Here’s a picture at the cabin I’m at. It’s really beautiful. So the contest this week is for a $25.00 GC to Silver Publishing (since they are the one’s sponsoring my trip).

To enter tell me about the best place you’ve ever vacationed (it doesn’t have to be exotic). And if you’ve never had the chance to go on a nice vacation share your dream vacation. You have until I return Sunday to enter. Winner will be announced on Monday!!

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  1. The best place for me was the first time I went with my husband and two friends to Zakopani in Poland. It was my first trip out of the UK in almost 30 years, we’ve been all over since then

  2. Anytime I’m at the beach is a good time, no matter the weather. However, my very best vacation was a trip to Spain about 10 years ago. We spent several days in Marbella and then a few more in Barcelona. What beautiful towns. I loved having dinner sitting on the beach, looking at the Rock of Gibraltar in the distance. See, at the beach again!

  3. there is a lake we go to and the water is always warm and we used to camp out in tents although this year my dad has brought a permanent caravan for us to use all year round now, its only a 2 hour drive so not a long drive for the kids, there is a playground for the kids, friendly people, the lovely warm lake to take a dip in or take our speed boat out for a ride, also as well as somewhere to buy basic’s if needed or its a small drive to town for other things. Last time i was there i spent one great morning drinking my tea on the small deck with mist lightly over the lake and sail boats everywhere it was a lovely quiet time before the kids demanded my attention again

  4. My most exotic vacation was last summer. I went to Hawaii for my birthday with a group of my friends/co-workers for two weeks. Those fourteen days were filled with fun, fun, drinking, splashing, swimiming, bbqing, drinking, sightings, tanning, and did I mention DRINKING, DRANKING, & DRUNK!!

  5. I got the chance a couple years ago to go to Alaska and it was amazing the views and lakes and animals was such a great experience if given the chance I would go back in a heartbeat.

  6. There are two best trips, and they happened back in 1991 and 1992 – in ’91 I went with my sister to see our Grandpa in Scotland, and it was our last trip there before he passed away, but we got to spend so much time with him and learn so much – we walked around Glasgow and he told us stories about the town, the first “flat” he and our Gran had when my Dad was little, we went to museums, took bus tours around Glasgow and different towns. It is a treasured memory now! I’d been to Scotland before since we have family there, but this time I REALLY got to appreciate it.
    In 1992, I did a driving trip to the States, heading for Arizona and Nevada, with friends, and got to see Monument Valley for the first time, the Grand Canyon (amazing!!!) and one of favorite places to see, Canyon de Chele (hope I spelled that right). Beautiful scenery, and so peaceful! I would love to go back again, just haven’t gotten there yet – although I get close with going to New Mexico next month for GRL!!!

  7. I know you said exotic not necessary….but in our case it was our honeymoon to the Seychelles. A small island in the midst of many small islands..white beaches..a cottage that was built in the sea (AWEsome view from our bedroom)..access to said sea from our own balcony…exotic flowers and foods everywhere. And we got our padi divers certificates then and there. I cannot tell you how awe inspiring THAT was. We saw a huge sea turtle at less than a meter’s distance under water, and lots of rays,napoleon fish, beautifully colored corals and much, much more. It’s been ten yrs now, and still hasn’t been topped.

  8. Growing up, my family would always stay at a house on the coast of Maine. The sound, smell, and feel off the ocean in the morning combined with a cup of tea, some blueberry pancakes (with the blueberries picked from the patch out back) and the sight of lobstermen plying their trade off shore was the best way to spend a summer morning.

  9. Our honeymoon. Went the Bahamas for 3 days and two nights. We explored the tidal pools and walked on the edge of the ocean that was so clean you could see the bottom of the ocean. Absolutely beautiful.

