Release Dates

I just wanted to warn everyone that depending on when and where (either within Washington or over to Dallas)  I move there may be a two week gap or so in my release dates. I’ll let you know ahead of time and adjust my release date page accordingly.

Thanks 🙂

And for those of you who’ve asked my husband does seem to be feeling better after his ear surgery and hopefully he’ll keep it up.

10 thoughts on “Release Dates

  1. thanks!! you are good if it is only going to be 2 weeks. I love how you talk to us and let us talk back!! I visit every day because its fun. one more day yay!!!!!

  2. I am a little confused – do you actually do the posting of your books on their websites? Seems like you do a lot of work that your publisher should do for you. I really love your books so I guess I think you should be treated better.

  3. I’m glad your husband is feeling better. I hope that wherever you and your family go, you all are safe. =)

  4. YAY FOR GRAVEN! WERE good Amber….as you know we will wait foryour books. Anybody noticing we are getting bigger! Welcome to the new people! Glad you know what we do..Amber is the bomb! It’s hard to find an writer who does more for her fans!

  5. I’m so glad that your husband is feeling better Amber! And thank you for the heads up! All the best with the move. Ahhh, when you say Dallas, do you mean Dallas, Texas? Cause within Washington or Washington to Texas seems to be two extremes 🙂

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