10 thoughts on “It’s Back Up!

  1. It must have been overanxious Moon Pack fans because I tried getting on the site last night when I got the post it was available and was only able to download my preorder a few minutes ago!!!
    Good thing since this was going to be my next read (even if there are over 300 on my Kindle waiting to be read, I wanted to read this NEXT!!).

  2. Oh, Amber, you silly girl! Did you break the website with the release of your new book??? 😉
    We got ours over here without any problems. LOL

  3. Bought it, loved it, I’m still hooked on and majorly in love with the moon pack. Thank you so much for your fantastic writings. You write it, I’ll read it and love it. Can’t wait for K (and LMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ and A2, B2, etc.

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