  10. The best place I’ve ever vacationed is Washington DC. My daughters school went for there 8th grade trip and I decided to take my kids as a family trip instead of sending just her. what makes this trip stand out was the simthsonian museums, I am sure most people have heard of them. However untill i went i did not know that there is actually 13 (I think 19 now) of them, and it was not a stuffy museum, there was all kinds of hands on activities. and it is all free!! it is hard to explain how awesome the museums were. there is also all of the other monuments and stuff. getting into the whitehouse takes 6 months to get cleared. And just so you know in case you decided to go; the restraunts are in the basements of the Smithsonians and other building. We did not know that and could not find anything to eat. lol

  11. My best holiday was the week spent with my other half in a beautiful cottage overlooking the sea just outside Ullapool on the west coast of Scotland. It was late September so the weather was wild for much of the week. It was lovely snuggling with John on the couch looking out on the sea when it was too stormy to go walking, my favourite part of the holiday πŸ˜€

  12. My best vacation was a Rhein River cruise. It was 10 days long and passed through Germany, France and Italy. I saw the hillside vineyards and we stopped in each country for a couple of days. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

  13. The best and only vacation we’ve taken was in 2006 and also in Pigeon Forge, TN. We stayed in a cabin just like that called ” God’s little corner” for a week, and it was amazing. My favorite thing we did was go to the Dixie Stampede, I recommend it.

  14. My best vacation was when we went to Villeques, Puerto Rico. It was absolutely beautiful. The best thing about it was that there weren’t many people, so it was very comfortable and peaceful.

  15. The best place I ever went was on holiday with my friend Karen… We both love visiting historic places and monuments. Plus we were both addicted to stargate! Lol.. So we booked a brilliant holiday to Luxor to visit the land of the pharaohs .. Was brilliants .. Got to visit the Luxor temple…the temple of Karnak. The tombs of the pharaohs.. Tutankhamen … Valley of the kings and the valley of the queens… Even with the really hot temperatures… It got to 50 Degrees celcius at one point… It was fantastic… We then did a trip on the Nile. Really enjoyed it… We also did a trip over to Cairo to visit the pyramids which was cool!!!! Went to a few bazaars and did some tasting of the local cuisine… It was definitely the best week ever… The thing that sticks on my head the most is still the flight attendants welcoming message that it was a cool evening tonight.. I was thinking brilliant cos it was roasting earlier… The cool evening turned out to be a balmy 35 degrees celcius lol!!!!

  16. I went with my mother and step-father to Harrah’s in Cherokee, NC years ago and we stayed in a cabin (my only time in one) and it was SO beautiful! It was when the leaves were just starting to change and we were nestled right in the trees. The first pictures on the site on the page for cabins and for amenities are the cabin we stayed in.

    And hey, I hit a $250 pot on a straight flush at Harrah’s that weekend! πŸ˜‰

  17. My dream vacation would be to England. I have always wanted to go there sense I was a young girl. πŸ™‚

  18. My dream vacation…. I would really like to go on a curise in the Mediterreanean Sea. It would be nice. I have never been on a curise.

  19. Hi, Amber! Looks like an awesome vacation!

    My best vacation was to Paris, and I packed it in: toured Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, walked the Champs-Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe, the d’Orsay, the Louvre, it was awesome! I went window shopping for clothes I could never afford…and ate great food!

  20. I think one of the most fun vacations we have ever taken was to Disneyworld when the kids were actually older. We have always driven on our vacations, but we flew this time – and they were thrilled about that (the youngest was about 12). We stayed at one of the park’s nicer resorts, and we were pampered to death. My girls absolutely loved it. The weather was perfect every single day. We even did a Character breakfast, which my girls thought was great! The best thing about it was that we were all together, laughing and having a ball. It was right before my oldest left for college, so it was nice to have them all there. We won’t have many more opportunities since that whole yucky nest-leaving thing has started! lol

  21. I would love to sit on that deck drinking a sweet iced tea and read your newest book….

    One of the best places I ever vacationed at was my family and some friends went to Disneyland in 2007. It was the first time I had ever been there. We stayed in a little motel not far from the park. We spent two days roaming Disneyland and then on day we went to Universal Studios. Then my husband and out two kids went to San Diego to Sea World. Loved every minute of the trip would love to do it again some day in the future…

  22. Any vacation is a good one. But for peaceful relaxation I always pick a beach. A few years ago I rented a condo with a sea view on Tybee Island, GA. It was off season. Very quiet. Lots of walks on the beach. Your kids would love it. Birds, crabs and other creatures. Beautiful sunsets. Very rejuvenating.
    PS Can’t forget the GREAT seafood. I ate a different kind of fish very night.

  23. Best vacation so far was to the grand canyon with my mother. It’s just so big and beautiful and the company was good.

