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First, I want to wish Amber a Happy Birthday month! Thanks to Amber for letting me join in on her celebration.

In honor of the celebration, I’ve written a little interlude featuring characters from two of my series. Both follow the theme of a movie party. First up from my Something in Common series. Next will be from my Prentiss series.

Clandestine Movie Party
A Something in Common Interlude
By Talia Carmichael

Bernie parked the car and looked over at the man sitting beside him. “We pulled it off.”

“I feel like we’re spies or something.” Robert shook his head. “Also guilty as hell we did all this to ditch my brother.”

“Shall we call you Robin. Robin Movie.” Alex said drily from the back seat.

“A great twist on James Bond but don’t make me beat you for calling me Robin.” Robert turned and swiped at Alex.

Bernie rolled his eyes and glanced in the rear view mirror at Harper who was chuckling. “We should leave these two before it gets heated.”

“Hell, I say we all embrace our inner Movie spy.” Harper patted Robert on the shoulder. “It’s because of your brother we had to go to such lengths to have this movie party.”

“I know. H-“

A pounding on the roof of the car made them jump and look out the window on Robert’s side of the car.

“Are you all coming out or what?” Bur looked in the window.

Bernie exited the car and glared at his brother. “Don’t dent my car.”

Robert, Harper and Alex also got out.

“Please it can take a little pounding.” Bur hit the car with his closed fist and grinned widely at Bernie.

The other men for TrebleBur who was with him did the same. Simon laughed as he walked up behind them.

“I know all of you coming were going to make him.” He pointed at Bur. “Act out. Why did you all come anyway?” Bernie growled.

Calhoun turned to Simon and said in a serious tone. “Save me from the big bad shark.” He jumped up and Simon caught him in his arms staggering a bit at the bulkier man’s weight. Then Simon held him a smirk on his face. Calhoun grinned then simpered. “Ohhh…you big strong man. Where is your nuke?”

The rest of TrebleBur put their hand against their forehead to make a fin and started circling Simon and Calhoun humming the Jaws theme music.

“My nuke is in my back pocket.” Simon narrowed his gaze. “But I don’t need it I can take the shark with my bare hands.”

“Ohhhh you’re strong. I’m just a defenseless man who should know better than mixing the genetics of a shark with a turtle.” Calhoun laid his head on Simon’s shoulder and fluttered his lashes. “But I wanted to see how they would mix. I made a Sharkturt. But now I need to be saved.”

“Good thing I know all about those two creatures so I know their weaknesses.” Simon frowned. “Let’s take care of this Sharkturt so I can be hailed as the hero.”

“You all think your funny but…you’re not.” Bernie tried to suppress his laughter.

“Wait your Sharkturt is moving a little slow.” Simon smacked his forehead. “Wait it’s because of its turtle blood.”

Bernie snorted then started to laugh. The rest of the men were howling with laughter leaning on each other.

Simon lifted his head and sniffed. “Peasants you know nothing of good acting. How dare you laugh? I’m going to get my nuke after all and use it on all of you.”

“I’d call them assholes. But I agree with the no appreciation for good acting. I really sold the defenseless, clueless scientist bit.” Calhoun lowered his legs and stepped back from Simon. He winked and grinned. “Come on Simon. Let’s leave these no acting fools and go watch us some shark movies.”

Simon and Calhoun walked towards the darkened house.

“If that was good acting no wonder we’re having a movie party that features bad shark movies.” Bernie headed after the men.

The others joined him.

“But they are so bad that they are so good to provide snark material.” Alex pointed out.

“True.” Harper shrugged. “But having to do this cloak and dagger stuff makes it even more fun.”

“I love out smarting my brother.” Robert snickered.

The men went up the steps to the porch then to around the wraparound porch to the entrance that lead to the media room.

“It was nice of Rhodes and Taggart to let us come here to watch movies.”  A man said from the shadows.

Bernie gasped then blew out a breath. “Christ Theron your scared me.”

“Really, Bernes.”  Kenton came out of shadows along with Theron and his brothers. “You know we were meeting you here and Theron has the key to let us in.”

“Yeah but there was no cars in the drive but ours.” Bernie smiled sheepishly.

“Aristotle dropped us off.” Theorn said referring to his partner.

“I thought he was coming.”

