It’s Halloween, let’s have a contest!

(PHOTO: Someone goes around and puts these all around West Seattle during the holiday season)

I’ve got brand new copies of The Case of the Sinful Santa burning up my inbox. Let’s have a contest to give one away! To enter tell me about your favorite childhood Halloween costume. If you don’t celebrate Halloween then tell me what you’d dress up as if you were going to a Halloween party! Winner will be chosen sometime tomorrow!

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  1. When I was like 8 or 9 years old I dressed yup as roller skating disco girl. Well it was the late 70’s early 80’s after all.. I wore my roller skates a silver wig and a blue leotard that said disco on the chest. Lol my brothers said I looked like a roller skating hooker, yeah brothers are mean sometimes.

  2. My favorite childhood costume was when my Aunt made me and my cousins The wizard of oz costumes. we were the scare crow, tin man and the lion. we even had a little dog we used as toto. It was awesome!!!

  3. Favorite costume is when mom dyed a sheet blue and made it into a costume of the fairy Merryweather (from Sleeping Beauty). Loved that costume. She even made the pointy had out of cardboard and covered it with fabric.

  4. Punk rocker. Homemade costume. We used black garbage bags for our “dresses”, tights, boots, funky makeup and jewelry, big-ass belts and even bigger hair!

  5. my favorite costume was my devil costume, i stole some of my brothers old costume stuff like a wig and a cape for if and he was really mad i think that’s why it was my favorite.

  6. I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up. One year when I was sad and didn’t want to go trick or treating all alone my sister came into my room with a Wonder Woman costume she made me and said she was taking me out. We’ve been close ever since.

  7. There’s no Halloween here although i’m sure many wished there was!!
    Hmm.. As for a costume, Maybe i would dress as an undertaker. I would wear a jacket with coattails and since i’m a woman i would match it with a bustier top and a leather jeans. Killer heels, a long top hat and white makeup would complete my outfit.

  8. My favorite costume was a paper bag with a face painted on it. The wonderful women whom I called Grandma just cause she said I could found out I didn’t have a costume for trick or treating. I was six and didn’t even know there was such a thing. So Grandma took a large grocery bag painted a face and stuff on it, cut out eyes for me to see out of, which I couldn’t always see out of. I would hold it still as ran to the next house with the other kids and yell trick or treat. My Grandma the only one I ever knew was so special and my first Halloween was the best.

  9. I don’t remember my childhood costumes, but my mom made me dress in a girrafe costume one year and the red m&m another year when I was older. I would’ve preferred to be a cross between a werewolf, vampire and demon. 🙂

  10. I like to go dressed as death, the grim reaper , all in black with skeleton gloves and a long scythe all coverded in blood and a couple of heads that I have collected on my way to the party. my friends really love this costume and we go from pasty to party it’s great fun this costume gives me a feeling that for one night i have dominion over all living things after all nothing that lives can escape from death 🙂

  11. I was thinking about this earlier. The scariest Halloween costume would be dressing all in pink and writing on the shirt “your job has been deleted.” Yes, a pink slip. Hubs company chose today to fire a lot of workers! (I am keeping my fingers crossed!)

  12. My favorite Halloween costume was when I was a teen and went to a party I dressed a a Jester complete with makeup, elves shoes with bells. and I died my hair to match the costume… I loved that it was so much fun and the first time I let myself be really creative it was great!

  13. I’d like to tell you about my son’s costume instead if that’s ok. My 10 year old made his own costume this year. He stuck a couple of boxes together, cut out appropriate holes, painted the whole thing silver. Attached components salvaged from old electronics, twined some wire around and stuck on some led lights. Presto- we have a really cool robot that lights up and cost me 5 bucks for paint. Yay! more money for me to buy books!!!

  14. my favorite was when i was a cat i lived in a warm place at the time so it was real cute no bulky coat anyway thats what i went to my junior high dance with!

  15. My favorite childhood costume was the time I dresses up in my Aunts clothes, my Aunt was very well endowed and it took a lot of socks to fill out my costume. I put a “ghoulish” twist on it by using white face paint and darkened circles around my eyes and blood dripping from my mouth. My Aunt got a big kick out of it and now that she has passed it’s still one of my favorite memories of her.

  16. My favorite was a werewolf costume my dad and I made together. It was fun and scary at the same time. We frizzed out my hair and had the fake teeth , torn clothes and all. That was an awesome year, and of course my sister went as a zombie. It was a frightfully good night 🙂

  17. My favorite kids costume from childhood was when I dressed up as Snake-Eyes when I was 10. I was totally badass 🙂

  18. When I was a kid we mostly dressed as hobos with stuff out of the ragbag and charcoal rubbed on our faces. Pillowcases carried our loot and the items needed for tricks, ie soap and toilet paper.