  24. Best vacation was for one’s make a wish to be a princess for a week we stayed at a village where she was treated like royalty and at the parks she met her favorite characters and rode some rides like her favorite cat in the hat to see her this happy while going through chemos best vacation ever

  25. My fav vacation was to Rome with my cousins. Not only was the city a wonderful place, loads to see, friendly peeps but the weather was gorgeous the whole time. We spent a full afternoon sitting in the sun at the Trevi Fountain, it was soooo relaxing. We did a trip to Pompeii which was great and there was loads of things to see. the nightimes were good too, sitting in the various bars, drinking and laughing with the locals. A total fab holiday.

  26. It was the summer when we took our kids on a road trip to Yellowstone. We drove from San Diego, making lots of stops where ever we felt like it. Our best friend and neighbor Karen and her son Thomas went with us. The kids still talk about that trip and it was 15 years ago.

  27. rented a mountain cabin. No TV No phone. was so peaceful. Long walks or hikes. we learned to take these whispy ling sticks and put little crab apples on the end and then whip the stick and the apple will fly. had so much fun. To get to the cabin you have to forge a stream so everyone out of the car take out all the luggage and then one person drive the car through reload it and continue on. sounds like a lot of trouble but it was great fun. Played board games and cards and talked. for a week

  28. I visited New Orleans with friends a few years ago and loved it. I hope to go back some day and soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the great food.

  29. My dream vacation is to go to Tuscany and explore, eat some wonderful food and see all it has to offer. It is on my bucket list to do and I am slowly putting money away to go there in the future.

  30. I love going to my native reserve up near georgian bay, it is like visiting a national park, it is so beautiful. we are surround on three sides by sparkling blue water and to enter to reserve you have to come through some tall bluffs.

    and besides the pretty landscape i just love visiting with all the fam up there.

  31. The best vacation was last year when my boyfriend took on my first cruise to the Bahamas for 11th anniversary. I also told him I wanted to go one and I just lost my job and he wanted to cheer me up. I spent the entire weekend under the sun and drinking pretty drinks and dancing at night… Loved it, love him ❀

  32. My father used to rent a cabin from a friend of his named Dean in Glen Arbor, MI, near Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. The Cabin was less than a block from the
    Lake Michigan public beach. We went every summer when I was young. It’s beautfil there, if you ever get a chance to go. White sand beaches, beautiful sunsets, freindly people… and now I feel a bit homesick. *chuckle and a rueful headshake* Thank you for reminding me, though, Amber. those were happy memories. πŸ™‚ Oh, and here’s a link so you can see what the area’s like:

  33. Wright’s Lake, up Hwy 50, in California, best camping ever! The family would go every year, we would take our old Toyota Landcruiser to haul all of the camping gear and, every year without fail, the Landcruiser would break down on our way up the mountain! Ahh, the memories πŸ™‚

  34. I am very lucky to have been to lots of wonderful places, but I think the one I remember most clearly, like a short video in my mind, is in Sri Lanka. It is rather shocking to realise it now 20 years ago, but I remember it so clearly it is like it was just my last holiday.
    We stayed at a very simple place on the edge of a lake and overlooking the mountains. We sat out on the verandah at sunset, watching people washing clothes in the lake, washing themselves, watching a large monitor lizard just a few feet away from us and a very large kingfisher sitting on a tree a few yards away. Just behind where we were staying were many overgrown ruins and statues of Buddha which you could just explore as you wished.
    And for breakfast the next morning we had freshly cut bananas and pineapples.

  35. The cabins are beautiful! I’ve done my fair share of drooling over spending a weekend there.

    My best vacation was few years ago when my husband took me on my dream vacation which was not some exotic land but to Orlando Florida, I had always wanted to go to Sea World and Universal Studios. We took a week went without the kids and had one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. I still want to go back to Disney but I don’t think I’ll be talking him into that one πŸ™‚ lol

  36. Hi Amber,

    my best vacation was last year, I traveled with my friend to Greece to the island of Rhodes. This is a beatiful island, with tourquise green sea. I would go back any time. πŸ™‚

  37. My best vacation was a trip through the Smokey Mountains with my family. We had no set plans, just traveled and stopped if something looked interesting or we just wanted to rest for a bit. Had a GREAT time! πŸ™‚

  38. Hi Amber,

    My best vacation was back in May. It was my second time going to Hawaii. I was on the island of Oahu and on the last day was able to go on a tour of the eco-island, seeing all of the flora, fauna, and the beaches of the island. It was an amazing experience of learning about the natural environment of Oahu and also about the culture. Completely awesome experience.