“He’ll be by later.” Theron chuckled. “He went home to get some more food.”

“Rhodes and Taggart said they’d take care of the food.” Bernie watched as Theron unlocked the door. “They both got called into work but they said they’d be by later. They already have food for us.”

“Aristotle believes with as much people we have we’re going to need more food.” Theron stood before the closed door and Bernie joined him. “Now show us your movies.”

The men each held up their movies, which was their way to get into the party. No movie no party.

“Good movie choices.” Bernie turned and went inside. “Meets all the criteria of a good shark movie.”

The light came on and Bernie blinked to clear his vision.

“Do you know what makes a good movie?” The man before him grinned and rocked back on his heels.

The men with Bernie groaned and a few laughed.

“Christ, Dante.” Bernie frowned. “How the hell did you find out?”

“Humph. You all thought you could have a movie party without me and my not know.” Dante smirked. “Not a chance.”

“None of us told you so how did you find out? Rhodes isn’t going to like that you broke into his house.” Bernie crossed his arms over his chest.

“A little birdie told me. I didn’t break in.” Dante glanced to his left.

Bernie followed where he looked and his eyes widened as he saw the man that whenever he saw him he thought the word ‘predator’ in big capital letters.

“Rhodes likes to make growly noises but he really likes I can get past his security system.” Leon Hawke winked.

Bernie tried to remember how to breathe.

“Close your mouth.” Alex said behind him.

“You can’t even see that my mouth is open.” Bernie replied not taking his gaze off the man before him.

“Remember Tomas your partner.” Robert elbowed him. “I don’t think he would appreciate the way you are drooling over Leon.”

“Like Tomas would say. We’re committed to each other not dead.” Bernie whispered. “He’s—“

“Dangerous and has bad boy come and fuck me feeling all over him.” Harper blurted out softly.

They all turned to stare at him.

Harper bit his lip then glared. “At least that’s what Del said.” Harper got a sappy grin as he called his partner’s name.

They all nodded. Sounded like something Del would say.

“I’m glad you all find me so captivating but aren’t we here to watch movies.” Leon asked.

Bernie turned and blushed. “You heard us.”

“I have superb hearing.” Leon tapped his ear and grinned.

Bernie couldn’t decide if he wanted to run and hide in mortification or just get in with the movie party.

“What the hell are we?” Calhoun said loudly. “The band is used to being the ones men or women fall over.”

“I still would do you in a heartbeat.” Simon said then sighed. “That is if I didn’t already have Hector my partner.”

“I’m just yanking your chain.” Calhoun said as he walked past Bernie. He strode over to Leon and the men stared at each other. The rest of the band mates joined him. Bernie gulped as his mouth went dry as he stared at the gorgeous men before him.

“Sensory overload.” Robert whispered.

Bernie nodded in total agreement. Leon and the TrebleBur band members talked in low tones.

“If you could stop ogling the men we can get this movie party started.” Alex said drily.

“Aw…does Alexie feel unappreciated because no one is ogling him.” Robert said in a sing-song voice.

“Fuck you, Robin.” Alex shoved Robert playfully.

Robert laughed. Bernie cleared his throat then decided to get the movie party going.

“Sorry Dante and Leon but you can’t be here since you didn’t bring a movie.” Bernie hid his snicker as he said it. He was sure that the men didn’t know about that provision for the party.

Dante smiled wide and Bernie got an uneasy feeling. Dante strode over to him and pulled out of his cargo pants pocket, a movie. He held it up and blinked slowly. “You mean like this.”

“Deep Blue Sea.” Bernie read the case.

“That doesn’t fit the criteria of scary, bad or cheesy shark movies.” Alex snorted.

“Of course it does. LL Cool J muscles make me shiver.” Dante whispered then he shivered. “They give me a delicious shiver that I feel all the way to my—“

“Please his muscles doesn’t scare you. You’re shivering is not the frightened  kind.” Alex went over to Dante. “But I don’t mind watching some LL.” Alex made a purring sound.

The other men all gave sounds of agreement.

Leon came over and held out his movie. Bernie took it then lifted it and read the case. He read it again to be sure he was seeing correctly before he looked at Leon.


“They are blue, sing and are always happy. If that isn’t scary I don’t know what is.” Leon shivered exaggeratingly.

