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I have a quandary so I thought I’d bring it to you. As I’m contemplating the next book in the Blood, Moon and Sun Series (some refer to it as the Blood Signs series) I was trying to decide if I should do one more book with Sasha and Randy as the main characters or if I should move on to Dustin and Lewis (there werewolves) where they would be the main characters.

So the question is this: Would it be weird if I jumped couples? Or should I do one more with Sasha and Randall then do the one with the werewolves.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance for your feedback. As the author I could see it going either way!

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  1. Sasha and Randy please! Don’t want to dilute Moon pack with another werewolf couple right now. Besides we need to know if randy will end up with wings

  2. Dustin and Lewis, Amber, please….whenever I reread these 2 books, I always want to get back to them, without fail.

  3. Why not do the wearwolfs now, you could always use their book as a bridge between the last one and the next one that centers around Sasha and Randy, instead of having one or two chapters in the next book of background and catch up. This way it all just goes right back to the important parts of story development…and of course the hot guys.

  4. So long as there’s something somewhere about those wings, it doesn’t really matter. Though I have to say, the end of Samhain’s Kiss left me really wondering where that was going to go!!

  5. You could move on to Dustin and Lewis and then revisit Randy and Sasha for a holiday book. Seeing a slice of their life at a holiday would be great.

  6. I say what ever couple is screaming at you the loudest, whether Sasha and Randy for their next chapter or Dustin and Lewis for their beginning. What story would advance the overall universe more for you? Is there something more to tell about Sasha and Randy now or can it wait?

  7. I would love to read another Sasha and Randy story and maybe a little taste of Dustin and Lewis to make it a little more interesting.

  8. I think Dustin and Lewis please. That doesn’t mean that Sasha and Randy can’t make an appearance in D&L’s book and then you could lead up to another of S&R’s books. Mind you that only applies if it flows with the overall story you want to tell. πŸ™‚

  9. Well, so long as it’s not an either or situation (i.e. if you do Sasha and Randy you don’t write Dustin and Lewis at all), I think you should write Sasha and Randy and then Dustin and Lewis.

  10. It depends on your story line…I would love either couple :), sorry but I couldn’t pick one over the other LOL.

  11. I think that you should write whichever story is yelling at you to be written. I love Sasha and Randall and I am very curious about Dustin and Lewis but from my stand point, either one would be awesome. Just like all your books have been.

  12. I really want Dustin and Lewis, but I think Sasha and Randall need another book too. So my vote would be both.

  13. I would really like to say Randy and Sasha, but with the king injuring Dustin, that brought out a lot of protective and tender feelings from Lewis. Their relationship would naturally progress. Or the next book could be Sasha and Randy, in which we see glimpses of the reluctant but thawing Dustin due to the loving Lewis. Whatever makes sense to you as a writer. In the end, we will all love it.

  14. I’ll be totally honest. I haven’t gotten to read these two books yet. Are they available somewhere that I’m not aware of yet? Because I’ve been trying to find them but I can’t. Except for on Amazon and as much as I adore you Amber I can’t shell out 300+ for a print book.

  15. I think Dustin and Lewis would be great and then the next book be about all of them that would be great. I would like to see it that way. But would love anything you write


  16. Both! In whatever order works for you and your muse. I would love to find out what happens with Dustin and Lewis but I also really want to see where you take Randy and Sasha next.

  17. I think a mixture of both Sasha and Randy with some Dustin and Lewis in between so we can get an idea of what Dustin and Lewis are going through.

  18. Dustin and Lewis with some Sasha and Randy on the mix to maybe prepare some ground for their book???

  19. I vote for more books on Randy and Sasha. There are still a lot of unresolved issue with Randy and his Fae heritage.

  20. Randy and Sasha definitely. You kind of left a cliffhanger where they’re concerned in the last book so I would really like to see what happens to them (especially Randy with his new powers).

  21. one more with sasha and randy and then the wolves. i’m still wanting to know about the wings randy is growing and how he plays into the fey world more.

  22. Dustin and lewis please. then you can come back to randy and sasha. I think character jumping would be interesting!

  23. Hmm I would like another couple books in series. LOL. I don’t mind skipping around on characters as long as eventually we do get something more about Sasha and Randy! Regardless of whatever you write I am sure I will buy it, read it, and LOVE it! Thanks for asking!!!

  24. Will the series is Called Blood, Moon and Sun so I think you do one more of Sasha and Randy you to tie in to the series title. I also have been looking forward to a new Sasha and Randy book so lol yay that works for me.

  25. Write what is more important for you. Randy/Sasha or Dustin/Lewis – witch are the primary couple in the next book does not matter at all, as the other couple are there too. Follow your muse πŸ˜€

  26. one last randy sasha book that takes care of their main issues and then have them as supporting roles for dustin and lewis each taking a side

  27. one more with randy/sasha then dustin/lewis and then please, pretty please, King Drein. I’m dying to know his story, and maybe Vallin and Rael.

  28. Sasha and Randy. Can Randy fly?
    Then maybe the unseelie (sp) court.
    There are plenty of shifter stories but not so many vampire.

  29. I think you should finish the storyline with Sasha and Randy. We need to know what happens with them first before we move on to another couple.

  30. More Sasha and Randy please, but I was wandering if perhaps you could also included one or more couples in with them. If the permits it. If not, then Sasha and Randy followed by Dustin and Lewis

  31. I say do one more with the Randall and Sasha. I would love to know what happened after he finishes school, and what other powers he develops. I would also like to know how his family would react to finding out his lover is a vampire (maybe they aren’t as ‘country’ as he thought).

  32. I would like for one more with Sasha and Randall, then you can move on. They do not seem quite settled into their relationship as of yet to me, but I love them!!!!!!!!

  33. I prefer it if you switch to Dustin and Lewis. If you stick to Sasha and Randall for three books in a row, it would seem weird when you suddenly change characters. It would seem more like a trilogy, and Dusin and Lewis’s book would be a sequel or another series but set in the same world.

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