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Hey, y’all! I hope everyone’s having a fantastic week!

I had a new release in the Mossy Glenn series, Saddles and Memories. It’s about Salt Johnson, who fell for Ian and ended up with a bruised heart for it. Check it out if you like cowboys:


Here’s the blurb—

Salt Johnson has had his heart broken, or at least his ego dented, but he’s about to meet a man who wipes away every bad memory Salt ever had.

Saul ‘Salt’ Johnson had a crush on the wrong man. No surprise. He doesn’t have much experience when it comes to relationships despite his age. Being a cowboy in Montana means keeping in the closet, which has left Salt with a long line of one-night stands. Getting hired on at the Mossy Glenn changes all of that, and he’s beginning to see that maybe he can have more than he’s been settling for.

He just doesn’t expect to find it with another one-night stand.

Andy Calder spent years taking care of his brother Destry and helping to raise his nephew, Ty. Now both are gone—Destry passed away and Ty being raised by Andy’s spiteful younger brother. Andy hasn’t forgiven himself for being manipulated after Destry’s death. He just hopes Ty is happy. Andy’s working hard to build up the company he’d started with Destry, wanting to leave Ty a legacy he could build on. Things just aren’t going as planned, and when he decides to blow off some steam with a sexy, rough cowboy, they end up connecting in a way neither of them ever expected.

It’s definitely not a one-night stand kind of thing.

In celebration of Amber’s birthday, I wanted to do a couple of things. First, there’s a ***NSFW*** short featuring Gabe and Mika from Rescued. Gabe’s a little frustrated trying to bake for Mika’s birthday, but Mika knows how to get his mate to relax.

Second, let’s have a contest. Comment below, and we’ll pick two winners for ten dollars in ARe bucks. Winners will be announced tomorrow, if that’s cool with Amber.

Happy Tuesday to y’all!

[Amber Note: you have to be over 18 years old to read this. Thanks!]


Burnt Cake and a Collapsed Souffle

“Seriously? You’re going to just go…go flat?” Gabe glared at the soufflé. “Who even wants a soufflé? Steaks! Steaks are what I should have cooked! You asshole!” He wasn’t sure whether he meant himself or the stupid, flat food.

“First I burn the freakin’ cake,” he muttered, his mood slithering right down to about his ankles. “And the day started out so well.” The memory of Mika loving him until they were both wet and melty alleviated some of Gabe’s disappointment, but even that could only do so much.

He picked up the knife lying on the counter and jabbed the soufflé with it. “Take that, you traitorous piece of—“

The opening of the front door silenced him at the same time it spurred Gabe into action. Mika had apparently taken a shorter run than Gabe had expected. Gabe didn’t want him to see the dinner disaster, or the burnt cake in the trash.

He dropped the knife, grabbed the soufflé—and promptly shrieked and let go of the dish. “Fuck!”

“Gabe?” Mika came running, appearing almost before the glass dish crashed to the floor. Shards of glass and bits of food went everywhere, splattering on the cabinet doors and tile floor.

Gabe was tempted to kick the mess for good measure, but his hands hurt and Mika was approaching him slowly, with that cautious look he got when Gabe was on the verge of jabbing him with something sharp and pointy.

“I ruined it all,” Gabe muttered, shaking his hands as if he could send the stinging flying like a dog shaking water from its coat. “All of it. I ruined the whole day.” He sniffed and stopped himself from going on any further. The day wasn’t about him, anyway.

“It’s okay?” Mika said, but he didn’t sound entirely certain of that.

Gabe held up his hands. “I’m not going to poke you in the ribs. It’s your birthday, for God’s sake.”

Mika nodded and moved closer. He stepped around a glob of food then he was right there, winding his arms around Gabe. “It’s really okay then. Don’t get upset over anything today. It’s just a day.”

Gabe tucked his head under Mika’s chin and pressed his cheek to Mika’s chest. “It is not just a day. You were born on this day, thirty-two years ago—“

“Don’t remind me,” Mika groaned.

If he hadn’t already promised not to, Gabe would have poked him then. He settled for hugging Mika loosely since his hands still smarted. Well, hugging and lecturing. “Don’t even start. You’re a stud, and shifters take forever to age. It’s your birthday, a special day. I wanted to make you a cake…but I burnt it. Don’t even get me started on what I did to our dinner.”

Mika snorted softly. “I can see dinner. Let me check your hands.”

“They’re fine,” Gabe told him, then he nipped Mika’s chest because duh, Mika had an absolutely edible chest. Gabe could write songs about his chest—among other parts.

Mika maneuvered Gabe around, ignoring all the grumbling Gabe did. He gave up, though. Mika was determined to check out his hands and it was easier to just go along with it.

“They’re a little pink,” Mika noted after examining them both. “Warm, too.”

“It’s not—“ Gabe sucked in a sharp breath as Mika kissed his left palm. Then he licked, and Gabe whimpered, his knees threatening to turn gelatinous on him.

Mika looked Gabe in the eyes and did it again.

“Oh,” Gabe murmured, his pulse racing as blood rushed south. The wicked grin Mika gave him caused tingling in all of Gabe’s favorite spots.

“I don’t need cake, or whatever that is all over the floor,” Mika said, his lips brushing Gabe’s skin. “I just need you.”