The men laughed loudly. Bernie watched Leon confused at trying to understand his personality. He gave off the sensation of danger yet had a sense of humor. He was so interchangeable Bernie was sure he hadn’t seen the real man yet.

“Don’t let him fool you. Smurfs is his favorite movie. He loves cartoon movies, musicals and dancing movies. Hell if they had a dancing shark movie he would have brought one.” Rhodes strode in followed by Taggart. He came and stood by Leon and smacked him on the shoulder. “Breaking into my house yet again.”

“There is not shark in Smurfs.” Robert pointed out.

“The main human character boss is a shark.” Leon said smiling.

Bernie recalled the movie and could agree. “Fine.”

Dante clapped his hands together. “Movie time.”

The men went deeper into the spacious room placing their movie offering on the table close to the huge TV then found a seat—some on the floor, chairs, and couches. When everyone was settled, Bernie picked a movie and slipped in into the DVD player.

“What I don’t get is why you all didn’t want Dante to know about this party?” Leon glanced at Dante who sat beside him on the floor. “Don’t you enjoy movies? There are lots of good ones out there.”

Bernie opened his mouth to stop Dante before he could get started. “H—“

“Of course I like good movies. And since you asked I will tell you what makes a good movie. A—” Dante started talking gesturing as he talked about a good movie.

Bernie stifled a laugh as Leon stared at Dante like he’d grown another head. Bernie knew why he gave him that look. Leon might not have known but Dante was notorious for his love of movies and could go hours talking about what made up a good movie. The only problem was he never actually gave an explanation as to what it actually was. Dante was just getting started and Leon would learn to never ask him about a good movie. Although technically Leon hadn’t asked him what it was directly.

“You are right a good movie—“ Leon leaned forward and he and Dante started speaking about movies each finishing each other sentences.

“Oh god…Dante has found his movie soul mate.” Bur laughed.

“You all forget that they know each other. They are messing with you. We’ve had to put up with this for years.” Rhodes said. “Knock it off you two. Let’s watch movies. You can try to out do each other with what is a good movie later. Preferably when you are long gone from here.”

Dante and Leon leaned back chuckling. Bernie shook his head. The two men looked pleased with themselves. He went and sat by Robert taking the remote to get the movie started. As the opening credits started, Bernie glanced around the room and those who had come to his movie party. A smug smile filled him as he realized his movie get together’s were getting bigger as more came to join in their fun. He started plotting his next movie party. Maybe he could get people to dress up as spies as a tribute to this clandestine movie party. They could have code words and everything. Bernie relaxed smiling as he thought of all the possibilities for themes of future movie parties.

Copyright © Talia Carmichael, 2013.
All Rights Reserved.

* * * * *

An Intimate Party
A Prentiss Interlude
By Talia Carmichael

“How the hell did I get talked into this?” HC grumbled as he finished icing the cake he made.

“Because you were kinder and gentler.” Blayne—his brother—amusement was plain in his voice.

HC flipped him the bird then scowled. “Kindler and gentler my ass.”

“Kindler is not even a word.” Thomas—his other brother—propped his hand under his chin staring at HC.

“Thank you Mister Grammatically correct.” HC showed him a middle finger too.

“You’d think you’d be more…” Blayne bit his lip then blurted out. “kindler since you netted you a cowboy.”

“And not just any cowboy either.” Thomas wiggled his eyebrows. “The one who he loved to poke and prod.”

“At least now the poking and prodding is pleasurable.” Gibson—their friend who they viewed as another brother—added reaching to touch the cake.

HC smacked his hand. Gibson hissed rubbing his hand and glared at HC. HC bared his teeth.

“No touching my cake.” HC pointed a finger at Thomas stopping him from what he was about to do. “And no touching my cookies.”

“Only Drake can touch his cookies.” Thomas snickered.

“God I’m surrounded by a weird bunch.” HC sighed. “Not everything is about sex.”

“Only the good things.” Blayne nodded solemnly.

Thomas and Gibson nodded also.

“Horny men.” HC rolled his eyes.  “I still don’t know why we’re having a party. It’s just our usual family dinner and movie night. Whose idea was it to make it a party anyway?”

“Mine.” Paxton—their dad—strolled in followed by Windsor his partner.

“It’s not every day that you bring the man who um…” Windsor coughed but HC heard the laugh.

