Hellbourne – Excerpt

This is the first in a 3 book series.hellbourne

When Luc Hellbourne, favored son of the devil,  is tossed aside by his werewolf boyfriend he falls in with the most powerful vampire in the world. But what happens when his old lover decides he wants him back and daddy dearest wants him to come home for a visit?

Unedited Excerpt:

Most people might be intimidated by the size of the man.
Nothing intimidated Luc. When you’re raised by the devil what else is evil enough to fear?
He used his most wheedling tone and tried for an innocent look. “But Nikko-baby said if I wasn’t there is ten minutes he was going to be very angry with me.”
Sometimes it was fun to make crap up. Luc added a little fear in his voice just for kicks.
“Master Nikkolai said that.” The guard’s voice trembled.
Wow you could really see the white’s of the guy’s eyes.
“Yep. But I could tell him that you didn’t want to break protocol.” Luc let that statement hang in the air for a moment. “I mean surely he’ll understand. He’s good that way.”
Now he was just messing with the guy to watch him sweat. He took another sip of beer waiting to see what the vamp guard would do.
The guard leapt to one side. “He’s in the lounge second door on your left.”
“Thank you.” Luc placed a soft kiss on the man’s cheek in way of apology, pleased when the guard’s heart skipped a beat.
It was nice to know that he still had it.
And if Luc’s path up the stairs was a little wobbly as he drunk his beer, well there wasn’t any audience. How many beers did that make, three, four, hmm, maybe six…whatever.
He stopped at the top of the stairs, the door the man had indicated pulsed lightly with power.
Taking a last sip of his beer, Luc opened the door and walked through to another world. A large room, almost as big as the dance floor below, littered with couches and people draped across them. Women, men, some vampires, some food, all dressed in fancy almost there wear.
“Anyone have another beer?” Luc asked waving his bottle in the air.
For a moment the room fell into absolute silence, all eyes on him. He suppressed a giggle but it was a challenge.
A low velvety purr came from the far corner. “Sheila, get the beautiful man a beer.”
Luc turned in the direction of the voice.
He gave a cursory look at the two scantily clad women draped on either side of Nikkolai like matching accessories and felt a flash of fire burn in his belly.
“Go.” Luc snapped.
The women jumped up and ran for the door.