First Day of School Contest!

Today is the first day of school for my kids. To celebrate I’m going to give away to two lucky winners a $20 GC to the ebookstore of their choice. To enter tell me a back to school story. What was your favorite grade? Did you like school? Did you have a favorite teacher? Share a tidbit and enter the contest 🙂

Winners will be chosen Saturdayish!

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  1. I homeschool my son who is now 10. My favorite day of the week during the school year is Thursday: he goes for some co-op classes and I get a me day to take some art classes (ceramics right now)

  2. For me, I liked school. My best memories are walking across the street to the beach for lunch. As for a particular 1st day, the one I remember the most was when I moved from Connecticut to Florida in the middle of my Kindergarten year (about November). I remember because I had to leave the snow behind. I remember being very angry at my parents for moving. I happened to like snow and Florida doesn’t get it, usually.

  3. My daughter just started her 2nd year of Preschool, it is her first full-day year. The second day of school she was playing on the playground, running around in her new glasses (she got them this summer) and tripped. The glasses scratched her face and she slid across the sidewalk and scratched her glasses lens up. The fourth day of school she comes home with a skinned knee from running during recess. This is the first week of the school year, I can’t wait to see what else happens this year. *stocking up on Neosporin and bandages*

  4. I didn’t like school too much till the senior years of high school, which is grade 11-13 here in Germany. Before I had always been the victim of mobbing because I was the shy bookish girl, with not the cool friends. During the last three years it was a new start for everyone, because most students left the school and new kids came. I am still that person I was back than, but I found people that accepted me.

    Guess it is one of the reason why I am becoming a teacher, to keep an open eye to help the kids

  5. I really hated school but when I went to technical high school those were the best school years of my life! The teachers were great and the classes where much more interesting (especially the ones about printing)

  6. My favorite grade was my senior year, first day back was good to see all of my friends for the first time after summer break. I always spent summers with my Mom a couple of hours away from where my Dad lived. Senior year was my favorite cause I very rarely attended…

  7. My favorite grade was 6th because all of our class was able to go to Exchange City where we made our own town and made our own businesses and rules. I was in a group that made the Snicker Snacker Snack Shop.

  8. My sister and I were walking to school with our mom and a bunch of neighborhood kids when we passed a goodwill(thrift store) and my sister very loudly said ” Mare this is were mom got our shoes” I could have killed her lol. I pulled her by the arm and said ” she got your shoes there but not mine dummy” lmao. We must have been around 6 and 10 years old.

  9. My favorite teacher was my AP Literature/AP Art History teacher in 12th grade; Mr. Minette was awesome! He knew so much about both topics and really made them come alive for us. We did a bunch of orations of renaissance poetry that he made fun, I really miss those classes.

  10. My favorite year was 5th grade. My teacher gave out stickers for every book you read. This is when I found books I enjoyed and found out I loved reading. Up until this time, I hated reading and my mother wasn’t a fan of reading so she did not encourage it. I am very thankful to my fifth grade teacher for introducing me to reading for pleasure.

  11. I would have to say senior of high school as it is bitter sweet year. One aspect is that last year of high school and prepare yourself for new adventure with college but at the same time, this would be the last year you may get to hang out with your friends. My favorite subject is math but I love my ESL teacher. She was a force to be reckon with.

  12. I liked school but the librarian from my junior high was my favorite person. I feel bad I can’t remember her name but she got me started reading scifi, Dune was the first book she suggested. Made my 7th & 8th grades the best..

  13. I was in elementary and I wore dresses all the time with matching socks and undies. My teacher Miss Goodwin decided I was to be the show and tell one day. She brought me to the front of the class showing off my outfit and then to my surprise lifted my dress and exclaimed over my ruffled undies. I still get a horrible feeling about this. Other than this lapse in judgment she was a really good teacher.

  14. I liked school my favorite was high school had to many good teachers to pick just one. The drama teacher from my 10th grade year was an awesome lady. Then there was my Photography class loved those classes, nothing like gropping in a totally dark room with a hot guy lol.. I guess thats why I took two years of Photography…

  15. I really enjoyed school. I was sick a lot from 8th grade to sophomore year of high school, so when I was there, and not being tutored at home, I was able to feel like a normal kid-joining clubs, hanging out with friends, etc.

