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Escaping the rat race – RJ Scott

Do you ever wish you could pack your bags and get out of the rat race… maybe visit an island in the Bahamas and meet the man of your dreams?

In ‘Follow The Sun’ Lucas is struggling with a career that is killing him and a non-existant love life. It never occurs to him to think that there is an alternative way to live. His only family, his sister, is marrying the man of her dreams and Lucas knows he is going to be alone with only work to keep him going.

Dylan is a drifter in life, moving from one place in the sun to another. He literally follows the sun in an effort to escape his own demons.

The two men find each other and suddenly they are faced with decisions that change their lives forever.

This all made me think – If I was going to escape it would be to a cabin in the woods (preferrably with no local serial killer). Next to it would be a lake and there would be views to mountains. Oh yes, and Internet. There HAS to be internet…

Where would you like to escape to?

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How long he sat there he didn’t know. The sounds of partying sometimes reached him—laughter and the odd splash—but down here on the beach he had time to think. His watch was in his room and he didn’t have the energy to wrestle his cell from his back pocket. Completely cut off from the passage of time, he could really lose himself in the peace of the ocean.

“Do you mind company?”

Lucas looked up and blinked at the bar-guy-slash-captain, Dylan, who was standing way tall and looking down at him with a smile.

“It’s a free beach,” Lucas said. He pushed down the instinctive thrill of pleasure that tall, dark, and sexy-rough wanted to sit next to him. Then just as quickly, he wondered why Dylan was here at all. “Aren’t you working?”

“Everyone’s in bed, it’s nearly midnight.”

“It is?” Lucas shook his head. Hours had passed as he watched the waves reach shore and then recede into the darkness.

“I bought you down another Apple Mojito,” Dylan said. Passing the drink down and carefully balancing his own bottled beer, Dylan made himself comfortable at Lucas’s side. “You look like a man who needs a drink.”

“And how is that?”

“All starry-eyed into the distance.” Dylan shook his free hand in a loose approximation of pointing out there into the dark. “Clearly, you have big thoughts.”

“It’s a big day tomorrow. I’m giving away my only family.”

“To be fair, Liam seems like a nice guy.”

Lucas cast a look sideways at Dylan. He was a staff member. Should he really be down here making personal comments to guests?

“He is. A very nice man,” Lucas finally answered.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Uh huh?”

“You’re gay, right? I overheard it on the boat.”

Lucas turned to look at Dylan, but his companion’s gaze was fixed firmly out to sea as he asked the question.

“I don’t think that’s an appropriate—” he started, but then stopped abruptly. Who was he kidding? When Dylan turned to face him with that open expression and a faint smile on his lips, Lucas could only really say one thing. After all, Dylan had heard what Kate had said, and had probably noticed him staring at his ass when he was organizing bottles in the fridge. “Yes.”

“Don’t you want to know why I asked you?” Dylan’s voice was soft and invited confidence.

“Tell me,” Lucas said.

“I kind of wanted to ruffle your feathers a bit. Are you out?”

“To family—what there is of it—and to friends.”

“Oh.” Dylan’s voice held a note of puzzlement. “You were so distracted, first on the boat with that redhead, and then at the bar. Thought maybe you were still in the closet and it was a battle with not wanting people to know.”

Lucas huffed a laugh at Dylan’s comment. If only his problems were something that well defined. He didn’t care who knew he was gay. He was happy in his own skin, and so far prejudice and hate hadn’t really touched him. Even Oscar, his boss, knew, and although he had commented on the fact, it didn’t seem to make Lucas a lesser manager in his eyes.

“I just have a lot on my mind.”

“Your sister?”

“Tasha? No, she’s golden. She’s with a man who loves her and who will treat her right. Liam is one of the good guys.”

Dylan frowned and took a swallow of his beer. “So, you’re happy in your own skin and your close family has a good life. Why do you look so sad?”

“Is this a bartender thing? Where you ask random shit like that and I sit and tell you all my problems?” Lucas laughed. “Sad? I don’t feel sad,” he lied through his teeth. His nerves were too raw to talk about Alan or about the decisions he faced about his future. Neither subject was what he wanted to talk about to the first available person who trapped him in a dark space and beguiled him with soft emotional questions.

24 thoughts on “Guest Today is RJ Scott!

  1. Welcome!! This book looks great. I will escape to an island with a beach house and alone. Imposible in a beach but I can dream.

  2. I am reading the book as “we speak” and am almost done. As always, I am loving your work! Where would I escape to…some far away island that I don’t even know so I can’t be followed by work, (teenagers, because I teach) and the pets. Maybe I will tell my hubby and take him. A girl’s got to have fun 🙂

  3. Welcome!!! This book has intrigued me and will be added to my reading list 🙂 if I could escape I would go somewhere like a quaint cottage style town. I don’t want to be alone but I do want privacy 🙂

  4. I enjoy your work.
    I would prefer to be near the ocean. I love to fall asleep to the sound of the waves and I enjoy snorkeling.
    PS I agree. Must have internet.

  5. Love your books RJ. And for me it would be anyplace tropical with an ocean breeze and fresh seafood. And lot of good looking hot cabana boys.

  6. Like the others I love your books. A bit behind in my reading so I haven’t got to this one yet.

    As for a hideaway – I agree with your idea but with the sea not a lake. I love the different moods, especially storms.

  7. This book sounds good! & I would escape to a cabin in the woods with me & the hubs where it rains all the time! I love the rain. & we can just stay in & watch movies & stuff.

  8. Adding this one to my wishlist now. Done! I have fond memories of the cabin in the mountains and rain falling on the tin roof but as my husband is no longer with us not going there. At this point in my life I would rather escape to a large city hotel with incredible room service. Breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered by a handsome (of course) waiter. I could venture out into the city or not as I wish. Naturally my nook would be freshly filled from my wishlist.

  9. My escape would be somewhere in the country with rolling hills and lots of walks. So I could stay in and watch the scenery or go for long walls. By a lake or the sea would make it perfect. Love your books.

  10. H RJ, just added this to the TBP list come payday. I love your books.

    I would totally love to be at a lake front, or water front cabin in the woods. As long as I don’t have to drive in the snow, have internet, and can get things delivered (and I am so with you on the no serial killer thing) I am good to go! 🙂

    1. i think having a serial killer may put a dampner on the day… i quite like snow as well, tho we don’t have a lot of snow in England… 😦

    1. Some place with no winter, and by the ocean…with the necessary amenities, but few people…so I could be alone, or socialize if I should feel the urge. No crime, and no alcoholics. The one thing I probably couldn’t escape is mother nature. If it’s warm there’s usually hurricanes, or volcanoes. I’d need to be able toescape my escape!!! LOL!!

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