  19. Ha last year I dressed up as a scarey granny I had the odd hair roller in the fringe & the back of my head, the smudged lippy on, the enveloping pinny with a big phone in the front pocket & painted varicose veins on my legs,, we met up in the pub before going to a party & some old man sent over a bottle of pale ale for me

  20. My halloween costumes were always handmade and slapped together from whatever could be found around the house so I never had a favorite one. If I could be anything though I’d dress up as a loli goth or something out of the victorian era.

  21. When I was a kid I dressed up as a street light. I dressed in my grandmother’s black dress, darkened my face and had a miners lamp on my head.

  22. It is a shame that I can’t remember what I wore for Halloween (old age I guess). But my favorite was when my son was 2 and he was Po from Teletubbies he wore that customer for 3 days everywhere we went.

  23. One of my favorites that I can remember was a witch (it’s sort of sad that I cant remember more of them). Not super original, but a fun one nonetheless.

  24. My favorite is a costume not for me but for daughter at the age of 3. Being the busty gal I am and as blonde as she was and with her trying on my bras…well a few cans of hair spray and a sock stuffed bra later, I had me a little Dolly Parton complete with tiny little high heels. And the fun part was everyone got it.

  25. It was a Witch Costume my Mother made from scratch when we lived in Newport, RI. We lived in Navy Housing and we went Trick or Treating around the Housing units that night. But my costume was black with a cape and a long pointed cap. It was special to me at the time. It was the early 70’s

  26. My favorite costume would be the princess costume with a fairy wand. I felt like i was cinderella and her fairy god mother all wrapped up in one, lol.

  27. My favorite is a recent costume. I’ve always loved Wednesday from the Addams Family. I had the wig, the black dress and her very large, fuzzy pet spider on my arm.

  28. As a young teenager I decided to dress up as a rubics cube. So I went to the store and found a square box and taped it off and painted it.

  29. During medical school I dressed as a nun. One of my professors laughed so hard she almost peed herself. Every time she glanced at me during the lecture she broke out laughing again. Success!

  30. My favorite was a witch (the old standby), but it just seemed like a wonderful costume.

  31. I always wanted to dress up as a fairy. Hasn’t happened yet. In fact this year at work my department dressed up as Skittles.

  32. My fav Halloween costume was the year i dressed as Buffy the Vampire Slayer but when I was younger i always dressed as a fallen angel with black wings.

  33. Been so long, don’t really remember what I dressed up as when I was a kid. Now if I was to dress up, it would probably be Bigfoot if i could find a costumes, if not that, Maybe someone from the Anita books.

  34. My favorite costume was dressing up like a baby. I went to a halloween baby shower and I accidentally dressed up in the same colors as the cake and decorations lol.

  35. When I was a kid my parents, who came from Greece, didn’t let us go out for Halloween. If I went to a Halloween party now I would dress up as a devil, horns and tail and all.

  36. My daughter was 3 and it’s cold in Wisconsin the end of October.
    All those pumpkin costumes with the kid’s head coming out the stem… Made a quilted vest with vertical channels and then the orange body pulled over top that was gathered in at neck and bottom. Green felt hood was added on separately.

    Lots of oooohs to go with the candy and one person took photos. She was cute and warm.
    The year was 1984.
    Think I might have started a trend.

  37. My favorite Halloween costumer was when I dressed up as a black cat. My Mom made the costume and it was gorgeous.

  38. I must have been seven or eight. I was a bag of jelly beans. Mom dressed me in yellow long johns, cut holes in a big clear trash bag, securing it at the shoulders so that it couldn’t fall down, the she filled it with all different colored balloons…jelly beans. that costume sticks with me to this day. I still have pics…somewhere…also when I was five I was Shirley Temple…which isn’t a far cry since my hair is super curly. I had great costumes as a child. 🙂

  39. I absolutely loved Elvira when I was little and my mom made me a child appropriate version of her dress. I adored it so much I wore it for 3 years in a row, I had to be the only 4 year old walking around in a beehive wig and dagger belt.