  16. Didn’t like school all that much. Best grade 10th. I was always the one who drove when alcohol was involved.

  17. For me the start of eighth grade was the best I knew that it was my last year with all of my friends and my teachers that I had had since 1st grade so it was wonderful to have that last year all together before we all started high school that next year and were scattered all over to different schools with people we didn’t know. That year was hard and sad and one of the best years of my life.

  18. My favorite class was science and I had the same teach since it was a small school. Hey, we even got to blow things up.

  19. In 9th grade I moved to another school. The best memory I have here is playing handball championship in class with a ball made of paper and duct tape; all of my classmates would participate and the winner got a can of beer :D.

  20. When I was 14 I was growing my fringe so I could put it back in a ponytail. And I asked my mum to TRIM my fringe for me. Ok she said. Well my fringe went from about 6 inches long to about 1.5 inches. OMG I was so upset I hated having a fringe and it was picture day to, it was so bad. I always had to sit on the front row of seats for class photo as that’s we’re my teacher sat me so I couldn’t hide. That means every one has got my bad hair day pic. Omg I hope none of my old school friends post that on FB…. Oh the shame… Lol… I did like school but I was ill a lot . ( doc thinks now it could all have been to do with my fibro) I loved the first year of secondary school, year 7. As you made friends with a lot of people and they were all in the same boat as u of making friend and you hadn’t got to the point of the popular kids and the geeks etc… I had a great group of friends and I was the mother of them all.. Lol.. Any problem it was go to Maria all thought school. No one ever picked on me even tho I was the fat kid and had trouble reading, which i hid well. Everyone got on with me. I was happy go lucky but if you messed with my friends they new they would be getting a earfull from me. All my teachers yearly put in my reports, love having Maria in class she is lovely person and so helpful but she need to sort out her health and attend more… Lol great times and would love to go back and I still have the same 5 friends I met in year 7 almost 21 years ago and now I never stop reading.

  21. Our school had 2 rooms and 2 teachers for grades K-6. Grades 1-6 were all in one room in the mornings while K was in the other room. After lunch 1-3 would move our desks into the other room for the rest of the day. There were myself and 2 others in 1st grade, 2 in 2nd and 3 in third. I had cousins in 2nd, 3rd and 5th grades. My teacher lived with our neighbors and rode in to school with us everyday. I have fond memories of eating lunch under a big tree between the church and the school. This school closed after my 1st grade and the next year I went to public school. I hated it as there were more kids all the same age in one room than there had been in all 6 grades previously and none were my cousins. Second grade was somewhat traumatic for me.

  22. My favorite was 6th grade. I had a teacher named Mr. Fosbrook. We all adored him. I created the Fozzy Fan Club, and we even made a newsletter. 🙂 My kids have been back to school for one week. Yay, I can breathe now.

  23. I had a hard time in school, my favorite year was my first in a community college in South Jersey, My favorite teacher was the English teacher who realized I was having difficulty with processing what I was reading and understanding, She took the time to “re -teach” me how to read and now it is my favorite thing to do .. where before it was so hard.. she changed my life and my school experience

  24. I enjoyed school for the most part. I remember my senior year being the best and most emabarrassing. On the first day of my senior year I drove my twenty year Volvo to school thinking I was fly. Waving to my friends all the while black smoke coming out the back of my car. Then it died an awful dealth right in front of the school. Students were blowing their horns. My dad ended up having it towed. I was picked on the whole year. For my graduation I at least upgraded to my moms 15 year Volvo station wagon……

  25. When I started to school I went to a small school that had just four different classrooms. I was in 1 to 3, I had a brother in class with me, and an older brother in the room for grades 4-6, and a sister in the room for grades 7 – 8. I was such a nerd even then–I tried to do my brother’s homework and read encylcIopedias while the teacher was working with the other grades. The thing I remember most clearly about starting school was me complaining about having to walk home from the bus stop and my older siblings carrying me part of the way! It was a long walk for a six-year-old.

