Torture the Fans Sunday!

Okay there are a lot of cutsy names, snippet Sunday, Six Sentence Sunday. I’m just calling it by its true name. *nods wisely*

You all know how much I love to tease my fans. So in this fine tradition I’ve decided to include a little snippet of Keeping Kylen. Yes I know its way overdue but I’m working on it I swear!

(this is unedited so I don’t to hear it from the grammar police I’m only on my first cup of coffee)

ENJOY Mwahahahahah!

* * * *

Kylen breathed on the glass. He traced a heart with his finger in the fogged section then continued staring through the remaining clear portion of the window. A full moon hung in the sky.  Was the moon out where Farro lived? Was he running with his pack? When he finished his run and hormones raced through him, who would he have sex with? After all, Kylen had abandoned him and Farro couldn’t be alone for the rest of his life. He deserved better.

Kylen’s magic crackled beneath his skin as he imagined Farro turning to another wolf. Silver’s pack had a large selection of eligible men, why wouldn’t Farro choose one of them?

A sigh drifted out of him. Without Farro he might as well fade. He thought Noel said something but he stopped listening. After a moment he heard the door close behind his secretary.

Good, at least now he could wallow all alone.

He jerked back when a face appeared in his window. King Sein tapped on the glass.

What the hell was the king of the light fae doing outside?

Kylen stood on the window seat and pulled down the latch. He pushed the window open enough for Sein to step inside.

“Shut it. I’m all alone.”

“Okay.” Kylen said, slowly.

He obediently closed the window and refastened the latch.

“Sorry for visiting so late Ky, it took a while to escape my guards.”

Kylen scowled at his cousin. “It’s been several years, Your Majesty.”

“Stop the majesty crap, cousin. You might have broken ties with my part of the family but we’re still related.”

Moving over to the bed Kylen sat down. “What are you doing here?”

“I have a problem.” Sein hopped from one foot to the other shivering.

“Get in the bed before you develop a cough and your court comes to hunt me down.”

Sein snorted. “Those pussies wouldn’t hunt down a bunny without having an anxiety attack.”

Still, despite his words Sein climbed into the bed then tucked himself between the sheets.

Memories of childhood sleepovers crowded Kylen’s thoughts.

“Remember when we made that fort in the throne room?” Sein asked.

“Yeah, I thought your father was going to kill us when you used his crown to secure the sheet.”

Sein shrugged. “He shouldn’t have left it lying around.”

Kylen sighed. “What are you doing here Sein? You could’ve arranged for a meeting in broad daylight.”

“I needed to see you without witnesses.”

“Why? You planning on killing me?” Kylen asked. He winced at the lack of interest in his voice.

“Crap it’s true. You are beginning to fade.” Sein’s appalled tone had Kylen blinking at his cousin.

“What do you care? I haven’t seen you in years.”

“You were busy being a kick ass warrior. I always thought I would get a chance to hire you from King Linell. I guess you decided to go for a bigger job.”

“No I decided on a crappy job that keeps me away from my mate.”

“I might have a solution for you.”

“Does this solution have anything to do with you climbing through my window?”

“Yes!” Sein grinned. The same smile that used to get Kylen in so much trouble when they were children.

Kylen closed his eyes and leaned his head against the headboard. “Fine, share with me your brilliance.”

28 thoughts on “Torture the Fans Sunday!

  1. I love it when you’re evil :). So when? (And I have to do a re-read or two – I can’t remember Kylen leaving Farro.)

  2. Oh you are evil. When is KK being released? Hope it’s soon. This is one title I’m planning on reading the same day it’s out.

  3. So this isn’t ‘The Wizard and the Werewolf’??? Which would have been very nice as it’s on the Coming Soon Page complete with pretty shiny cover.

    I go and drool on that Coming Soon page often and futilely click on the covers hoping that there’ll be more than vww for product code and out of stock on the availability. *wails* Not even any excerpts. At least now there’s prices *smiles* though.

    1. LOL No. I am working on the Wizard and the Werewolf though. I’m glad my Coming Soon page is effective. 🙂

  4. There are so many on my wish list that I have a hard time waiting but I’m only because I have to. I really want the Accidental Alpha please!!!!!!!

  5. Yup you really know how to torture us. I really hope tic comes out soon, because I’m gonna go crazy waiting for it…

  6. Love your Moon Pack series, been waiting a long time for the next book. Hope it won’t be too much longer for Keeping Kylen to be out??

  7. Good to see you are back to your old evil self, frustrating though it may be. Any word on Zheng’s Story (it was “coming soon” eons ago)? Amber,checkout Pants Off Review, I think Darien may need some encouragement from you.

  8. Pure torture it is Amber – now I know what you meant on FB “about a fey in Kylen’s bed”. can’t wait till it comes out.

  9. okay…so what do I have to read first in this series???…..Darn it I hate when that happens!………lol……….

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