Happy Birthday Contest!

My older son’s birthday is today! He is now officially 13 years old. To celebrate this exciting event I’m going to give away $10.00 gift certificates to 13 lucky winners! If you were a World of Warcraft or RPG character what species would you be? (my son created this question and he will pick the winners good luck!). You have until Saturday to enter!

70 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Contest!

  1. I always like the magic users – wizards, mages, whatever, rather than the barbarian types that just beat people up 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday and welcome to teenage-hood! I am not a WoW player but I would be a walking habanera chili pepper alien…how’s that for imagination. I am Latina so I figured I would stay with the theme.

  3. That’s easy. I am currently playing Diablo 3, I’ve been a fan since the original Diablo, and I have both a monk (named Patience) and a demon hunter (named Chastity). I love my demon hunter, she’s funny, good at melee and the longer distances. And she provides for varied gameplay. She is currently swiftly approaching L32, which may not be very far compared to those who have lots of free days to play, but I think it’s not bad 😉

    I am a big RPG fan, I don’t think there are a lot of RPG’s I haven’t played. And you may test me on that 😉

  4. I love magic so I would be a wizard or Mage so I could control with my magic 🙂 happy birthday to your son very close to my birthday which is on Monday he’s a teen now Hope he gets all his wishes

  5. I would be an elf! I read Lord of the Rings when I was his age and fell in love with elves! If a RPG game has an elf in it I will definitely choose that! I wish I had the grace and skills to be like them in real life!

  6. Happy birthday and welcome to the teen years. I would be a mage because I have always wanted magical powers.

  7. I love elves so of course I would be elf mage since I think magic is cool. 🙂
    Happy Birthday and welcome to the teen years 😛

  8. Happy 13th Birthday!! Hope you have an fantastic day mate 🙂

    Well having played pen, paper & dice RPG’s for over 20 years, this is really hard to pick just one character out of the many I’ve played. I would have to say my most fun character I ever played was a part human cyborg bodyguard in the rpg called Cyberpunk 2020. Buying all the big guns, techie devices and AI armoured cars was awesome. Trying to take down the big corporations and mission running was so fun. Our GM (game master/story teller) was great too. He came up with the most amazing missions for us.

  9. Many Happy Returns
    A Night Elf and a hunter. I played WOW many, many years ago, before it was even available to play on the internet. Just recently been looking at latest version on line. Many of my family (from teenagers to 65 yr old) are regular players.

  10. You are officially a teenager! Yeah!
    I, on the other hand, was last a teenager almost thirty years ago, so I don’t know anything about World of Warcraft or RPG. But, I do know Tolkien and Arthur C. Clarke, and I would choose to be Gandalf or Venus Prime. I think that means I want to be a character who really knows who they are and wants to do good things and help others while also having FABULOUS adventures.

    Hugs to you!

  11. Me, I’d be a wizard. I have been fascinated with wizard’s since I first watched the Sword in the Stone when I was young. Unfortunately, that was LONG time ago when it was released in theatres. Happy Birthday to the new teenager.

  12. I never played, but I’d be a wizard or whatever a magic user is called in the games. Happy birthday wishes to your oldest! 🙂

  13. I don’t play WoW, but have played DnD for many years. My favorite character was playing a Driud whose race was a Chaos Gnome.

  14. Happy B-Day! He’s growing up so fast.Both of your children are beautiful. Well,I was a teenager decades ago. I did the whole D&D thing. These days I’d be a demon. It’d be a toss up whether I’d be a good guy or a bad guy. Good/Bad can be such a gray area. 😉

  15. I would want to be a elf with magic powers. Happy 13th bday. Time to move out and get a job. Lol.

  16. Happy Birthday, I would be a Blood Elf Paladin, even if my hubby thinks that they are overpowered.

  17. Like many others I don’t play WOW but I did play D&D and my favorite race was half elf cleric. I loved being the one everyone came to to be healed with magic and I could still bash things with a mace.