  26. My favorite teacher ever was my writing professor at university. This dude was crazy. Crazy good, but also just plain nuts. I don’t know how many classes I went through where, after again trying to explain why a comma was necessary to keep you from accidentally exclaiming your desire to fuck your dog, he would walk up to the chalk board and stroke his finger against the board, in little comma shapes, while telling us we need to love the comma, all the while pressing his face up to the board like it was a long lost lover. (I would blame this on the drugs he later had to take when he got sick, but this was happening a year before that, so I think he was just crazy without the pharmaceutical help)

  27. I went back to school last year for the first time in 20 years. I’m studying Forensic Photography and this last semester was the best ever. I had 3 classes and they were all photography classes with none of the boring history of law enforcement. I had direct orders to go everywhere with my camera. I used homework as an excuse to go places that I normally wouldn’t have.

  28. my favorite year had to be my first in university. I got to achieve my dream- I was starting medical school!!! I mean how cool is that?! I got to meet the people I’ll spend the next 7 years of my life with. I met my best friend that year. and by the way I just finished my 3rd year- in-case you were wondering 🙂

  29. my fave year was the first year of college. i had hated school since i entered due to learning disabilities and being teased about them as far as i could remember. i really wanted to go to college and be like everyone else and have that experience. i did manage to get into college and passed 🙂

  30. Well I hated school from the get go …I have a learning diabilty(30 yeaars ago they did not test for that ) so it was just awful all away around…So I have to say my fave year was my sons 2nd grade year ..He also has a learning disability so I was determind that his school years would be better ..He got a amazing wounderful teacher that helped us both adjust and teach us things that made it easier for him to learn and me to help him…She diffintly made a impact in both are lives and we will never forget her.

  31. My favorite grade was grade 2 and it was also taught by my favorite teacher, who I won’t name and will just call Mrs. R. She was a fun teacher, enthusiastic and really cared whether or not we understood the material. She would stay after school or give up her lunchtime just to make sure the kids would know what they needed to learn. I remember one incident where a student couldn’t make it to the bathroom quick enough and had an accident. She didn’t make a big deal of it and had everyone keep on working. She then got calmed him down (since he was crying), sent him to get a change of clothes and got the mess cleaned up. Then she resumed teaching as if nothing happened.

  32. I had a teacher in 3rd grade that was wonderful. She encouraged reading in different ways, like credits for items from the “store” in the room. I think that was the first time I realized how wonderful reading was, not because of the bribes but because of the calm it gave me.


  33. This one isn’t about me but my cousins. My little cousin Jordan was very excited about starting school. He would be going to the same school his big sister went to. Anyway. The night before school began, Jordan came out the lounge room, where my auntie was sitting, sobbing his little heart out. The following conversation happened:
    “What’s wrong Jordan?”
    “I don’t want to go to school!” *hiccup, sob, sniff*
    “Why not sweetie?”
    “I don’t want to wear a dress! I’m a boy!”

    Poor little man thought he would have to wear the same school uniform as his sister which was a dress. This was 11 years ago and the family still laughs about it!

  34. Would have to be year 12 even though it was a stressful year about 2 weeks before i started year 12 i moved out of home, best thing i did. Yes i mainly liked school since it was my escape from home but once i moved out didn’t like it so much. My favourite teacher would be Ms McDonald, she cared and pushed our limits to do our best plus she was fun and more like a friend.

  35. When I went to kindergarten for the first time, I didn’t know english or french (born in Montreal, Quebec) so I put into a class with all children of different nationalities so we can learn the official languages of this province. It was quite interesting.

  36. I have to say that school was just OK and that leaving school was great! I enjoyed university much more, but I was in my 30s when I went, so could appreciate it all so much more. In fact, would love to go back to uni now, some decades later!

  37. My favorite grades were the very first ones (though I don’t remember much of those), or high school. There were a few grades between when I was bullied, so I didn’t really look forward to attending back then even if my grades were still good. :p

  38. My favorite school year was fourth grade, where I had a young woman teacher who was very sweet and who smiled a lot, especially since I was a shy child.

  39. My favorite back of school moment was when I was starting the 1st grade. A full day of school *gasp* lol. But the reason I remember it the best is because both my Mom and Dad took me. My Dad was a long haul trucker so I never saw him during the week and my Mom had an office job. That day they were both home when I woke up. They got me up early and we had an awesome breakfast of french toast (my fav) and they drove me to school and walked me into my class with Mrs Hand. I will always love that memory 🙂

  40. I remember being really excited about going back to school in all the elementary grades (K-6). I liked school and usually I loved my teachers (except for 4th grade).