  39. Decades ago. During the school holidays we went up to Russell in New Zealand. Dad and I were out fishing in our small boat when we saw the Cream Trip go past. Dad grinned, upped anchor and headed over to their wake. Imagine my surprise when the dolphins that had been following the big boat came over to investigate us! We were low enough that I could just reach out and touch them. It was a magical moment.

  40. My best vacation was to Leavenworth Wa. a Scandinavian village in Eastern Wa right on the other side of Stevens pass. It was the off season so my husband and I got a great deal on the honeymoon suite. We only had a couple of days but it was almost perfect

  41. There are 3 trips that I cannot decide which was best. My honeymoon with Hubs2 in Mazatlan, beach time in January with a great man by my side “sigh”. A roadtrip to NC with my grandsons; showing them the ocean for the first time, beach time with 2 great young men. My visit to Italy; a week with my daughter and newest grandson in Rome and surrounding countryside. I would happily repeat any of these trips.

  42. The best would be my first official vacation with my boyfriend who now is my husband. It was trip to Las Vegas. We had the best time.

  43. THe best trip for me was going to Egypt and the Middle East with my daughter. Seeing things I had read about since I was little and being able to touch so much history was surreal.

  44. Spending a week at Rocky Mountain National Park was my favorite vacation by far. The memories have never faded and I’d return in a heartbeat. It is so beautiful there.

  45. My favorite vacation – My husband and I would get on our motorcycle, have a final destination and date to arrive and leave. But all the time in between leaving home and arriving at the destination was totally unplanned. We would stop when we were tired, or saw something interesting. We saw more of our great country that way, then any other planned vacation. Best part was it was just me and my hubby (best friend) – I will cherise those trips always

  46. Well, I’ve never really been that far from my home town. So I would have to say that the best place I would pick to vacation would be Japan. Why Japan you say. Well, for starters, I would love to visit a maid cafe and make comparisons between anime maid cafes and real life cafes with maid. Also, I would go sight seeing at Harajuku, mainly the Takashita Dori street, the corner for extreme Japanese teenager culture and fashion. I would love to see the different and unique styles of each individual and experience it for myself. Also, I want to tour one of those older styled Japanese house. ( ) And another thing… I would also like to attend a Japanese JRock concert. I guess this would be what I consider the best vacation ever. :3

  47. Best vaca ever was in the monteray bay/carmel/big sur area. Ca. Its just so beautiful peacefull and i was with great friends we camped hiked and rafted. So much fun and fond memories.

  48. My last vacation, My 16 year old son and I went to North Carolina and learned to white water raft. Got to tell you I am getting old. I could not move the next day. We also went Gem hunting and that also is very hard. If i had to be a miner in the old days I would have starved as it was very hard work for next to no reward. However it was really fun and something we had never done. It is hard to find stuff a 16 year old boy willl do with his mom.

  49. Technically it wasn’t a vacation, but this summer I spent a month in Italy on a study abroad. Three weeks in Florence and a week in Rome! I went to study art history and it was the best experience ever! I took so many pictures, saw so many things I had studied before, and am studying some now! It was great to do that in my last year of college! The food, the art, the history, and the people were all great. Our group was always going to our favorite restaurant and they cooks and waiters all knew our names by the end of our trip. Such a warm people, and the men hit on you even if you are about 50 lbs over weight! Where else do men appreciate a nice sized woman?

  50. My best vacation was an extended weekend in Montreal. We stayed at a hotel downtown and were there for the Franco de Folies. What a party! The best part? We didn’t even know the party was right outside our hotel. Montreal is a beautiful city and the people are great.

  51. I spent a couple of weeks in Phuket, Thailand a few years ago. Beautiful beaches, clear blue sea, simply amazing! Food was great too. Have to go back soon.

  52. I haven’t been out of my country yet and I really want to. Actually, my partner and I are starting to plan our first holiday together now. We’re hoping to go to Thailand and then go on a cruise. I’m really excited πŸ™‚

  53. Italy!!! I’d visited Rome and it was totally awesome. Even the air tasted different. I’d love to travel around the world and see many things for myself.

  54. I loved Ireland. SO many neat places to visit and experience. There is the city of Dublin with the Book of Kells to an isolated old ring fort. Great feelings as well.

