosen it enough to free Kit’s right hand. He quickly untied his left hand then scooped up his puppy. Her barking might alert Jon that he was free. Trying to keep quiet, Kit sneaked to the door. He pressed his ear to the surface and could hear a voice somewhere in the house.

Opening it slowly, he slipped down the hall to see Mase in the living room holding Kit’s bag.

“I forgot to bring you some dog food and his chews. That damn dog gnaws on everything.”

Jon’s back was to Kit but he could hear the smirk in the other man’s voice. “Oh, I’ll give him everything he needs.”

Mase scowled. “You’re only supposed to provide a place for Kit. Not molest him.”

“Then he shouldn’t be such a hot piece of ass.”

“Where is he?” The cold look in Mase’s eyes held a threat he’d never seen on his lover’s face.

“In my bedroom waiting for my return,” Jon taunted. “You think everyone wants you? You might have gotten the first one but this one will be mine. I’ve waited a long time for you to pick out another boy. I figure you killed mine…I’ll take care of yours.”

The shock and pain in Mase’s voice would stay with Kit for a long time. “You’re talking about Jeff, aren’t you? It wasn’t Philip at all. You were the one threatening me.”

Jon shook his head. “It’s a shame that you were given everything. Money, good looks…but you’re still dumb as a rock.”

Kit gripped the knife tighter, afraid he’d drop it and let Jon know he was there. Unfortunately, he didn’t think a pocketknife would do much more than annoy the larger man.

Fortunately Mase solved the problem by punching Jon in the face. The contact made a satisfying crack and blood spurted across the room, telling Kit that he had made a sure hit. Unfortunately, he didn’t see the gun until it was too late. Jon pulled a handgun from his waist and shot Mase.

“No!” Kit cried. Jon turned and Kit ducked behind the door as the gun went off a second time. The bullet left a hole in the door.

He heard Jon scream. He waited a moment before he dared peek through the doorway. Jon lay on the ground, grabbing his head while Mase stood over him for a moment before he paled and collapsed to the floor. The gun lay on the ground a few feet away from Jon.

Mase must have knocked the gun free before his wound got the better of him. Rushing into the room, Kit grabbed the gun and pointed it at Jon, his fingers shaking so hard he could barely aim.

“Baby, give it over to me,” Mase called out in a shaky voice.

Kit kept an eye on the man watching him carefully. He knew Jon was looking for an opening to attack.

“Why don’t I just kill him now? After all, it’s self-defense.” Kit tried to make his voice sound calm despite his shaking hands.

“Kit, honey, give me the gun.”

Sirens sounded outside.

“Give me the gun and let the cops inside,” Mase ordered.

Kit scurried to his Dom and handed the weapon over before Jon could move. Then he ran to the door to let in the officers. “I’m seeing way too much of you two lately,” he commented to Martin.

The cop gave him a wide smile.

“How did you get here so soon?” Mase asked.

“Your security camera recording showed this guy attacking the dog and then spray painting the door. We were able to get a clear picture of the license plate and retrieved the name and address. A neighbor reported a gun going off here. We put the two together and came to the rescue.”

Kit smiled as Jon was cuffed and dragged off. “We’ll need you two to come and give your statement soon.”

“We’ll be there as soon as Mase’s wound is examined.” Kit knew he sounded on the verge of hysterical, but in the past couple of hours his dog had been injured, he had been tied up against his will and his man had been shot.

“Take it easy, Kit,” Mase soothed, running his hand over Kit’s back.

“I’m not going to take it easy!” Kit shouted.

“I’ll call an ambulance for you,” Officer Martin offered.

Mase started to get up. “I don’t need an ambulance. It was only a scratch.”

“I’ll drive you to the hospital,” Kit said.

Mase leaned against Kit and together they stumbled to the car. After Kit had Mase settled, he went back and grabbed his dog and his suitcase. He resisted the urge to set the place on fire on the way out. Bastard.

My Subby Valentine – 15


Mase opened the garage door and they climbed into his SUV. It wasn’t until they had pulled out and the garage door had lowered that Kit saw the damage.

Spray painted on the door was the word ‘Killer’.

