Monday Madness/ Contest!!

Okay I just liked the name LOL!

If you’d like to win a copy of Mate Healer enter to win below. Of course, as usual, if you wish to win a different book you can pick from any of my coming soon.

To enter to win a copy of Mate Healer answer the following question: If you could go to a planet that only had one type of animal shifter what type would it be?

Contest ends Friday!

Two winners will be chosen!

183 thoughts on “Monday Madness/ Contest!!

  1. Wolf. Wolves are together forever. Family is important. They are protective of the young. All around a great thing in my opinion. πŸ™‚

  2. I would love to be on a planet with cat shifters because I think cats are so majestic and beautiful

  3. Wolves. Definitely wolves. Then again dragons. I love dragons too. But I think wolves win out by just a bit.


  4. At first I thought big cats, but then, oh but dragons are so awesome. Which got me on the mythical theme and that brought o mind Unicorns. Who wouldn’t want their very own unicorn shifter…. I don’t wanna choose!!!

  5. Dragons!!! I would love to live with dragon shifters. No matter who writes it, I love the dragon shifters

  6. Very difficult to choose just one type of shifter. I think I would go with wolves. I started reading about wolf shifters first, so I pick wolves

  7. Ok, Amber – this is a tough one. I have to choose?? hmmm. It’s so close between a wolf and a saber-tooth tiger. Ok — Saber-tooth tiger that mates with a wolf (as Joyee Flynn would say!)


  8. So hard to choose they all seem to turn back into gorgeous guys. Im thinking maybe a wolf rather than a dragon cause then I could run my fingers through his thick pelt when he is in animal form.

  9. I would like griffins. I think the idea of something that flies, and the photos I have seen makes the look mighty.

  10. I think that dragon shifters would be cool, but very uncomfortable neighbors to have. So maybe turtles πŸ™‚

    Actually cats, cats would be perfect.

  11. I know it has already been said but I adore Dragons, so that is what I choose. (I think it’s funny I love dragons so much since I am terrified of heights.)

  12. Dragons, cats and wolves are cool but think about what horses are known for. I would definitely go for horse shifters. The physical attributes would translate to human form so just call me a size queen.

  13. Cats! I am so a cat person, I have two at home. And then preferably a tiger; they are so majestic. Even as a little girl I borrowed tiger slideshows from the library just to see their sleek, powerful bodies and gorgeous faces. I was addicted…..and it never got any better. (I know, I’m not original…but fact is fact)

  14. It would have to be either dragons or cats for me. So hard to choose, after a scientific selection process (I assigned cats as odd and dragson as even and had my daughter choose odd or even) the answer is DRAGONS!

  15. Hmm.. this is a difficult one, I love the big cats and the wolves like most people.. just the cuddling aspect is just so nice.. but I think it could be interesting to see a planet full of majestic eagle shifters.. they’d be big enough to give rides you know.. to be able to fly like an eagle (well with an eagle) I think would be the biggest thrill ever!

  16. I would want to fly so either Dragon or Hawk. Maybe Dragon more so because they are so mythical!

  17. I was going to say hawks first, but I’m going with tigers, because cats are always nicer to cuddle with. πŸ˜€

  18. I was born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon so it’s just fated – I’d definitely go to a dragon planet. Gotta love that flying! And you know the man form is HOT!

  19. Hi, Amber! I would go to a planet with cat shifters, probably jaguars because they’re so gorgeous!

  20. I’d have to go with wolf shifters. Cause they’re so big and handsome. Plus win they shift they’re all cuddly!!! πŸ™‚

  21. I think it would have to be sharks. If I had to pick one type of shark, it’d be a Carcharodon Megalodon.

  22. I would have,to say wolves……..I really don’t have a reason……..I just love me some wolves!

  23. I choose a planet of lion shifters because of their majestic beauty, courage and strength. That the social structure seems based more on female peer support than male partnering is appealing to me. Especially nice is the idea of children being raised by a community and not just their birth parents. Now more than ever, we need a village.

  24. That would be a no brainer for me, of course it would have to be wolves!! I love ’em!

  25. Ooooo this is hard, only one hmm. Well I love dragons, wolves & cats, but I like the idea of Pegacorns. A cross between a Pegasus & a Unicorn. I love the idea of a flying Unicorn. They would look so beautiful with their horn and wings.

  26. This is hard for me because of the different animals out there and made up ones, but I would have to stick with a simple one. Wolves, sexy cowboy werewolves πŸ˜‰

  27. Tairens ( for those who don’t know they are large cats with eagle like wings and can breath fire) that way I would have the best of both dragons and large cats.

  28. That is a hard one. But I guess any big cat shifter – not house cats. That would just ruin the happy place. I have always wanted to touch/pet a big cat.

  29. You are so MEAN! I hafta pick just one? *grumble* …eeny, MEANy, minny, mo! I will say dragons…cuz it’d be extra cool to fly! (and breathe fire!) …But cats and wolves are right up there. Thanks Amber! Love your books! chellebe at comcast dot net

  30. Definatley Dragon shifters. I’m a fantasy/ sci fi girl at heart and grew up reading Anne McCaffrey’s dragonrider stories among others and used to wish I had a dragon too.

  31. one type of animal shifter? Hmmm…
    I think I would choose the nine tailed fox of Japanese folklore….
    They’re creatures of seduction and sensuality…

    heh, just recently I read a book on fox shifters and am so loving this shifter type. lol

  32. Bunnies. Definitely bunnies. They are soft and cuddly and hella scary if you are a Month Python fan. πŸ™‚ Just think of the humanoid form as their β€˜attack’ form.