  55. Last year, my husband had business in Germany. We took our 14-year old son with us and visited Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. My absolute favorite was our time in Fussen, Germany. We stayed at an extremely old bed and breakfast, toured old town Fussen, then visited the two castles in the area – Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangu. It was a trip to remember and a wonderful experience for a teenager. He still talks about the trip frequently and wants to go back, including wanting to spend time with his parents which is fabulous as far as I am concerned!

  56. This year when I took my 2 sons and son #1 best friend to South Dakota to visit family and see the Black Hills. Seeing the Black Hills through someone who was born in another country made me appreciate it even more.

  57. It’s hard to pick but my best vacation ever was a family trip to Italy- me, my mom, dad, grandmother, so forth. We went to Venice and Bellagio- I’m not sure if it was the best vacation place ever by itself (though both were spectacular) but the vacation was my mother’s first trip to Europe and it coincided with her birthday and her retiring from a job so that made the trip so much more special just because I was able to be with her for that experience.

  58. Atlanta for DragonCon a few years ago. So much fun and I met some very nice authors and other fans.

    Another good one was my honeymoon in Pigeon Forge…which is just down the road from where you are Amber.

  59. In 2010 I took a cruise for the a time. I had always wanted to go but life kept getting in the way, so When I graduated from college with straight A’s I decided to treat my self to the cruise In wanted. I loved it so much that I have decided that on every anniversary of my graduation I will take another cruise!

  60. I guess I’d call them ‘vacations’ – but they’re actually band trips back in high school. xD But we had the opportunity to go to Branson, Missouri – which was awesome. We rode the DUKWs(ducks), went to an insane water park, saw two amazing music shows, and stayed at a sort of hotel that resembled the structure of the White House. The other trip we went on was to Chicago – where we went to the Piers, the huge malls, feed pidgeons (haha, amused me to no end!), and saw the show, Million Dollar Quartet. For a real first vacation, I’m hoping to tour Tokyo, check out at the very least a few parks, a bookstore (Cause I’m fascinated with their language), tour NHK, buy some Japanese anime/manga, and try some okonomiyaki as well as other foods. x3

  61. My family and I went to Cancun for a week a few years ago. Loved it! The resort we stayed at was kid friendly so we had a great time just enjoying the sites.

  62. My greatest vacation is probably the one I took about 3 years ago with my 2 kids their dad and some friends to the snow. It was my first time to the snow, I didn’t ski as my little one was only 4 months but I did get to watch my older one do lessons and play in the snow. Also got to enjoy hot chocolates while chatting with me friend inside where it was warm πŸ˜€

  63. My best holiday was to Corfu, it was a lovely little island where I got to explore and even visited the Greek mainland. I think jumping off a boat and swimming in the sea was the highlight for me

    Sarah S

  64. My best vacation was the Europe+London I did with my sister. It was my bucket list vacation. We went to Naples, Rome, Pisa, Luca, Florence, Venice, Luzerne, Paris, and London. It was an amazing trip being able to see the sights, experience the culture, and eat all the yummy food. I’m an absolute foodie, so the very very best part of the trip for me were the various cooking classes that I signed us up for along the way. We met amazing people with all kinds of interesting stories in the classes. I got to learn to make pasta in Rome, made amazing chicken in Florence, and had fantastic baguette to go with the duck breast and candied carrots that we made in Paris. The best part was that the cooking classes were often in various people’s homes. So you really got to see a typical residence and shopping options for people in an area. Too bad I didn’t have more time for more cooking classes. And more space in my tummy for all of the delicious food. πŸ˜€

  65. My best vacation was the week I spent in Tokyo with my best friend. It was the most stress free vacation in a foreign place that I’ve ever had, even with the language barrier. I am looking forward to planning my return trip with her.

  66. my best vacation was the week i spent in london england with one of my friends. we went EVERY where in london and b/c it was close to christmas i got all my christmas shopping done. sure i left broke but a lot of good memories!


  67. We went to the smoky mountains for a week on our 15th anniversary. He proposed that weekend during a helicopter flight. Needless to say I got over my fright from being in the helicopter and then started screaming from happiness. What a weekend a helicopter ride and a marriage proposal. Best vacation ever.

  68. My favorite vacation I believe was when we went to Durango, CO. I would love to be able to afford going to another country, but camping at a nice RV park and going white water rafting, horseback riding, ATVing, rock climbing and hiking was a lot of fun. We also ended the trip with a couple days boating at Lake Powell.

  69. Manitoulin Island with my Mom and sister…it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, peaceful, quiet and has a waterfall you can swim behind and under :)…best family vacation ever!

