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Even the devil needs a little help sometimes, but for Luc, going back to hell to make things right could end up breaking him…

Luc’s life is finally starting to settle down. His wolf shifter lover is back in his bed and his father is no longer ruling hell…or Luc’s life.

Unfortunately, his happiness is only an illusion. Nikko, his vampire soul mate, is starving to death, Luc’s psychotic brother is taking over hell, and the balance of good and evil all depends on Luc to set things straight.

The archangel Michael tells Luc he needs to go back to hell to correct the problems he caused, but Luc refuses. However, some people still think Luc is a contender to be the demon lord. When his brother kidnaps Bran, Luc has to show the underworld why you don’t mess with the devil’s son.


Excerpt From: Back to Hell


Luc Hellbourne jolted awake, his nightmares fading as his bedroom came into focus. The warm heat of his lover Bran snuggled up against him further calmed him down. Damn. He’d had them again! Ever since he’d escaped from hell his dreams had been a jumbled mess of odd visions. Unfortunately, he never remembered any of the details when they receded, leaving behind the unsettling belief he’d missed something important.

Carefully he separated his body from his lover’s. Luc knew from experience he’d be unable to fall back to sleep-too many mornings he’d woken up the same way.

Still groggy, he set his feet on the floor only to yank them back up when he encountered a body. Glancing over the side of the bed, he found his rescued demon Carn lying beside the bed with his bonded vampire Jerrod beside him. They were close to each other but not touching.

As if sensing Luc’s regard, Jerrod’s blue eyes blinked open. “Good morning, Master.”

“Good morning, Jerrod. Is there a reason you and Carn are sleeping beside my bed?”

Bran was going to shit puppies if he awoke to people under his feet.

“You haven’t slept lately. We were hoping our presence would calm you,” Carn said in a sleep-roughened voice. “In the book it says you might start to fade if you don’t get enough sleep.”

“What book?”

The pair exchanged a look before Jerrod reluctantly answered, “The pack book. Nikko let us have it once you decided to live away from the vampires. He wanted to make sure you were taken care of.”

Nikko. Even hearing the vampire’s name stabbed holes in Luc’s heart. As much as he loved Bran, he still had moments of complete sorrow over losing his vampire. He tried to hide his pain from his werewolf lover but Luc knew at times Bran could sense his unhappiness.

Shaking his head, Luc returned to the discussion at hand. He vaguely remembered the pack mentioning they were compiling a notebook about how to take care of Luc years ago, but he’d thought it was a joke. “They seriously made a book?”

Jerrod nodded. “It’s called The Care and Feeding of Lucifer Hellbourne. One of the things in it says if you don’t rest well you might start to fade. Carn and I were worried.”

“Thank you for your concern, but you don’t need to worry. I’m not fading.” Breaking into tiny parts in a slow excruciating manner…but not fading.

“Sorry, Master.” Carn’s red skin became a little redder. “Why don’t I go get you some breakfast, Master?” he offered.

“That would be great.” Luc gave the demon a smile to let him know he wasn’t angry. Carn had suffered enough abuse at the hands of Luc’s brother that the young demon still flinched whenever he thought someone was angry with him.

As soon as he’d left, Jerrod slid his fingers through Luc’s hair. “Kiss me good morning, Master?”

Luc sighed but he knew the young vampire well enough by now to know that Jerrod would pull the I need to bond with my master card if Luc didn’t agree to at least a kiss.

Jerrod only belonged to Luc because Luc had saved him from his old master. However, Jerrod often used Luc’s reluctance to harm him as an invitation to take advantage.

After a few minutes of kissing, Luc set Jerrod away from him. Jerrod’s cheeks glowed with passion and his eyes had a bright light of need as he watched Luc.

“Why don’t you go see if Carn needs any help in the kitchen? It’s probably time for you to feed again.”

Jerrod squeezed Luc’s cock. “I found something I can feed on.”

Luc knew the vampire had meant that in a sexy way but his erection trembled with fear. “I don’t think I want your fangs anywhere near my dick when you’re this excited. Go drink from Carn-that’s why I have him here.”

Luc knew if Bran woke with Jerrod sucking Luc off, the shifter might lose control and kill him. While Bran understood the necessity of Luc bonding with Jerrod, he wouldn’t appreciate it if Luc started each day fucking the sexy vamp through the mattress.

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Book two in the Dangerous Lovers Series

Sometimes love takes more than two to make it work.

