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S.J. Frost’s Favorite Birthday


Even though I always make a big deal of celebrating my little guy’s birthday, my own are often rather understated. More often than not, I treat them like any other day. Though, I do always demand cake, the most chocolaty that can be found 😀 But there’s one birthday that I’ll never forgot and will go down as one of my most special, my 29th. On this birthday, I received the greatest gift any writer can be given, I became a published author with the release of my first novel, Conquest.


I’d had a few short stories published prior, but it was with this book that I felt I was really stepping into the world of being an author. Having wrote the book in 2005, it was a three year journey until the acceptance letter came from MLR Press. The story, the main characters – Jesse and Evan – were so special to me, and knowing that, my amazing editor, Kris Jacen, had a surprise for me. She was going to have the book released on my birthday.


When Conquest went live and I saw it on the MLR Press website, I was beyond ecstatic, and also in shock, disbelief, stunned. A dream I’d had for just a little over three years had come true. Now, with the 7th book in the series, Feeling the Rhythm, having just released last week, I’m still amazed by that first day and all that it led to. That one special gift on that one special day has led to so many more, and I’m grateful for each and every one of them.

Here’s a buy link for my newest release, Feeling the Rhythm: here
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And for the giveaway, I’ll offer up winner’s choice from my backlist, in ebook.

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  2. What a great birthday it must have been to release you first book on it! Thank you for stopping by and for your story. Your series looks really good. I’m adding it to my buy list.

  3. Cool story! I have most of the Conquest books and the side stories but not all of them yet. They are definatley on my wish list and this one got added as soon as I saw it listed. Keep up the writing.

  4. What a great birthday gift. In a way you had Jesse and Even celebrating your birthday with you.
    I can’t wait for Tanner’s book.

  5. Your Conquest series is unbelievably good. I cried most of the way through Black Heart Down! Haven’t bought the last one yet.
    To have a dream come true? What an awesome birthday,

  6. The release of Conquest was not only your birthday present, but a present for others. It was the beginning to a wonderful series of stories. Love this series, but actually I love all your releases.

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