  70. My family did have a house on the beach on Top Sail Island. I loved the off season when their wasn’t a lot of people around. But Scotland & Ireland are my dream vacation.

  71. Every summer for the 4th we go camping with my family. There are 4 of us kids with 17 children between all of us (only 4 are girls). My parents also come. We always make sure there is a lake and have jet skies. It is the high light of our summers every year. The kids go crazy and the adults have fun visiting. We always go on a major hike on one of the days. I know my children will remember these summers for the rest of their lives and hope they carry on the tradition when I can’t anymore.

  72. I would love to vacation in hawaii because they have the clearest water at the beach and I live to swim πŸ™‚

  73. The one I remember most is staying in a cabin at Oak Creek Canyon in AZ. It set among the trees had a wrap around porch and Oak Creek we could go play or fish in. This was many years ago yet it is the one vacation that when I remember it I always smile and want to go back.

  74. The best I can (sort of) remember was when I was about 5. My dad was in the military and stationed in spain and my parents packed all 4 of us kids in the car and we toured Europe for my dad’s leave.

    I can still remember some things about it like the crosses in Luxembourg cemetery and the beautiful crafts in Toledo, Spain, (gold sparkling as far as you could see)as well as vague memories of castles in Germany and flamenco dancers in northern Spain.

  75. The best vacation of my life was this easter when i had the one in a lifetime chance to go to south africa for two whole weeks!!!! it was unbelievable!! i actually got to pet a tiger! AND…. i didn’t get bitten!!! how cool is that?? I fell in love with that beautiful country. The people were super nice and we are offered oppurtunities to try things we woulddn’t imagine in our wildest dreams! the food, the weather, the beaches, the cities… it all worked towards making this trip the best of my life!!!

  76. Best trip I’ve been on was Disney World. I was with my mama at Disney World for one day when I was 39 . We had a ball! πŸ™‚

  77. My fave place that i vacationed in was in Greece. My parents and husband were born there and have been there 4 times. What a blast….mind you the first time i went was when i was 13 but it was fun non the less. Have a great weekend.

  78. i haven’t ever had a vacation. but right now my dream vacation is to go to Washington state so i can thank my cousin and his partner face to face for granting my father his final wish on earth. when they heard he had 4 to 6 weeks left and he was asking to see my aunt and uncle they were so kind and sent them down here to see my dad. so that is my dream vacation right now. needless to say they are my heroes.

  79. Best Vacation ever was when my husband and I went to the Kruger National Park in South Africa. We had warthog and Zebra roaming outside the cabin. The double whammy here was falling pregnant almost straight after, especially been married for 13 years. So it was definitely a holiday to remember.

  80. My so far greatest (and actually first real) vacation was at my cousin’s in Austria – she lives with her family in a beautiful village on a foot of Alps, very close to nature. We were hiking into nearby ravine, every morning went to get milk into her relative’s cowshed, and spent evenings sitting on a porch, watching storm gathering on a horizon, sipping local alcohol homemade from baby cones… Best week of my life.

  81. One year my husband and I packed our bags for a weekend trip and got into the car and drove to the end of our road. We then took a map out and laid it on the road and flipped a coin onto the map. It landed in Minaqua WI. Off we went. When we got there it was full of shops and things to see. We rented the honeymoon sweet at the motel with a hot tub in the room. It was so much fun. No kids, no pets. Just us. Not bad for a couple that at that time were married for 15 years. (now 30)

  82. Best place I’ve been to – Ocean City, Maryland! I stayed at the Plaza and sat out on the beach under a beach umbrella taking it easy and letting my worries wash away with the outgoing tide. Ahhhhh!!!!

  83. Hi Amber. I’m glad your having a great time! Every summer growing up we would head to the beach for the month of July. It was the some of the greatest times of my life. We all love the beach so much that when I was 12 we finally moved there. Marshfield, MA is a great place to live and visit.

  84. I went to Mexicali for a few days, and though I don’t know if that really counts as a vacation it was a nice experience.
    They say California is one of the rudest places, and I honestly felt the difference there when at every store or any person you passed by smiled or said hi to you. It was friendlier.
    The food was fantastic! lol… and though, I admit, some parts looked terrible, the other parts, deeper in Mexicali was beautiful. I really liked it and I hope to visit again soon. : )

  85. The best vacation was when i went to Italy with hubby and had the best food ever. ANother time was in Holland seeing all the tulip fields, and of course cannot forget about Melborune Florida LOVE the beach.