Someone is stalking Timothy Warren. When Tim calls his lover, Bryce Mann, for help, he gets not only his boyfriend but his boyfriend’s work partner, Luke Garcia. Years ago Luke and Bryce had a sexual encounter that neither man ever forgot even though they both tried. Bryce might date Tim but his heart still pines for Luke.

When Luke discovers Bryce and Tim’s relationship, long-hidden emotions are uncovered and jealousies flare. Luke might not think a relationship with Bryce would work, but he’s not ready to let him go. Tim learns of Bryce’s long attachment to Luke and surprisingly agrees to step aside. But although Luke desires Bryce, he doesn’t want to break Tim’s heart.

After Luke is injured on a job, he questions whether a trio might work where a duo doesn’t seem possible. Between Timothy’s stalker and his distrust of Luke’s motives will the three of them ever find common ground or will they discover life is easier apart?


Excerpt From: Accounting for Luke


Bryce Mann scribbled notes down on a pad of paper while occasionally flashing glances at his partner, Luke Garcia. To break up the pattern, every once in a while he took a slow, deep breath to keep his emotions under control. He’d hidden his longing for Luke for two years now. He could do it longer…maybe forever. After their one disastrous encounter had left his heart shattered, Bryce had vowed to never get romantically involved with the gorgeous Latino again. Unfortunately, his body didn’t agree with that plan at all. His wayward heart still skipped a beat and his cock hardened at the mere sound of Luke’s voice. He knew, if he didn’t have Tim, he’d have given in to his weakness and accepted whatever terms Luke might have offered.

Thank God for Tim.

“I think Mr Whithers is cheating on his wife,” Luke said, spying out of the window. “What kind of man would do that to someone who loves him just to get a younger piece of ass?”

Bryce gave a cynical laugh. “The fact you can still ask that after over a dozen investigations of cheating spouses is more surprising than the fact Mr Whithers is clichéd enough to screw his secretary. Besides, if there weren’t cheating men and women, I doubt we’d have jobs. There are only so many bodyguard positions available and Tucker wants to make sure the agency offers a variety of services.”

Luke sighed. “I guess. It’s just depressing, you know? Is there anyone loyal out there anymore?” He continued talking, not waiting for Bryce’s answer. “I like it better when we get to be bodyguards instead of spies. I mean, security is way superior to spying. I always feel slimy after these stakeouts.”

“Yeah,” Bryce agreed as he popped a toothpick in his mouth, clamping down on the wood to suck out the minty flavour.

“How’s your stopping smoking coming along?” Luke asked.

Bryce shrugged as he slid the toothpick out of his mouth to speak. “Okay, I guess.”

“Why’re you quitting anyway? Not that I don’t think it’s a good idea, but what made you decide to finally do it?”

“Tim won’t kiss me if I smoke.” Bryce hadn’t known how forceful Tim could be until after Tim had seen Bryce smoking. The man had flat out refused to make love to him until Bryce had given the things up. Normally, he’d tell off any guy who told him what to do. No man controlled Bryce by his dick. But Tim’s blue eyes had silently begged, even as he’d refused to bring his mouth anywhere near Bryce’s. Tim had even listed all the health reasons why Bryce should quit, his accountant brain running a mile a minute as he’d tallied up statistics faster than Bryce could understand what he’d been saying. After that lecture, which had ended with Tim close to tears, Bryce had sworn to never touch another one.

“Tim who?” Luke’s eyes widened. “Not Tim Warren. Please tell me you aren’t fucking the company’s accountant.”

Bryce scowled at his friend. “I’m not fucking him. We’re dating. I like him.” He said the last part defensively even though he knew he didn’t have anything to defend himself against.

“He’s too sweet for you,” Luke argued. “You’ll break his heart.”

Those words from Luke were almost too much to take. “I wouldn’t do that intentionally, and, unlike you, I’m looking for something permanent.”

“What if you get injured on the job?” Luke persisted, brushing off Bryce’s implication.

“Then I’ll be injured. I might also get in a fatal car accident. Anything could happen, Luke—I’m not a fortune—teller. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to find some happiness,” Bryce snapped.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Luke conceded.

Bryce wondered about Luke’s attitude. After one night together, Luke had been quite clear that he didn’t want anything long term… Painfully clear.

“Anyway, I thought you’d be happy I’m quitting smoking. You’ve been complaining about it for years,” Bryce pointed out.

Luke opened his mouth and then closed it again as if reconsidering his words. “I guess I never thought you’d quit over some guy.”

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