Hubby History Hump Day

Biedenharn garden museum of Monroe, LA. (Picture is original work in progress by Amber’s hubby.)

Joe Biedenharn was the first person to Bottle Coca Cola, previously it had the be pulled and mixed by a person, i.e. the soda jerk.  If you can imagine going to the drug store, getting a cup of carbonated water with flavored syrup in it. In it’s time, that was the coveted job for folks to work towards. That was displaced by the introduction of bottled soda.
Biedenharn’s fame grew and business flourished. However his daughter, Emy-Lou, was a renowned singer and built a magnificent garden in back of their house, including the statues above. And you can get a bottle of coke, with real sugar for a nickel.

5 thoughts on “Hubby History Hump Day

  1. I told hubby. He says “I stand corrected.” Thank you for letting me know. now i can periodically shout “You’re wrong” to hubby. Yes, I know it’s petty but he’s rarely wrong LOL!

  2. Ahh, memories! When I was a kid in the 50s our drugstore still had an old fashioned soda fountain. What fun it was to sit on those spinning stools and have a cold drink or some ice cream concoction. Most often went there after spending the afternoon at the movie theater across the street. A nickel for the newsreel, a cartoon, a serial episode and the main feature, Saturday matinees were the best. Then a soda and all for less than 50 cents. Now you get the feature film and lots of advertising for 8 bucks and 4 for a bag of popcorn. Just try to find a soda fountain.

  3. I like coke when I have a upset stomach it usually will settle it. We give it to our residents at work for stomach upset and it worksn

  4. I have 2 comments this time!
    1. I love your husbands picture. Is it pen & ink?
    2. And coke is named for the drug that was in it before caffeine, right? I watch Discovery channel too! LOL 🙂

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