  86. That’s hard to narrow down. I have a favorite private and a favorite public vacation. Let me explain. Wait, not enough space…let me sum up. When I want to be alone or spend time with just my SO, the only place to go is camping in St. Joseph Peninsula State Park (FL). Beautiful, peaceful, the beach is equivalent to Destin just down the way but SO much less crowded, wooden board walks over white sand through the pine graves and scrub forest all maintained by the forestry service. We can sit in the shade of a towering pine and read in the ocean breeze, swim in the ocean and hope to catch a glimpse of the local dolphin pods (we have), or cuddle by the fire and roast marshmallows after grilling salmon for dinner.

    If I want to go with friends, I have recently discovered the joys of cruising! FOOD EVERYWHERE, entertainment galore, bumping into awesome “characters” on every deck, hot tubing under the stars on the serenity deck (no kids) with a martini and three friends laughing over whose turn it is to call the pool boy over to flirt, and 4am room-service for that last minute cheesecake craving. Yeah, there is nothing better than that. Going again next April.

  87. I suppose the best vacation I had was when my mom, my brother and I went on a 2 day 3 night cruise to the Bahamas. It was our first family vacation after my parents were divorced so going on a cruise made it extra special. I also had my birthday on ship so the waiters all sang and brought out a cake my mom pre-ordered.

  88. The best vacation I ever had was hubby sent the kids away for the weekend. He then made sure that all weekend we had enough finger food in the fridge and kitchen to last us. Shut off the phone and spent the whole weekend with me. We laid around in bed most of the weekend, just being together. Wasn’t even all that much about the sex (but that was still great with no kids to interrupt) but more about just being together and keeping our connection alive and in great working order. He did this for our 10th anniversay. We just had our 20th anniversary a couple of weeks ago. We will spend a lazy Sunday together in bed, just us and no tv or anything, being snuggled touching and talking.

  89. I’m gonna go for nostalgic and say… Casa Via Mar, this family owned villa near some port city or another in California…. my family and I used to come back every summer and I hope one day to create that kind of nostalgia for my kids =D

  90. I just recently took a trip with my family to Gatlinburg, TN it was so beautiful. We stayed at a resort and had a wonderful time just being tourist and visiting all the little shops.

  91. Well, the best place I ever visited was on my spring break trip with my mother, sister, and my grandfather. We’re Irish so we decided to go to Ireland for my grandfather’s 80th birthday. I kissed the Blarney Stone (which is difficult and scary to do, since you need to do it by laying under it and it’s a long way up with very few things between you and the ground), and we went to several pubs, learned to Irish step, saw some of the most famous churches, buildings, and castles, and toured all over Ireland’s countryside and Dublin. It was great getting to learn about my heritage and it was a great gift for my grandfather. Definitely the best vacation I’ve ever been on.

  92. I never had a real family vacation before. I had vacation with family members individually but never together as a family. We couldn’t afford the time or money. So anywhere is good as long as everyone in the family is on board. If I had to state a preference, Japan would be nice.

  93. My kids and I live in Hawaii so we live at a vacation spot and we can never complain about our surroundings. But we would love to go to a nice horse ranch were my kids can enjoy riding. They love animals and my daughter loves to ride.

  94. I’ve been fortunate enough to have quite a few wonderful vacations over the years – but one of my favorites was Australia. It was an amazing 3 weeks. I would go back anythime! πŸ™‚

  95. I have to say that my favorite vaction was when the family and I went to the beach a few years ago and just stayed there and adventure out from the house to the surrounding areas. We havn’t all been able to get back together again like that in last couple of years and we are trying to do something next year together.

  96. Kananaskis (Canadian Rocky Mountains nearly Calgary, Alberta). Went camping there all the time as a kid. Green, mountains, a bite in the air… all of this is what I think about when I think raw nature. If you want to do camping right, this is the best place in the world to do it.

  97. My best time, i guess it was when i went to hong kong Disneyland with some of my friends and cousins and we spent a awesome weekend trying out rides, taking pictures and overall goofing around. It was so much fun!

  98. My best ;place was when I went to this cabin in Puerto Rico where I stayed with husband and had the best time of my life. there were horses rides and a pool , the cabin had this balcony so cute to relax and enjoy. Great.

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