Early Halloween Release!

Keeping Kylen 400x600

Sometimes falling in love is the easy part.

Kylen is now king of the fae and missing his mate. The question as to whether the fae are as committed to their mates is answered when Kylen can no longer sleep, or eat. The rest of the fae worry he isn’t a good king, and truth to tell, Kylen doesn’t want to be. He wants nothing more than to curl up with Farro, play with their son, and live happily ever after, but sometimes life doesn’t give you what you need.

Now Available for 1 week for .99c at www.amberkellbooks.com. It will go to all other outlets for 2.99 next week. Happy Halloween!


12 thoughts on “Early Halloween Release!

  1. Yes, yes, I have been waiting for this (plus all the other ones on the coming soon page) So I have purchased and downloaded it already. It was AWESOME!!! I am loving that we maybe spending more time in the Fae realm. So will any other books on your coming soon page be releasing this year? I want ask which one for I want them all, but this way I can be surprised.

    1. Some of them on the coming soon page might be released. It will depend on how much I get done this year.

  2. You bummed me out yesterday when you said it will be an additional 2 weeks before Protector of Dragons comes out but I have to say this morning you gave us a fabulous Halloween present. Thanks for the “K” in the series, I’ve been waiting and wondering about this couple for a while. Thanks. I’m going to your website after I hit “post” 😉

  3. Bought it, using paypal. Worked as it should, no hiccups. 🙂
    As far as I know paypal has a lower limit of $5 so I am not always able to buy a single ebook.
    Still wating for: Wandmaker, The wizard and the Werewolf, Diomedes and Accidentally Alpha…

    Thanks 😀

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