Wooing Master Jones

Here is the cover for Wooing Master Jones along with an excerpt. Release date February 2nd.

Stephen was sitting in his brother’s office doodling ideas for his Master’s Fine Art project, when movement on one of the cameras pulled his attention away from his sketchpad. Normally it would take an act of god to distract him, tsunami, tornado, raining men, but today his entire body twitched anxiously, like he was waiting for something.

Or someone.

His focus went to a corner of the club where a large group had formed.

He wondered briefly if there was going to be a scene, but the stages were on the other side of the club. Curious, he watched the security monitor, waiting for the crowd to part.

Then he saw him.

The most gorgeous man in the universe.

Well, everybody might not think so, but to Stephen the dark-haired man’s high cheekbones, square jaw and kissable looking lips made it all on his top-ten list. It didn’t hurt that the man was wearing black leather pants, no shirt and leather armbands in all the right ways. If this was a leather daddy, Stephen wanted to know where he needed to sign up for a spanking.

Flipping to a fresh page, Stephen sketched a fast outline of the man. His nimble fingers filled in details as he flashed his gaze from monitor to sketch book and back again. As he continued to stare at the screen, Stephen worried he was going to lose the subject of his fascination in the crowd. He let out a sigh of relief when the man settled in a chair close enough to one of the cameras that he was able to continue his sketch.

The office door opened letting, Ralph, one of club bouncers, into the room. He was big, tattooed and looked like he could eat nails for breakfast.

“Hey Stevie boy, how are you tonight?”

They bumped fists. Ralph’s touch was gentle against Stephen’s hand, always careful of his strength. Of course part of it could be that Stephen’s brother and the club’s owner, Greg, would break the bouncer into little pieces if the other man damaged Stephen’s hands.

Greg was his biggest fan.

“Wow, nice sketch of Master Jones,” Ralph said, crowding closer to look at the picture.

“Is that who he is?” Stephen asked, trying to make his tone as detached as possible. “He has an interesting face.”

And a hot, hot, body.

12 thoughts on “Wooing Master Jones

  1. I am so excited for this to come out! I’ve been intrigued since the first time I read an excerpt and now that I’ve read a second, this time from Stephen’s perspective, I’m biting my nails trying to be patient enough for this to come out. Thanks for posting the cover and excerpt!

  2. Gorgeous cover Amber! and that excerpt…just the right tease….you devil you! *grin*

    Congrats on all the new releases and pb releases and re-vamped releases that are comin out….lotsa Amber to go ’round…*grin*


  3. Ooo nice cover!!! Eeee it’s being released in less than two weeks *dances around house* so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m loving all these releases 🙂

    1. I have to confess there is little BDSM in my BDSM book LOL!!! Most of it is more implied and scene setting so even if you don’t like BDSM I think you’ll like the story. It is more romantic than hard core 🙂

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