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This week’s contest is to enter to win a copy of Judging Jager! (of course you can substitute for another of mine if you’ve already pre-ordered)

To enter tell me which Moon Pack character you’d like to be your significant other if given the chance.

82 thoughts on “Win a Copy!

  1. I would love Anthony not only is he smart and talented but he can kick some major ass when needed.. I would also love Dare he is such a big cuddly tiger….

  2. I really like big strong alpha types so my first instinct is to say SIlver. i do also have a soft spot for Dare and Mikel

  3. I absolutely love Anthony, though I have a soft spot for Dare (I love tigers). Also, Henry can cook, which I can’t, so I like him too. And Silver..GAH! So hard to decide. Can I just have all of them?

  4. Definitely Dare cause he’s cute, strong, fun and cheeky. Would love to have him as my tiger πŸ™‚

  5. I would have to say it’s a toss up between Anthony, Dare and Henry. I love how Anthony seem so fragile but he is soo not. And Dare is the ultimate bad boy with a good heart, everyone loves him. And Henry who tries so hard to stay on the edges but actually very solciable and giving, I think them all great!

  6. Although I agree with the others that Dare is awesome, I think I would pick Thomas. He’s got alpha strength with a laid back sweetness that I love! I think he was overlooked a lil bit πŸ™‚

  7. I would like to have Dare!!!! I just love his willingness to help others and his protective side. I allso love his determination to persevere through his afliction and not be counted out!!!!! He is awesome!!!!

  8. Oh, that’s HARD!! I love Anthony and how he developed throughout the series. Yes, he apppears vunerable while being able to protect himself just fine physically. Emotionally, he has a lot of issues that cause him to want family and affection BAD (in my opinion). So when the pack is threaeten, he can go a bit overboard in the protection. Then there is Dare…everyone loves Dare…everyone wants to help Dare…I want to love all over Dare.

  9. I’m kind of torn. I love Anthony, but I love Dare. And then of course I love Henry. But if I can’t have them all. (Would love that!) I guess I will have to go with my first thought and that was Anthony.

  10. WOW!!! Do I have to actually chose a favorite? Not sure I can… but if I have to I would have to say Gabe as he is the wallpaper on my phone and tablet.

  11. I think I would have to choose Anthony. I just loved his story, and always hoped there would be a snippet about him in the other books.

  12. I think I have to go with the Fae twins, Vien & Viell; can’t have one without the other. Who wouldn’t want two strong warriors to protect and love them.

  13. FARRO, FARRO, Farro, is the man I would select. He is funny, strong-minded, and opinionated and has the unique ability to admit when he is wrong. The interaction between him and his pack show he is a standup guy, but does not have to run the show. I love Silver and all the rest of the characters but Farro just seems to be the most grown up and for me.

  14. I’d have to say Dare, which is funny cause usually I always choose the wolves but I do love white tigers!!

  15. I like BLAKE very much. Although life has given BLAKE a fate worst then death when he was turned against his will into a mutant (unlike so many others mutants who just gladley embraced their beast side) he chose to use the situation to his advantage and secretly provide infornations to help the Moon Pack fight against Lorus.
    I also like ANTHONY. At first he seemed just sweet and vulnerable, but his dedication, his protectivness toward his mate and his pack, his determination to do whatever it takes to keep all of them (especially his mate) happy and safe won me over. Both show intelligence, strenght of mind and spirit, courage etc qualities that matters the most to me.
    PS I really, really, really love your books. Keep going, you’re doing a very fine job.
    LOL :))

  16. This is such a good question and how to decide? There are so many yummy boys to choose from! I think I’d have to go with Silver cause after all, who doesn’t want the alpha?!

  17. It is a hard decision for me. All characters have their own reason that I love them but if have to choose it would be silver. I love that strong alpha with a loving touch.

  18. To tell you the truth all those hot men are awesome and exceptional each in their own way. I read all the comments from above and many chose Dare and i can understend why but for me the better mate ever would be Silver. He’s protective, cares about peaple, confident, strong, lovable, charming and just so so so… I don’t have ehough words to describe him, he’s perfect in my eyes and that’s what’s the most important in a mate – to be perfect for each other. Silver is perfect for me. Would i be perfect for him? ^^ Just kiddin’ …

  19. I probably would have chosen Anthony- theres just something about a guy with hidden strengths, which he definitely has. But, I’m afraid I have to jump on the Dare train. It the Christmas short that did it. I adore the scene with him in tiger form tearing up presents and tinsel in his teeth. I could just lick that…well, not in tiger form-hair yuck- but you know what I mean πŸ™‚

  20. I actually had to go back an skim through each of the books before deciding on Farro. A close second would have to be the twins.

  21. I would have to say either Anthony because he is smart and talented or Henry because he can cook….

  22. You know, even in my head, I don’t picture myself with anyone but my husband. He has always been my very best friend in the world and my absolute soul mate. Anthony is one of my favorite characters. I think he would drive me batty as a spouse, especially if I were a protective spouse like Silver. I do really enjoy reading about the dynamics in that particular couple.

  23. At the risk of repeating…I love Dare! Tigers yummy! I fell in love with Anthony at the beginning beacuse he had so much attitude…not letting Silver push him around…loved that!

  24. Dakota!! He is all animal and that just does it for me in this series. I admire his choice to stay human for his mate. A constant sacrifice that he never complains about, gotta love it.