“This is escalating. We need to get you some place safe to stay,” Mase told him. “Let’s get you back inside and call the cops.”

A chill went through Kit. The person harassing Mase wasn’t going to let up.

Once they were safely in the house, Mase pulled out the card the cop had given him earlier and dialled. After Mase explained the situation Martin promised he and his partner would be over right away.

While they were waiting for the police to arrive Kit cuddled Pixie and ignored Mase’s continued attempts to find him someone for Kit to stay with. In frustration, Mase called someone named Jon. He suspected it was another Dom from the club.

“What do you mean he’s in New York?” Mase’s voice rose. “But he was just here! Then who is doing this? Yeah, I don’t know either. Can I get you to watch Kit for me? Whoever it is knows where Kit lives and is starting to come after me.” Mase nodded and after an abrupt goodbye disconnected.

“You can’t just hand me over like a pet for someone else to take care of,” Kit complained.

Mase scowled. “I’m doing this to keep you safe. Apparently Philip caught the red-eye and is back in New York so he’s off the suspect list. I’m going to have Jon look after you.”

Kit sighed. “Make sure he knows all I’m doing is staying with him. I’m not some sub you can pass along when you’re done with them.”

“I don’t think that. I promise to come get you when this thing is settled. Jon says Philip has been in New York during this entire thing, so he’s either paid someone or he isn’t responsible.”

Kit stroked Pixie, soothed when the little dog licked his hand.

“What are you planning now?”

Mase shrugged. “Show the cops the evidence and try to figure out what happened. I have cameras that should show who did this, but it will take a while to look over the whole night since we don’t know when he struck.”

“Why didn’t you think of the cameras when Pixie was attacked?”

Mase blushed. “I was more concerned about getting your dog to the vet.”

A cop car pulled up and the officers exited. They took a lot of pictures before they came inside.

“It looks, Mr Briggs, like you have your very own stalker.”

Mase nodded. “So it appears.”

“Why don’t you come to the station and fill out some forms for the report?”

“In a bit. I’m waiting for someone to come and get Kit. He doesn’t need to be in the middle of this.”

Kit bit back the rude comment he wanted to make. He still felt like a child being taken care of but he didn’t want to add more stress to Mase. The man had enough to deal with right now.

“When do you think this other person will arrive?” Officer Martin asked.

“Right now.” Mase nodded towards the SUV that pulled up in front of his house.

“How did he get in without the access code?” Kit asked.

“I gave it to him a while ago. He comes over fairly often to watch football or play poker.” Mase shrugged. “It was just easier.”

Kit watched as one of the Doms from the club got out of the vehicle. This must be Jon. He hadn’t gone there long enough to learn everyone’s name.

The man entered and flashed a smile at Mase that seemed at odds for the gravity of the situation. “Looks like you need some help, Mase.” He nodded to Kit but didn’t say anything more.

“Yeah, thanks. Kit—go get your bag, honey.”

Kit rushed to grab his bag and scooped up Pixie as she ran after him.

Jon glared at the dog. “Do I have to take the mutt?”

“Yes.” Mase’s tone didn’t allow for any argument. “Kit’s very attached to the dog and she isn’t safe here.”

Mase shoved the bowls at Jon, forcing the other man to take them.

“Fine. Let’s go.” Jon nodded his head towards the door.

Kit kissed Mase on the lips and followed Jon out the door. It wasn’t until he was climbing into the SUV that he wondered why he was limping.

Pixie growled at Jon.

“Shh,” Kit whispered. The last thing he needed was to annoy the man when he was doing Mase a favor, especially since Jon was a close friend of the Dom.

He’d barely clicked the seat belt before Jon started the car and spun out of the driveway.

Pixie didn’t stop growling despite Kit’s reassurances. He wished he’d remembered her treats. If she were gnawing on something, she wouldn’t be as aggressive.

“Umm, how did you hurt your leg?” Maybe if he talked to Jon he’d stop feeling so freaked out.

After turning a corner, Jon gave Kit a creepy smile. “Can you believe some little shit of a dog bit me?”


Fear froze Kit’s fingers in Pixie’s fur.

