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I’ve decided to make Soldier Mine my blog story. Mostly because I have a lot more world building to do with Perlin and less of it written.  Orlin is talking to me a bit, but I think I have a better chance of just finishing that one and sending it in for publication. I’ve also got to work on the second wizard’s touch book and my 3rd lion book (I think you guys are going to really like my lion shifters). I have enough of Soldier Mine done I can get a bit of a heads start before I have to start adding to it, but don’t worry I won’t abandon Perlin. I’m going to let him simmer a bit until I have a better feel for his world.

4 thoughts on “Blog Story

  1. Thank you for writing the story Soldier Mine! I’m looking forward to your Supernatural Mates series! So I’m happy this way you will have time to write this series.

  2. Yes. Yes. You are not as evil as you say. I cant wait to check in every week for Soldier Mine and look for that publication soon of my favorite- Orlin… 🙂

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