  18. Don’t know the Warcraft universe but going by the other RPG’s I’ve played I’d like to be and elf. They usually have magical or mystical powers, are more athletic and can use a bow or sword when magic isn’t necessarily the best option.

  19. Happy birthday to your son. I don’t play those games. I am more of a Mario Bros fan. My daughter’s boyfriend plays and suggested a Death Knight. We Googled it and it looked cool.

  20. Happy Birthday! 🙂 As for WoW species, I’d choose Worgen. I like the idea of being my own mount as well as the shapeshifting.

  21. Happy Birthday!! I am addicted to Assassian’s Creed I LOVE Desmond so is would be so cool to be a part of this universe.

  22. I play WOW and my favorite character i would be is my Draenei Death Night. she has horns, a short tail, and she’s like 6’6″ ft tall. She swings a giant ax and then infects you with pestilence, all the while my minion is slashing the target with his claws.

  23. I haven’t played WoW but in DnD I would be a half elf druid. I’m a bit of a eco warrior so that fits my personality best.

  24. Happy Birthday!!

    Hm, this is a tough question, since I’m not into WoW or anything like that. Sooo, I would be a young wizard, someone who’s just coming into her powers and doesn’t really have to much control over them.

  25. Happy Birthday to your son! Tell him congrats on becoming a teenager.

    I’m too old and have no idea what happens in the games so no idea on what I’d be.

  26. First Happy Birthday to the new teenager!

    I would be of Elvin origins. Or some sort of magic user 🙂

  27. Happy 13th Birthday! I don’t play those games unfortunately but if there is a sorceress involved then I would like to be that. Thanks for the contest Amber and enjoy the birthday boy! (They grow up way too fast.)

  28. Happy Birthday new teenager. I have tried to explain to my grandsons the original Zelda, DOS text only game, and they just don’t get it. A game with no graphics! That being said I would choose an elven character.

  29. I so would br Druid: Druids are shape-shifters who can take on a number of animal forms. Like paladins, they are a hybrid class.Happy B-day little man 13 is an awesome number.

  30. Happy birthday to your son. I would like to be a half-elf, magic but still connected to the earth which means I’d also be a ranger, able to track, talk to animals, live off the earth and good in a fight yeah 🙂

  31. Don’t play WOW, but I would like to be a female knight. I love to take care of people and I love the idea of a good sword fight. I would be 7 ft tall, and be really good with swords and bows.

  32. Happy birthday to a fellow Cancer, mine was the 10th. I have not played this game in years but I would like to be something cool that has Magic and super fighting skills with a blade of some type. is there such think as a warrior mage?
    hope you had a good day and lots of cake!!!

  33. Happy birthday your finally a teenager :). I don’t play WOW or RPG’s but hubby does and he said a blood elf

  34. High Elf Paladin most likely. My brother mostly played, I had an account once and I was either a High Elf or Blood Elf. I remember last time I was Paladin , but I might also like to be a Hunter or a Death Knight. I’d make a player a Druid or Shaman just to shapeshift though! XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    ( \ ( /

  35. I would be a night-elf, Shillen Saint. I tried many races but this remains my favorite character. Happy Birthday!

  36. Happy birthday! I’d be a Night Elf druid… Or maybe a Blood Elf… or Orc… You know, I’d probably end up with more than one character. But I’ve stayed away from WoW, cause I know I’d play too much and I don’t have time for another addiction. :p

  37. Ohhh WoW! One of my long time addictions *smiles* My all time favorite class in nearly every game is Rogue. Lethal Assassins and Stealth users, rogues can just sneak up behind any other character and bam! Although to be a good rogue I always need to invest in good equipment and there is that ‘dishonorable’ factor of how rogues handle their battle -stabs in you in the back- But then they are so much fun. If you meant what race, i stick to human or maybe night elves 😀

  38. I never play WoW, but I remember used to annoy my brother whenever he played with taking my time reading all the interesting info and story in the game. I love RPG though and my pick would be an elf.