“Befuddled him.” Thomas said gleefully.

“Bamboozled him.” Blayne added.

“Bedazzled him.” Gibson snickered.

They all looked at Gibson.

“What?” Gibson scowled crossing his arms over his chest. “I was trying to keep with the ‘b’ beginning for a word. I could have said beaned HC over the head to make him know he actually wanted him instead.”

“Well he didn’t actually knock him out.” Windsor pointed out.

“Although that would have done him some good.” Morgan—Blayne’s partner—said from the kitchen doorway. “Then again HC has a hard head.”

HC ignored them as everyone laughed.

“Drake isn’t a stranger—“

“Now, now, no calling me strange.” Drake drawled as he came into the room.

HC stared at the man who had done everything the others had said and more. He went rock hard moving slightly to give some space to his cock pressing against the zipper of  his jeans then licked his lips aching for a taste of Drake.

“No nookie in my kitchen.” Paxton put his hand on HC’s shoulder squeezed briefly and released him before gesturing to the others. “Let’s go pick out some movies.”

“We don’t all have to go for that.” Thomas leaned forward. “I’m fascinated by the expression on HC’s face. I’ve never seen him so…bedazzled. There are stars in his eyes and I swear I can see little doves carrying hearts flying around his head. Do you see it Blayne and Gibson?”

“I do.” The two men said.

“I’ll get all of you for that later.” HC grabbed the plate of cookies and pushed it at Thomas. “Take this.” He picked up the cake and handed it to Blayne. “And this. Now git.”

“Well I never.” Blayne huffed. “I think we’re being told to leave.”

“And I’m gone.” Thomas grabbed the plate of cookies. “Mine.”

“HC why’d you give Thomas the cookies? You know how he is. He won’t share it with anyone.” Gibson made a grab for cookies.

Thomas dodged and grabbed cookies eating quickly as he hurried out the kitchen. Gibson ran after him and HC heard them bickering over the cookies.

“Come on Cactus.” Morgan led Blayne out of the room.

“No cake for you for calling me Cactus.” Blayne growled.

“I could have called you Prima Donna.” Morgan chuckled.

“Do you want to sleep on the couch?”

HC moved toward Drake as Drake headed to him.

“Paxton maybe we should stay to ensure there is no nookie in the kitchen.” Windsor suggested.

“I trust my son to have some control.” Paxton said.

The sound of their footsteps as they left barely penetrated to HC as he and Drake came together. He grabbed Drake and they kissed. HC shuddered as Drake’s familiar taste filled him. His body was sensitized and he was ready to lay Drake out and have him right then and there.

Drake pulled away slightly. His lips wet as he panted. “We can’t. Not here in your dad’s kitchen.”

“Fine.” HC grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the doorway leading to the back of the wraparound porch.

Once they were outside HC took Drake into the deeper shadows of the porch then pushed Drake up against the wall.

“Whoa, wait.”


“Are we really going to do this here?” Drake gestured.

“Don’t worry I’m going to be kinder and gentler.” HC grinned.

“That’s what got us here.” Drake put his hand against the back of his neck. “Although I prefer you to fuck kinder and gentler and take me.”

“My pleasure.” HC kissed him.

A more intimate party of two sounded really pleasurable to HC too.

Copyright © Talia Carmichael, 2013.
All Rights Reserved.

To see how HC and Drake went from aggravating each other to being everything they each need check out Opposites Attract (Prentiss #3) available for pre-release now at Total-E-Bound here – https://www.totallybound.com/index.php?route=product/author/info&author_id=167. The book will be available for general release on December 6, 2013.
Bio: Talia Carmichael is a romantic who believes that family, no matter if it is by blood or those you choose as family, is integral to who you are. She is an author who writes sexy stories in a variety of genres. She believes in creating stories that encompass all that falling in love or lust entails, from the highs of that first blush of attraction to the lows of not knowing if you can make your coming together as a couple work, and then finally to the acceptance of the reality of making a life together. It’s all about the journey.

Among her books you’ll find contemporary, futuristic, fantasy, and paranormal settings with M/M themes that will have a happily-ever-after. Her books are passionate, intense, and real… to fill the craving. You can find out more about Talia at her website http://taliacarmichael.com,  blog http://taliacarmichael.com/blog, and facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Talia-Carmichael/247134751977720

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