    One thing I was a little sad about was I could never wear my new school clothes til mid Oct – Southern Calif in Sept was always way too hot for clothes better suited to fall.

  41. My first day of school was great. I like going to school because my firend were there. My first at the high school I was nervous. But my favorite grade was both 9th and 10th grade. My favorite teacher were Mrs. Castaneda; we had joke in that class and we got our work done. Another favorite teacher was Mrs. Blatz she was a very nice teacher and her class was fun.My last favorite was Mr. Lediard; he was funny. In 10th grade my favorite teachers was Mrs Gump and she was a nice teacher. Also she let me read on my Ipod. Another favorite teacher was Mr. Schmidt and in his class we had funny conversation but was able to do all our works in the end. On e conversation was about zombies and if they were slow all you had to do was have a sword and stand in place taking their heads off. The last favorite teacher in that grade was Mr. McCuskey who was also funny. I really like that school because they have great teachers and the school had more options than most schools.

  42. Well if ya’ll want to hear my funny first day at kindrgarten? I was dressed in a dress my mom made me yellow and white my hair in ringlets. I was allowed to walk home from school on my first day because we only lived about 6 blocks from the school. I had to cross a set of railroad tracks before I got to my block, I was startled so bad at the tracks when a train whistle blew that I end up climbing the tree that was by the tracks. It was embarassing when my friends laughed at me.

  43. I loved going to school. My favorite school year was my senior year of high school. This year I got too eat lunch off campus and had several approved ditch days!!! I loved all my teachers but the best was my JROTC teacher. I got to travel to different states and cities while in the JROTC program. Senior year was the best!!

  44. Best of luck for your children’s new school year! My favorite year was probably 8th grade, because I had a bunch of really amazing teachers that inspired me to follow my passion and develop my skills. Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. My first day of kindergarten was almost my last because I hit a boy who made a girl cry. My mom told me to watch out for this little girl who was “slow” and some boys made fun of her so I hit one. That was just the first of many crusades which I followed all the way through college. I always liked school, but learned to use words not fists after that first day.

  46. I had a lot of wondrous first day of school…. I went to six different elementary schools! So my stories are endless. All I can say was that I had the same thought when I entered a new class,” I wonder what new interesting people I will meet at this school…”. I wasn’t shy, just really curious.

  47. I went to a small Episcopal school in Little Rock, Ar for kindergarten and first grade. My mom drove the bus to help pay for it so I got to see her morning and afternoon without my sibs and felt so special. The highlight of my experience was when we got to walk down the street twice a week during the fall and spring, and were allowed to play in the rose garden at the Governor’s mansion. To this day I love, love, love roses.

  48. My favorite first day of school was my senior year of high school. I loved knowing that I was almost done. I only had 3 classes and all of them were choir so I loved going. Singing is kind of my passion. I always loved my choir classes all through school but I hated school. When I was little a friends mom passed away while we were in class and seeing as my own mother was never in the best health I always worried the same would happen to us. I am a major mamma’s girl so that thought was like my worst nightmare. Luckily I made it through school and I still have my mom.

  49. My favourite BTS year was for Grade 9 when for the first time, I got to go shopping for BTS supplies on my own with my own money from my new PT job. I had a blast looking for and buying everything I needed for my first year of high school, I thought I was so cool! 😉

  50. My fourth grade year I had two of the best teachers – Mrs. Bergquist for homeroom and language arts block and Mrs. Barrow for GT. Mrs. Bergquist was teacher of the year for Texas that year, so our class was even filmed one day for TV! She loved to have us read and write, so she had a mailbox where we could write letters to Ramona Quimby. Frog from the Frog and Toad books, and other characters and she would write us back as that character!

  51. My favorite school memory happened in third grade. The teacher pulled me aside and said that my reading grade was horrible. She went on to say that I could do the work, I simply wasn’t——she gave me a week to show improvement before she called my parents! Needless to say, my reading grade improved! The irony—-I’m a librarian!!! We just finished the summer reading program where I got to lead a book club of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders through some of the Mark Twain Award nominees—what a blast!!!