  33. So hard to decide, but I would probably choose some big cat (not lions, mabey panters).
    either that, or dragons…

  34. This is a though one. I love dragon, cat, and wolf shifter stories best but if I had to choose just one I think I’d pick griffins. Maybe because they’re just so magical.

  35. i am a wolf man, just cant say how sexy it is having wolf shifter something about it is magical, sexy and aloring. Cant help but to have a love something that is wild at heart but yet will protect its mate with its very life.

  36. If mythical creatures are included I would go for dragon shifters. If not tigers, I am a cat person.

  37. hmmmmm any shifter!!!!! Super random but lochness monster shifter that way I know he loves to swim or a puma πŸ˜‰

  38. Well,I think this is going to be a water planet. Sooo, I want water based shifters. Not necessarily pretty mermen/maids but dolphinish or something like.

  39. I would love to go to Pandora, the shifter in question would be the thanator (chases Jake in the beginning), loved the movie.

  40. If i could be a shifter it would be a white tiger that could heal people if i had to pick one

  41. Well, I have a strong fondness for cat shifters – strong and sleek and cuddly. But I also adore wolf shifters, so it would really be a toss up between those two. I love to read about other shifters (like dragons, of course). I just think a more warm and fuzzy type of animal would be more comforting to have actually around!

  42. I have to say Tiger shifter. I just think that tigers are the most beautiful and majestic animals on earth. Dragons run close second. Lol

  43. Of course it would have to be a planet of cat shifters. I love them all…leopards, jaguars, ocelots, lions, cheetahs, tigers…..every species of them. To think they will most likely be gone in two or three decades….as well as many, many other species of animals.

  44. Dragons BUT with a catch. Babies would be human. Shift to dragons as a transition to adulthood so between 16 – 19 years. Dragon state would mean banishment to the wild until one can master the change back to human. After that shift from dragon to human would be easy. πŸ™‚

  45. I love he idea of cats…then again dragons sound good too, hmmm this may take some time to decide:)

  46. I can’t remember what they are called, but in the movie, Avatar, there were those terrific flying almost dragon creatures. I think they would make awesome shifters and would have no objections to visiting a planet with only them.

  47. I’d like the planet to have dragon shifters because I love anything to do with dragons. Second choice (even though you didn’t ask for it) would be wolves because they are awesomely loyal and family oriented πŸ˜€

  48. I think I’m going to steal what Kamo said and go with Foxes. They’re my favorite animal pretty much and I don’t get to see them in stories very often so I’m really excited when they show up! And heck you could cuddle with them possibly if they liked you.

  49. Maybe I am a traditionalist but I am going to go with wolf. There is something about the fierceness of the animal that just gets me going…

  50. I would love to fly. Which is kinda crazy since I always freak out on planes and refuse to ride any of the really fast and upside down in and out roller coasters. I guess if I could fly like a eagle shifter then that wouldn’t be a problem. LOL!

  51. Hi Amber. Love being a part of your contests. When it comes to favorite shifter it has and always will be the WOLF. It’s the 1st kind I ever read about and it just has that special place in my heart

  52. hmm, i’d say either a coyote planet.. or, perhaps even a planet filled with Chupacabra; just because so little is known about them. πŸ™‚

  53. that hard to chose but i think i would go for something different like a sphinx. something that is a combination of diffent animals not just 1.

  54. If there could only be one I would say wolf shifters, for a traditional animal. If it was a mythical I would pick dragons.

  55. If it were Mythical creatures Dragons for sure. If it were real life animals then Snow Leopards. Last but not least if it were a race from a book then your creations Thresls, hopefully one would want to bond with me.

  56. I think truthfully I’d love to go to any planet where someone could shapeshift! But it’d be cool if they were some type of deer shifter!

  57. That ‘s easy a hybrid. Part panther and part wolf. Could you imagine the tale of two shifters trying to live together in the same body. Yeah! TROUBLE

  58. Owl shifters… I think it would be really cool to see them swoop down (on silent wings) and then shift into a person.

  59. I am thinking some sort of feline Shifter. Most likely a panther, I have always identified with that animal. They move so gracefully.

  60. I would have to say big cat shifters, all that purring…… I’m even particular lion, tiger, whatever sounds great.

  61. This is a tough one, I love cat shifters, but dragons oh my…I have to go with dragon shifters I guess….

  62. Well, I lurve cats.. and also wolves and there’s horses and dragons are cool too.
    Can’t it be a pan-species planet?

    Okie, Cats. From the domestic ones to the uber sleeky ones… I would lurve to be a black jaguar or a snow leopard. =)

  63. I myself like bird shifters. Like Hawk and Eagles. There’s just something regal, majestic and Native American about it, which is sexy!!!

  64. Hmmm difficult choice.. but if I had to choose just one type I would say phoenix with the eternal burning love and immortality πŸ™‚

  65. i would love to live in a planet where it was all wolf shifters the whole mating for life am a sucker for true love

  66. Dragons and I am not just saying that, I have always been captivated by the myths and legens surounding the beasts and I if I had to choose just one type of shifter I would absoloutly have to choose dragons. PS> I love your books Amber and never pass up an oppurtunity to buy your newest one, If you wright it I buy it!! Thank you for being you!!

  67. I would love to go to a planet with dragons. My birth month is a dragon on the Zodiac calender. I have always dreamed of being a dragon, so going somewhere i can become one would highly well accepted.

  68. “If you could go to a planet that only had one type of animal shifter what type would it be?”

    Cats — all sorts of cats, big to small. I used to love dragon books, I own a bunch of dogs, I own and work with birds, but when I ask myself that question — my instinctive answer is cats. Go with instinct, I say!

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