Dragon Groomer Post #6

Sorry this is a bit short but it’s the last of the previously finished stuff LOL!

* * * *

Tyron returned to the stable to see a group of knights hanging outside of the green dragon’s stall.

Sweet singing filled the air.

Stepping quietly closer, Tyron snuck up on the group. “What’s going on?”

“Shhh.” Four knights shushed him.

Looking over the stall door he was shocked to see the little groomer sitting in the middle of the green dragon, Dream Crusher. The large dragon curled around the young man. A low purring filled the air in counterpoint to the young man’s singing. The only other noise was the clanging when he spun the brush into the pail.

Tyron watched in amazement when the green dragon leaned its snout closer so Derlin could brush its enormous head. Each scale was polished to a fine sheen until the green beast all but glowed.

A nudge from behind had Tyron moving so his blue dragon could look into the stall. Laughter greeted the blue dragon as he shoved his head at the groomer.

“Hello big fellow.” Derlin’s song broke off as he greeted the newcomer.

A chorus of groans filled the air.

Shaller glared at him. “Did you have to interrupt? Can’t you see our groomer is working?”

“And what are you all doing?”

“Checking his work,” Shaller protested.

A chorus of agreement went through the knights.

“It has nothing to do with his tight ass and amazing voice?” Tyron whispered.

“Absolutely not.” Shaller said. “His eyes are pretty too.”

“I saw him first,” Tyron snarled.

“He’s not collared, he’s fair game.”

Tyron looked at his so-called friends. “We’ll discuss this later. As far as I remember we all have practice.”

As the training Captain, Tyron was more than willing to take out his frustration on his friends. Especially since they had to go get their dragons and leave him alone with the pretty groomer who let the green dragon up.

Tyron watched as the groomer got the dragon to lie on its side so he could get the dragon stomach. He’d never seen anything link that. The green dragon had the most vicious temperament of any of the beasts and more than one groomer had lost body parts to Dream Crusher’s huge teeth. Not only did the new groomer not appear to be in any danger but the man was perfectly calm as if it never occurred to him that he might become dragon fodder.

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      • I could see a culture using wedding necklaces instead of rings. I know some use bracelets or anklets. Actually, a choker-length necklace would be more obvious than a ring, since it’s right there by the face.

  1. thanks so much Amber for giving us so much of the story this week – hope you’re having a great time at GRL

  2. Please no “master”, bdsm, or other Collar sh.. in this story.
    (unless Derlin is the DOM) I hope you write this one a funny, sweet romance without ownership and such,

    • Don’t worry this will be a sweet, sexy dragony story. The characters aren’t into BDSM.

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  3. I had a bad week and missed the last few posts, luckily I caught up. I gotta say this is starting to look like it will become one of my favorites. I love the story so far. Can’t wait to read the next post

  4. I just wanted to thank you for writing books that even my son likes to read with me. We have a great time talking about your books and laughing about when your next release will be. Great post looking foreard to more

  5. What i hate about reading a blog story is there is always an end until its updated again. I love the story though and i want to be a dragon groomer, too! Lucky, Derlin.

  6. Phew, Finally got a chance to start this story… and omg… of course I am LOVING it!!! New favorite! lol…
    Looking forward to the next! :D

  7. Looks like Derlin’s got some admirers of the human and the dragon persuasion, LOL. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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