“Don’t worry. I’ve figured out how to take care of that little problem.”

Before Kit could decide how to deal with this unexpected turn of events, Jon pulled out a gun and shot Pixie and then Kit.

His vision blurred as Pixie went still in his hands. He worried for a second that the same tranquilizer to knock out a human would kill a dog, but the words didn’t leave his mouth before the world went dark.

My Subby Valentine – 14b



“You’re really good at that,” Mase complimented him.

“Natural talent,” Kit said. He didn’t think saying his talent came from lots of practice would bring him additional praise. For a man who only took subs temporarily at the club, Mase was oddly possessive.

“I’d kiss you but I have morning breath,” Mase said with a warm smile. Kit made a mental note that morning Mase was relaxed and adorable.

What would it be like to wake up to him every morning?

He let the fantasy play in his head for a moment before Mase grabbed Kit with his large hands and rolled him onto the bottom. “I like your focus on me.”

“Trust me. It was.”

Kit smiled up as Mase pushed him into the mattress with his strong body. Damn he loved Mase’s big form sprawled across him. Breathing wasn’t really that necessary when he could feel miles of muscles wrapped around him.

Wiggling the little bit he could move, he rubbed against Mase, eager to feel the Dom’s hard cock inside him. “Fuck me,” he demanded. He knew he’d said the wrong thing when Mase froze above him.

“Bossy this morning, aren’t we?”

“Please Sir?” Kit tried for innocent, batting his lashes so much he was surprised he didn’t take off like a butterfly.

Mase laughed. Yep, the image must’ve looked pretty much like he imagined. Mase kissed him on the nose, a far cry from the hard sex he yearned for.

A bite to his neck made Kit jump as Mase slid down further leaving sucking bites down his torso. When Mase took a sharp chomp on his nipple Kit let out a yelp.


“It’ll feel better later. When your shirt brushes against it and you remember why it’s all swollen and sore.” Mase’s deep voice made Kit’s cock ready to explode.

“I know other parts that are swollen and sore.”

Mase cupped Kit’s balls, making his toes curl. “Careful,” he warned.

“Oh I know exactly how much pressure to put before it goes from pleasant to pain.”

Kit was certain that squeaky noise didn’t come from him, or at least he would deny it for the rest of his life. The look in Mase’s eyes had him just about ready to agree to anything the Dom wanted as long as he kept that expression.

Unfortunately Mase’s phone rang, breaking into the moment. Mase released Kit and leant over to check the readout, but he didn’t answer.

“Is it him again?” Kit’s erection deflated. Thoughts of their stalker sucked the joy out of the room.

Mase nodded. “But I’m not going to give him the satisfaction of answering.”

“That won’t make him go away.”

“It won’t encourage him either.”

“Come on. Let’s get dressed. I’ll take you out to breakfast.”

“Sounds good.”


My Subby Valentine – 14a


Martin made a noise then Mase heard him mutter, “That better be all you’re discussing.”

After the officers left, Mase grabbed his wallet and keys and made sure to set his security system on their way out.

Fortunately the vet was only a few miles away because Kit was on the verge of hysteria over the puppy’s injury. Pixie was taking it much better than her master.

“Relax, hon. We’ll get her all patched up.”

“You think she’ll be all right?”

“She’s moving well and she’s wagging her tail. I can’t say for sure but I think she’s only got minor injuries or she wouldn’t be so wiggly.”

“I hope so. I love her, you know.”

A knot lodged in his throat. He couldn’t remember the last time someone had said that to him.

The trip to the vet went well—even though Mase wanted to rip off the veterinarian’s head for the way he eyed Kit like he was his favorite kind of meal.

Pixie only had a few abrasions—probably from a kick but not one that landed full force.

“She was probably chewing on his laces,” Mase muttered.

After the vet had dabbed off the blood and cleaned out the wound, Pixie was proclaimed to be fine.

Mase paid the bill for an embarrassed Kit who didn’t have his wallet. “Don’t worry about it. It’s my fault she was injured,” Mase assured him.

He turned to go only to have Kit grab him and spin him around. “Get this straight, Mase. Whatever happens…none of it was your fault. You can’t control some psychopath.”