  52. The funny thing about school is, when my boys were young, I couldn’t wait for them to return to school. They just had so much energy during the summer it was exhausting. Now that they are older, I am sad when they go back to school because that is when my life now gets crazy with afterschool sports and events at the school.

  53. I didnt mind high school. We used to go out for lunch, get a cheese pastie and a vanilla custard slice for lunch then sit in a local park. I was thinner and able to cope with the bad diet then!

  54. Hard to pick but probably 8th grade. It was the first year I home schooled and got a puppy that I had been wanting for years. I loved that dog. I also got to keep my own sleep schedule. ( stay up late get up late ect.) as long as I got the work done my mom didn’t care when I did it.

  55. I adored school. Of course, I was home-schooled, so I don’t have any spectacular stories, but it is pretty awesome to walk down the stairs and sit down at the dining room table for school. There’s no snow days, of course, but you do get out a few weeks earlier than public schools. Totally worth it.

  56. My best school memory is my son coming home from preschool saying he’s going to college right after he graduates from kindergarten.

  57. one of my fave parts of the new school year when I was in high school was being out “sick” a couple days in Sept as my mom & I went to visit my sister (about 3hrs away) for a long wknd that included back to school clothes shopping at the outlet stores 🙂

  58. I LOVED kindergarten! I had the best teacher! She was so sweet and we had a pet tarantula named Itsy that would stick his leg through the top of his container and wave at us, and we had Leprechaun hunts for Saint Patrick’s Day. Every day leading up to St Patrick’s, we’d all have to bring in a green item and then the “Leprechaun” would leave us little notes. On St Patrick’s Day we got to “Catch” him…it was a really cool balloon and we all got chocolate coins from the end of the rainbow 🙂 It was good to be 5! lol
    I LOVED 6th grade too! I had the best teacher that encouraged my writing and said I would be published by the time I was 18…and he was right! I won a writing contest freshman year for a poem I wrote. I never would have kept writing if not for him.
    Ashley A

  59. My favorite grade was 5th, I was lucky enough to get the best teacher in the world. He is the one that got me to love reading. I had been working hard for the first 2 9 weeks and than I was a safety patrol and was able to go on the Washington D.C trip.

  60. I probably liked my freshman year of High School most. I met people who would become friends for life, I met the man that I ended up marrying and the teacher that brought us together. Yes my high school experience was sorta like one of those cheesy romcoms that you almost hate admitting you’ve watched and enjoyed. I didn’t really like school up until then either. Art and English were about the only fun I had.

  61. Even with homeschooling we try to make it special. We go get new supplies and take a beginning of the school year special. This year we are down to two at home and one is starting high school and one starting middle school. Should be an interesting school year.

  62. I liked my elementry school growing up. It was right across the street from my house. I think I liked 1st grade the best. I really can’t remember any 1st days. But I know in my elementry school there was a Thom McCain show box that was brought out right before it was time to go to the play ground. In that box was all kinds of candy that you could buy for snack. It was awesome.


  63. I don’t remember the day all that well but I remember being so excited to start school. My mom says she cried and I didn’t.

  64. I believe I’m too late for the gift certificate, but I wanted to share.
    The first day of school that’s most memorable for me was when I was six and had just moved to a new town and I wasn’t very familiar with the area yet. My mother was a little late coming to pick me up (or I wasn’t waiting where I was supposed to be, I don’t remember) so I decided I could find my way and started for home on my own.
    Well, there was a storm so it was hard to see where I was going. I stopped in a store and the owner walked me back to the school. I sat with the principal until my mother made the trip back again to get me (I’d gone down a different street than she had, so we’d missed each other).
    It was scary of course at the time it was happening, but I made two friends that day. It turned out the store owner was friends with my grandparents and knew my mother when she was a kid (my grandfather walked me to the store so I could thank him for helping me when I was lost).
    The principal was friends with my grandmother from when my mother and her siblings went to school there and she still volunteered there.
    I don’t think I’ll mention the extremely long and detailed lectures about staying put until my mother comes for me I received from all the adults.

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