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Jager yearns to belong somewhere. Unfortunately fate takes a nasty turn and he’s abandoned by his pack. Lost and alone, Jager looks for a place to call home and runs into an angry tiger instead.

Jager’s heartbroken when his pack kicks him out. Despondent, he goes to visit his friends in the Moon Pack, hoping for some sympathy and maybe companionship for the night.

Ryder wants to find out what happened to his brother, Dare, but the pound puppies his cat shifter brother has fallen in with guard him with the ferocity of a bear protecting its cub. Determined to wait them out until he discovers the truth, Ryder doesn’t expect to be enchanted by a sexy wolf in man’s clothes.

A whirlwind seduction turns into a quest for answers and despite Ryder’s protests, Jager dives headfirst into Fae intrigue. Ryder worries he’ll lose Jager before they can even work out their issues.


“I’ve decided to move the pack to our territory up north. Maybe the Moon Pack will take you in, since you’re such buddies with them.” Madros Knoll, Jager Knoll’s Alpha, sneered, his expression displaying more than words how little he thought of the Moon Pack wolves and, in turn, Jager.

Jager stared back at his Alpha for a long moment as he tried to comprehend what the other man had said. When had an alternate reality entered the scene? He’d come at his Alpha’s phone call only to be tossed aside like a used tissue. It generally took breaking a pack law to get thrown out.

What the hell had he done?

“You’re kicking me out? What’s the offense?”

His chest hurt. The pain of rejection stung like a slap to the face.

Madros, his alpha up to a few minutes ago, looked uncomfortably around the room as if hoping the spiders would save him from their conversation. “We just think you’d be happier elsewhere.”

Anger burned through him. He might not be an alpha but he wasn’t deadweight either.

“I’ve contributed, given tithe!” Hell with so many people out of work he’d given more than his fair share of the money he made from his modeling work. Everyone in the pack donated into the group funds to take care of the pack’s needs, helping to provide for education, housing and sometimes even food when times were tough.

“That’s just it Jager. We’re going to go live off the land. Unless you’d like to give us more financing, there just won’t be room for a city wolf in the country.” The Alpha’s voice trailed away as if he lost the confidence to continue his bullshit while facing Jager.

Fury filled him followed quickly by gut-wrenching despair. Jager had always suspected the pack had only wanted him for his cash but he’d hoped deep down they at least cared for one of their own. The cold light in the alpha’s eyes told him his mistake. Acceptance didn’t live in the other man’s eyes, only cold calculation. They were betting he’d give them his last dime before he went rogue.

They were mistaken.

Jager flashed his fangs, a sign of disrespect to the higher-level wolf. “I hope you enjoy being Paul fucking Bunyan because I’m out of here.”

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser!

  1. Yay me….I get a new book on my birthday……thanks for the present Amber. I love the moonpack series.

  2. Now, these words have a true bit in them :
    Jager flashed his fangs, a sign of disrespect to the higher-level wolf. “I hope you enjoy being Paul fucking Bunyan because I’m out of here.”
    After reading this I am really looking forward to reading the story 😛

  3. Wooo, pre-ordered, and I managed to get Toni’s new book too. Y’all are going to bust my book budget! 🙂

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