Kit’s expression was so sincere, so damn young it broke the heart Mase could’ve sworn had stopped feeling years ago.

“Honey, I have to tell you…I’m a bad bet.”

Kit smiled. “So far you’ve been my best bet yet.”

They returned back home and Mase made a nest out of blankets for Pixie. The little collie rested her head and settled in.

“Poor girl.” Kit stroked her head.

“Come on—it’s been a long night.” Mase took Kit’s hand and pulled him down the hallway. After stripping down, they climbed into bed. If Mase pulled Kit a little closer than necessary in the large bed, the sub didn’t object as he snuggled closer.


***Note*** this one is short to wrap up the chapter. I will be posting a 14b today

My Subby Valentine – 13


“I would’ve stayed tied up too,” Kit argued.

“I’m not going to keep you confined while I answer the door.” Mase glared at Kit. “A good Dom doesn’t leave his sub alone while tied up. It’s a safety issue.”

The doorbell rang again.

“I’m coming,” Mase shouted, pulling on his pants.

He heard Kit groan behind him and had to smile. He might be getting older but apparently he hadn’t lost his appeal.

“What?” He yanked the door open to a pair of uniformed policemen. “Sorry officers, is there a problem?”

“We have a report that you have a man tied up in here.” The men looked at him with suspicion as if he were a sexual deviant who might need to be put down.

Mase crossed his arms and glared at the officers. “And I suppose this was an anonymous tip?”

The cop on the left was muscular, blond and almost as tall as Mase. “Why would you say that?”

“Because I’ve been harassed for the past few days and so has my lover, though I have to wonder how someone would know I have someone tied up.”

The other cop was short and dark-haired. His scowl was impressive.

“And the tied-up person was really enjoying himself before you two officers arrived.”

Mase cursed quietly as Kit appeared in the doorway beside him.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay put?” he growled.

“Then you shouldn’t have untied me.” Kit gave him a cheeky smile. Mase inwardly vowed to make Kit pay for his back-talk later.

The flush on the cops’ faces was almost worth the embarrassment. “Why don’t you two come in and I’ll tell you what I know?”

The cops sat on two chairs opposite of Mase. “Honey, go get us some shirts, will you?”

Clearing his throat, the blond introduced them. “I’m Officer Martin and this is Officer James. We only came because we heard reports you were holding someone against their will.”

“Here babe.” Kit returned to the room and handed a shirt to Mase. The sub must’ve almost run with the speed in which he’d returned.

Mase slid his shirt on only to find James watching his every motion.

Martin elbowed him. “Could you please not drool on the suspect?”

“He’s not a suspect anymore,” James stated.

“It’s still unprofessional,” Martin complained.

Mase watched them, amused. “Do you two need some time alone?”

Martin flushed. “Sorry. I… Never mind.”

Looking at the body language between the two men, Mase had a feeling there was more emotion between the two men than either would admit.

James leaned forward, pulling out a pad of paper. “Your name, sir.”

“Mase Briggs and this is Christopher Earl, my victim.”

Kit gave him a wide smile and snuggled next to him. Mase laughed.

“Mr Briggs, you were saying something about harassment.”

As Mase began to explain the situation, Kit jumped up.

“Pixie!” Kit rushed over to the back door and slid the door open. When repeated calling didn’t produce the dog, Mase stood up to join him.

Kit started to go out the door. Mase grabbed him. “No. I’ll go outside. Who knows what’s out there.”

Mase had a bad feeling about this and the idea of Kit walking outside on his own made his heart skip a beat. Someone had targeted Kit, and Mase didn’t plan on letting Kit traipse into danger.

The cops joined him. “What are you looking for?”

“His dog, Pixie,” Mase said, peering into the darkness. He wished for the first time that he kept a gun. Luckily, he had two cops on hand to help out.

“We’ll go first,” Martin said.

Apparently Mase wasn’t the only one who thought there might be someone outside. He stepped back and let the officers go first.

Neither Mase nor Kit spoke as they waited for the officers to return, but Kit’s fingers slid between Mase’s. Mase gave them a gentle squeeze of reassurance. What could he say? All of Kit’s troubles were because of him.

