8 thoughts on “Now Available!

  1. Got it VERY early this morning – could not sleep, was up at 1:30am (can’t believe I’m still upright at the moment) and turned on the computer, to the Silver site to see what else was new besides this one to pre-order, it was ready to download as soon as the purchase was done…..and I ordered another four books while I was at it! It’s possible that I may have had the first download, perhaps at least in North America – LOL!!Looking forward to reading it and can hardly believe GRL is only a couple of months away – very excited about that too!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I like it too Amber – am assuming you will eventually torture us with teasers of a sequel :).

  3. Loved Guitarist in fae court, wished it were longer though. I hope win has a story with a happy ending too. awesome work as always, thank you amber.
    wish you were a geust at yaoi con this october so i could meet you in person. Cant wait for Mate healer.:)

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