    In my personal opinion an elf have the whole package I need in a character. Other than being easy to the eye, usually they have good starting status either in magic or strength; They can fight in short range with a knife / rapier, or long range with a bow; And they have magic for attacking, support and healing. With this kind of character I can hunt alone if I don’t have a group and also being a supporter in a group. I find the character can suit my constantly changing mood too. When I’m nice, I heal people; and when people pissed me off, like stealing my kill by purpose, I can shoot them to death with my bow before they can run far.

    And not to forget, happy birthday! Hope you have lots of fun!

  39. Easy, an Elf. I love the majesty they project. (Plus in another game I play -Dragon’s Dogma- I am an Elf)

  40. Happy 13th. Mine is the 23rd… and I’ll be, well let’s say much much older than 13.
    I haven’t gamed in many years, but my favorite character was Baldwin, a dwarven fighter/thief. Had him since I first started playing back in 1st edition d&d. Sadly, he eventually turned into an artifact..I cried tears over that one and never ever forgave my brother, who was dungeon master of that particular game.

  41. Happy Birthday Bud!! Its always good to be a teenager. I would be an elf, I have loved them ever since I saw Lord of the Rings.

  42. I’d be a wood elf. I like playing as a mage or a rogue, and since elves are often more suited towards magic and stealth in my games that’s what I usually play as! Happy B-Day! 🙂

  43. I would be like a cat like warlock because I would look amazing and kick some butt with my warlock powers! lol I’m a teenager and basically your welcome wagon to teenage years lol they will be the greatest and worst years of your life! lol

  44. Happy Birthday! I love the graphics, but I’m not quick enough to play, so I always hope someone can make a movie of the games. So I would love to be a blue dragon if I could actually play. They seem closer to my personality and I collect dragons but I don’t have a blue one.

  45. Happy Birthday. I play WoW and I love my Night Elf Hunter and Rogue. Both are my favorites to play at present. I have played all classes and races of the Alliance faction and have to say that Night Elves are my favorite.

  46. Happy Birthday! My main character in WOW is a level 72 Troll mage with spiky purple hair and pale blue skin. I play with my husband who has a level 73 rogue orc with olive green skin, a eye patch and twin knives. I draw the enemy’s attention with my magic and the rogue sneaks up behind the emeny and kills them. The stategy seem to work pretty well for us. Happy birthday again. Enjoy the mmorpg world.

  47. Happy belated birthday!

    I don’t play RPGs, but many of my friends play WoW. If I were going to play, I would want to be a Night Elf Druid. It just seems like their story and skills would be a lot of fun. If it weren’t for the fact that they are easily killed, I like the idea of being a Draenei Shaman.

  48. Oh, that’s hard. Well, first I’d want to try all the different species just for the heck of it. But as for the one I’d want to permanently be (or at least play as) would be any type of elf really. I have a thing for elves (which may or may not be tied into my love of Legolas…) Though it’d be pretty cool to be a dragon. A shapeshifting one would be even better. But a dragon would be awesome. Though, I’ve been told that dragons are usually the bad guys. I’d be one of the exceptions 🙂

    Anyways, happy belated birthday!!

  49. happy belated birthday!

    i never got into playing WoW but if i did i’d have to pick either being a mage (cuz of my love of all things harry potter/magic in general) or an elf (cuz thinking that to be an elf would be down right cool)

  50. First Happy Late Birthday! I had to do some serious research on WoW…now I may have to start playing 🙂 I would be a night elf. I like that they are honorable for the most part. I tend to be a pretty compassionate person and can relate to their need to maintain the safety and balance of the natural world.

  51. Happy Belated Birthday!!! =)

    It’s a bit hard to choose which species to be when there are so many great games out there. If I had to choose I would probably want to be a dragon or a mage or if possible a mix of the two. I loved the Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire games growing up.

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