Fear for Kit had him gripping the sub’s fingers a little tighter. Someone was stalking them. Mase wasn’t going to let that continue. They’d find this guy and make him sorry he’d ever messed with either of them.

A couple of minutes later James walked in carrying a bloody pup.

“Its forehead has a gash like someone kicked it. I don’t think there’s any more damage but I’m not a vet.”

Mase froze as he realized Kit could’ve been the one injured outside. In such a short amount of time he’d become attached to the sweet man.

“My poor baby.” Kit carefully took the animal from the cop. His green eyes pleaded with Mase to make it all better. The puppy gave a soft whimper but her tail was wagging madly so Mase didn’t think the little beast was too injured.

“Come on, let’s take her to your vet.” Mase turned back to the officers. “Sorry, but if you’re not going to arrest me, we’ve got to find Pixie some medical care.”

The cops nodded. James handed Mase a business card. “Call me and we can discuss your problem.”

My Subby Valentine – 12

Do not read if you aren’t over 18. Thank you.


As Kit removed his clothing in a sexy striptease, Mase resisted the urge to jump on him like a hungry tiger taking down a deer. The urge to devour Kit, to bite and lick and fuck Kit into the carpet, had him clenching his hands into fists. He wouldn’t hurt the sweet man before him for anything, at least not in a bad way.

“What do you like? What are your limits?” Mase asked, more to distract himself from pouncing on the younger man than anything else. If he didn’t get Kit talking, he’d give into his pouncing urge.

Kit frowned as he completely pulled off his shirt, exposing a slim chest. The sub wasn’t muscular but he didn’t appear to have an ounce of flab either. Once Mase had him in an exercise program, he would bulk up…

Mase shook his head to clear out those kinds of thoughts. He wasn’t keeping Kit. He had to remember that. He was only going to have a hot time with Kit then they would go their separate ways. No grooming Kit to be the perfect sub, no planning for the future.

No way.

Not again.

He needed to keep Kit safe from Philip then set him free. Keeping another sub on a permanent basis was no longer a choice for him. He’d learned his lesson.

Kit’s soft voice pulled him away from unpleasant memories. “No cutting, no branding, nothing permanent. I won’t get a tattoo or piercing for you. I like to be spanked and tied up. I love to give oral sex and bottom. I enjoy taking care of people but I’m not anyone’s permanent slave. The twenty-four hour lifestyle doesn’t appeal to me.”

“Good.” Relief rushed through Mase. “It’s a lot of work to have to dominate someone every hour of the day. I don’t find that the least bit sexy. I have a friend with a full-time slave and he even has to schedule when the guy eats his lunch.” Mase shook his head. “I’m not interested in that.”

Kit gave him a sunny smile. “Great. At least we agree on that.” His sweet smile turned wicked as he dropped his pants.

“You’re gorgeous,” he praised him.

Kit blushed a brilliant red that travelled all the way down his chest.

“I’m glad you think so, Sir.” He ducked his head, hiding his green eyes from Mase’s sight.

Oh no…they weren’t going to play that game.

Mase tilted Kit’s head back up. “I’m not one of those Doms who doesn’t want my sub to look me in the eye. The more I can see your expression, the better I can judge how I’m doing. Discomfort, pain and bliss will all show in your beautiful eyes so never hide them from me.”

Kit nodded. “Okay.”

Mase raised an eyebrow.

“I meant okay, Sir.” Kit shuffled restlessly.

“Don’t fidget. Stand up straight, put your feet shoulder width apart and put your hands behind you, right hand holding your left wrist.” He waited a moment as Kit assumed the position he requested.

Reaching over, he adjusted the younger man in minute bits. “Good,” he said approvingly. Unlike many Doms, Mase believed in praising his sub when he did something well.

While Kit had his hands gripped together, Mase took advantage and kissed Kit.

Mase stripped off his clothing, pleased when Kit’s hands came up to help him even though the sub broke position.

Kit’s suitcase sat neatly beside the wall. Mase decided he’d have to clear out a drawer or two for Kit to use until everything was resolved. Kit was his responsibility since Mase was the reason he’d got dragged into this situation.

