33 thoughts on “You May Admire!

  1. wow awesome! and a little freaky that you post this when I was looking at her website and reading the making of the Oracle. . . very talented!

  2. Absolutely Beautiful Cover Art….as always! I just LOVE this Series! Can’t wait until it’s released.

  3. This cover is fab.
    I hope this book is not as much a stand alone as mate test and especially mate date were! I did love those two books but would have loved them more if there had been more “series thingy” in them. Either about the dragonmenΒ΄s planet or the gods…

  4. ooohhh…..I love it…Now for the good question that as been on my mind pretty please with sugar on top…When will MATE HEALTER be RELEASED…PLEASE TELL US IF YOU CAN….thank you

  5. Yummy looking cover and no doubt a story we will all want to pig out on greedy little beast that we are.

  6. I loooooovve this series….Can’t waiy for Sept. But, reading the guitarist book should help. πŸ˜‰

    1. WAIT…I meant CAN’T WAIT!!! darn fingers…they’re trembling in anticipation… HAHAHAHAHAHA! <> πŸ™‚

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