  40. My first Halloween costume was a little red devil (complete with the old fashioned hard mask with eye holes and elastic around the back). It was special because all 3 of my little sisters and one of my little brothers wore it for their first dress up Halloweens (it didn’t make it to younger brothers 2&3). My Mom paid the then extravagant price of $2.50 for it at Woolworth’s in 1961.
    (BTW – Kate N – I turned my 6 year old sister into Chatty Kathy one year at her request. As the oldest I made tons of costumes and I now do it for my niece and nephew)

  41. I remember dressing as a princess in first grade. I don’t remember the dress but I loved the aluminum foil crown.

  42. My favorite Halloween costume was when i dressed up as a witch for the first time. And I went to my first Halloween party with all my family. After that halloween i dressed up as a witch for all my other halloweens so the witch costume is my most favorite costume of all and the best thing of all is that my little girl does to 🙂

  43. I always had really great costumes (read unique and sometimes REALLY embarrassing) because my parents were just big kids who loved all the holdiays. My favorite one was a penguin, I had just seen my fist real one that summer and was obsessed with them at the time.

  44. my favorite and I still have a picture of me, I was 7… I was a black cat, it was special because my Great Grandma made me cat ears and tail and that year we made a giant pumpkin cookie and the picture of me was taken as I was sitting on the table staring at it

  45. My favorite, which I don’t remember personally, but have been told about and seen pictures, was when I was three years old and my grandma made me a teddy bear costume! I still have it, and it is adorable.

  46. My favorite costume was from the time I dressed as a mime after having taken a kids mime class when I was about 6 or 7. I didn’t where the usual colors of black and white but I had a top and pants with suspenders and the white face paint.

  47. My favorite costume was when I dressed up as an old woman. I used a hiking backpack as a hump and had an old lady mask. I wore colorful clothing like a gypsy and limped. No ne recognized me and I won most original costume in our school contest. It was really fun and great!

    P.S. Happy Halloween!!!!

  48. My favorite costume growing up was Ragedy Ann! I guess I just gave away my age, I had a red wig with pigtails and everything. I bet it has been a long time since anyone has thought of that character.

  49. I never heard of Halloween till I was grownup. We do not dress up for oct 31st here in Iceland. We do have “first day of winter” this year oct. 26th and next year 25th of oct.
    Ash wednesday or the first day of Lent (the 7 weeks of fasting) is the day children dress up here in Iceland.
    When I was child and up till 198x (eigty-something) there was only dress up in play-school and older children made an “ash-bag” to put on people without the victim noticing their activity. I found it a bummer getting 1-4 bags on my back every year…

    this site is in icelandic but one can see the ash-bags:

  50. my favorite costume, was when i was a spider witch, because my grandmother and i designed and then made the whole thing, the cape, the dree, the hat, even the necklace

  51. I’ve never worn a costume before so if I was to go to a Halloween party I’ll probably try to go as something creative (as creative as I can be that is) like a human sized sock puppet or a zombie (<—I've been really fascinated with this the past several years).

  52. My fav was when i dressed up as Frankenstein Bride it was awsome i looked just like her the (older version).

  53. My favorite costume was when I dressed as Zan from Farscape. All blue head and arm makeup, no hair at all on my head, and a homemade blue robe with a blue cowl and gold belt.

  54. “Slimer” from Ghostbusters. Instead of a white sheet I had a bright green throw blanket.

    Best part: that was an exceptionally cold Halloween (I think -20 degrees Celcius). Most kids went home early but I was nice and toasty in my Slimer blanket so got a TON of trick-or-treating candy 🙂

  55. My favorite costume was my brother mask which was a clown mask that glue to your face were you can pull the outer skin to show the skull of the clown under neath and you can reattach it by the magnets. It scared alot of little kids.

  56. My favorite halloween costume was the yellow ranger from the power rangers! LOL. My sister always got to be the pink ranger.

  57. My favorite Halloween costume was when my mom made me Pocahontas.
    haha.. it was in elementary school but I remember the soft fabric and… gosh, it was just all around awesome because she made it all herself and I remember it was 10x better than any one you could buy at the store. I loved it! I have pictures still of me in it but sadly, the costume is long gone because of the many moves… it just got lost along the way. lol… But I’ll never forget it!

  58. My favorite costume was being a Gypsy….got to wear lots of bright colors and all the jewelry I could carry…thanks for reminding me of it 🙂

  59. Hope I’m not too late! My favorite costume when I was a kid trick or treating was a robot costume my parents made of boxes and dryer venting! They spray painted everything silver and I thought it was great—-until I fell down while we were out trick or treating with all the neighborhood kids—there was just no getting back up! Had to crawl out of it and put it back on after I was standing!!!

  60. I loved being little red riding hood. I didn’t even mind wearing pants under the skirt because it was so cold where I lived.

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