“Up on the bed, on your back. I’m going to blindfold you and tie you to the bed. If you have any objections, you should mention them now.”

Kit flashed him a wide smile. “Nope, no objections.”

Mase walked over to the armoire by the window.

“Y-you have a lot of toys,” Kit said.

“Yes, I do.” He answered trying to hide his obvious amusement. Kit was sweet…too sweet. Mase would definitely have to help find Kit a good Dom who would treat him well after they were done. Kit couldn’t go to just anyone.

As he efficiently tied Kit to the headboard, he mentally reviewed the Doms he knew from the club. A couple stood out as possible contenders but he quickly banished them from his mind. He knew deep down he didn’t want anyone to touch Kit but him.

Almost reluctantly, he covered Kit’s beautiful green eyes. The sub’s expressions were part of what made him so appealing. However, if Mase was going to get Kit accustomed to bondage, he didn’t want the sub using his eyes to persuade Mase to go gentle on him.

Walking back to the armoire, he grabbed a flogger with soft velvety strands of leather. Kit fidgeted in his bonds.

“Stay still,” Mase commanded. If Kit struggled too much he could cause rope burns on his wrists. Someday Mase might not mind seeing marks from their lovemaking, but not this time.

“Sorry, Sir,” Kit said quietly, as though worried about ruining the moment. Mase smiled…another good reason to have a blindfold. The sub couldn’t see his expressions if his eyes were covered. Mase had perfected the ability to sound stern while smiling his fool head off.

Slowly, he slid the flogger from neck to cock.

A soft gasp left Kit’s lips. “Ooh.” The sound was quickly stifled.

“It’s okay let the sounds out, I want to hear you.”

Mase kept the erotic torture slow and careful, wrapping the strips around Kit’s cock, which hardened further beneath the attention.

Kit groaned as Mase slid the soft tendrils across his shaft.

“I can’t take much more of that,” Kit groaned.

“You’ll take as much as I give you,” Mase muttered. Kit’s whimper lifted his spirits. He loved how Kit didn’t hold back any of his desire.

Most subs he played with were experienced and practically pre-programmed to give a Dom what they thought he wanted. Kit’s honest reactions were refreshing. Mase knew when Kit made a sound it came from a true response not just to please him.

Beneath Mase’s avid gaze, pre-cum dripped from Kit’s cock enticing Mase to lean over and lick at the tip. “Mmm, he hummed at the flavor.”

“Oh shit,” Kit whispered. His knuckles turned white from the tightness of his clenched fists.

Mase lapped at Kit’s cock pleased by the wiggling and squirming even as he smacked Kit’s hip. “Keep still or I’ll stop.”

It was a good test to see if Kit would listen even when in the throes of passion.

Kit gave a soft, broken noise.

“Shh, I’ll make it worthwhile,” he promised.

“You damn well better,” Kit growled, a cute sound as it was quickly followed by a moan. Kit bucked his hips beneath Mase’s lips. Mase took a firmer hold on Kit’s hips, pinning him to the mattress.

“I’m the only one giving orders here. You’d best keep that in mind or I might decide you can come tomorrow instead.”

“No!” Kit cleared his throat. “Please Sir, let me come.”

Mase lapped at the tip of Kit’s cock before sinking down enough to swallow the head. He kept a firm hold on Kit so the sub didn’t try to control the situation.

“You can come once I swallow you down. I want to taste you.”

Without warning, Mase deep-throated Kit. Kit screamed, a choking desperate sound. Mase pulled off enough to taste the warm liquid Kit pumped, in copious amounts, into Mase’s willing mouth. Mase reluctantly released Kit when he softened in Mase’s mouth.

“How are you doing?” Mase asked.

Kit let out a long sigh. “I think you liquefied my bones.”

Mase laughed. Grabbing the lube from the nightstand he slicked up his fingers and slide one inside Kit’s relaxed body. “Ready for the next part.”

Kit nodded and eagerly spread his legs to allow easier access.

The doorbell rang.

“Shit,” Mase cursed. Grabbing a tissue off the bedside table he wiped his fingers and with a few efficient motions, untied Kit. “Stay here.”