  25. I couldn’t do that to the guys! I’d be a home wrecker! With that said, I adore Steven and Dare. If the guys were straight and single I would pick Dare. That sexy tiger can drag me off to his den anytime!

  26. My choice would be Dare, because he is caring yet full of sexual potency. To make things fair though, I would also like to be with Steven, because then we can be a tri-mate, so he doesn’t have his heart broken by my sudden arrival. πŸ™‚

  27. Calvin…I love his devotion to his sister. And I love his devotion to Alesandro. He also cracks me up which is a big plus for me. πŸ™‚

  28. Love that big Dare-kitty. And would’t Alesandro be a great name to moan? OOhhh Aleesssaaannndro…..;-) And what about Vien and Viell? Peanut Butter and jellies,Yummy. Gaaah,I’m such a slut for your boys!!

  29. It’s hard to say, because every character is very special in his way. I love them all, Mikel, because I love vampires and he’s supporting his mate. Inno, because he seemed lost and confused, but he’s also strong. Henry, because outside he’s big and scary, but inside he has sweet and also devastated soul, and last but not least he can cooks (Yummy). Dakota, because he was forced to be human, and he doesn’t like this much but for his mate he can do anything. Gabriel, because he didn’t choose one of twins over another, he can find something special in light Viell and dark Vien. Vien i Viell – I love them, because they are like day and night, Yin and Yang, and they protects Gabe like bodyguards:D Kylen, for loving Sammy, Papa Ky is great ^^ Farro, because he really stirred things up between Anthony and Silver, but his also loyal and responsible. Parker (I love this name – don’t know why^^), because he has his own kinks (Yeah!). Elliott because he seems gentle and shy, but I think he’s hiding something inside. Steven, och I adore Steven! Sometimes he’s annoying, but for his kitty he’s so cute, I could eat him alive:D And Dare – my favourite kitty – even Tigger from “Winnie the Pooh” isn’t so graat. When Dare lost his vision, I almost cried, he didn’t deserve this, but he didn’t give up, he’s cute but he’s also strong. Alesandro – did I mention I love vampires? Yeah. Anyway, Alesandro didn’t give up on his mate. He helped him solve his problem and rescue sister. And flowers – ahh, I wish my boyfriend was so romantic. Calvin – first human LOL. Despite the fact he had to rescue his sister, he didn’t want Anthony to get trapped. Ben – cute, little half-fae Ben – he was torn between Dillon and Thomas, but eventually they found a way to be together. Dillon, big, bad wolf, in the beggining I wanted to scream ‘back off, Ben is with Tommy!’ but he proved he could be great mate for two. Thomas (Tommy^^) didn’t want dominate Ben, he wanted them to be equal mates, and I love him just for it. And finally IMO the most important pair in Moon Pack – Alpha and Alpha’s Mate. Silver is the same as Henry – big, bad wolf outside (and sometimes inside :D) but when Anthony comes to the romm, he turns into fluffy, teddy bear. I think he’s the most possessive wolf in this world. If he could, he would keep his demigod in locked room in tower on abandoned island LOL. Silver proves he’s powerful Alpha, but he also has feelings and he quickly loses his temper and it’s always funny πŸ˜€ Anthony – he’s the most complex character. He looks like little adorable babyboy (I have a weakness for blondes) but everyone can turn to him when they need help and they will receive it. Anthony will do everything to make everyone in his pack happy. He looks fragile, but he has powers we can’t even imagine. He loves his mate, and his endearments for Silver are the best proof for it. To sum up, every character in Moon Pack is special. They have theirs faults and virtues. They all are extremaly possessive πŸ˜€ But it’s hard to say whom is the best. If I had to choose, it would be Steven. He’d changed IMO the most and his devotion for Dare is sosweet:)

    I’m very sorry for all grammar/spell mistakes, I come from Poland and reading is easier for me than writing.

  30. Oh my decisions, decisions – I love them all for different reasons, but I wouldnt mind having both Silver and Anthony for mates – they balance each other out so very nicely.

  31. Ooh~ Thanks so much for the chance! >__>;; just hope I’m not late,
    Anyways, I’d go with Anthony simply because he’s too awesome for words… and I mean really… he’s the grandson of a god. Just. awesome. LOL…

  32. I would have to say Anthony, beause he looks out for people not just his own pack. He really cares about people. He has all that power but he doesn’t abuse it he only uses it to make the lives of those he cares about better. When Parker’s house was blown up he did everything he could to make it just a little bit easier for him to deal with by fixing the Album. Yeah he makes mistakes but even a demi god isn’t perfect. He just wants everybody’s life to be just a little bit better. The fact that he’s hot to doesn’t hurt. LOL

  33. Anthony. Thoughtful. Self-Sacrificing. Devouted. Quiet but deadly. Gorgeous. Would feel blessed to be on the receiving end of such a person’s affections.

  34. I have to go with Henry. He may not be the best looker in the group especially next to Anthony but he has a Heart of Gold. He is sensitve, loving, takes care of people & cooks. I relate to him. He carries a lot of the same qualities as my husband and that is probably why he draws me the most.

  35. Dare. Coz he’s the lone cat in a pack of wolves, though not for long since I gather his brother will be joining the Moon Pack soon.

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