Gabe snickered—he did not giggle, no matter what anyone else might have said. “It’s a damn good thing you don’t need either of those things, since I burnt the cake and killed the soufflé. I’m all you’re likely to get today.” Then he waggled his eyebrows. “And maybe a present or two.”

Mika blushed, just as Gabe had known he’d do. Despite their years together, Mika always blushed when he was given gifts. It just made Gabe want to give him more.

Gabe scooched closer, Mika too sweet a temptation to resist. His foot landed in soufflé guts and Gabe would have fallen had Mika not been right there holding onto him.

“Maybe we should move out of the kitchen,” Mika suggested. His expression darkened with a need that Gabe was very familiar with.

“And where would you have us move to?” Gabe asked, feeling the beginnings of an erection against his hip where Mika’s groin was now pressed. “I mean, there’s a table right in here. A sturdy table.”

“And glass all over the place, not to mention food that almost knocked you on your ass,” Mika pointed out.

“Spoilsport.” Gabe sighed and arched away enough to get his hand between them. He ran it over Mika’s denim-encased cock. “Mmm. This feels nice. Felt nice this morning, too, when you had it inside me.”

Mika grunted. He cupped Gabe’s chin and tipped his head up. Gabe let his lids slide shut as Mika bent to bring their lips together. Mika caressed his shoulders, then his arms, and finally his ass. Gabe whimpered eagerly as Mika kneaded him there, encouraging him closer.

Gabe clung to Mika and offered him everything. He couldn’t give him a cake, and apparently he couldn’t give him a fancy dinner, but Gabe could give him his heart, body, and soul. Had done so years ago, anyway, and never regretted it.

Still, it was Mika’s birthday, and Mika deserved special things.

“I have you,” Mika murmured, trailing kisses down from Gabe’s lips to his shoulder. “Don’t want anything else.”

“You sweet talker,” Gabe teased, but he was moved by the sincerity in Mika’s voice. “You’re just afraid I’ll succeed if I try with the soufflé again, then you’ll have to eat it.”

Mika huffed out a rough laugh. He dropped a hard kiss on Gabe’s lips then looked down at him with so much affection in his gaze it made Gabe love him even more. “I’d eat anything you cook, even if it’s those Pop-Tarts you’re addicted to.”

“Really?” Gabe pretended to consider it. “Well, they would cover the dessert part, so they could be the cake. I don’t think they’ll hold up under a candle, and I don’t have enough for thirty-two candles. Guess we could skip the candles, and maybe we should go out for dinner?”

Mika shook his head. “Nah, I don’t think so. I think this time, when I get you into our bed, I’m not letting you up until morning. We should have just spent the day in bed in the first place. Been a while since we did that. We can have Ellie come out and take care of the dogs.”

“We can do that,” Gabe agreed, “we so can.” Ellie could also bring a store-bought cake, which was better than nothing, and she could pick them up dinner, too. Gabe would leave her money on the table. “I’ll call her.”

“I’ll clean up the mess here.”

Gabe shook his finger at Mika. “Nope. You’re the birthday boy. Unless you want spankings, I’d suggest you leave the mess alone.”

Mika crossed his arms and glowered just enough to be so sexy Gabe’s insides went warm with anticipation. “We both know who’ll be getting the spankings later.”

“We damn sure better,” Gabe said as he clenched his ass. “Although if you do want to see how it feels—“

“No thanks. I’d rather feel your butt under my hand and watch that skin go from cream to red.” Mika winked at him. “That’ll happen sooner if you let me help out in here.”

“But—“ He stopped protesting. Mika’s dick was so hard and Gabe wanted to get his hands and other parts on it as soon as possible. “Okay.”

“I’ll clean the floor, you call Ellie,” Mika instructed. “Then if you want to celebrate my birthday, we can do it naked and dirty.”

“Ohh, I like dirty,” Gabe crooned, almost clapping. Normally, he didn’t care for bossy pants to come out and play—Mika ordering him around outside of certain instances in the bedroom just didn’t work. But Mika was sure enough flipping all of Gabe’s switches, which lit up a great, big ball of horny inside of him.

Gabe skittered past Mika, but not without getting a swat that made him yelp. It didn’t hurt, but he liked to make a fuss.

Ellie was happy to earn some money. Gabe was happy to pay her to do it. He went back into the kitchen, saw that it was clean—and Mika wasn’t in it. Gabe took out his wallet and tossed a few bills on the table, then he put his wallet back in his pocket and left the kitchen.

Mika grabbed him the second Gabe entered their bedroom. Gabe’s squeak was muffled by a kiss, Mika fisting one hand in Gabe’s hair to hold his head just so, and the other grabbing a handful of Gabe’s butt.

Gabe wanted to climb right up his lover, his mate. He held onto Mika tightly and rutted, his skin hot and overly sensitized, as if he felt his need a thousand times sharper.

Then Mika spun them both, and Gabe was against the wall. Mika shoved his hands down the back of Gabe’s baggy jeans and he squeezed Gabe’s bottom.

Gabe hitched one leg up, trying to hook it around Mika’s hips. Mika left off playing with his butt to push Gabe’s leg back down. Before Gabe could protest, Mika was unfastening his pants.

“Think you need a quick one,” Mika rasped. “Get you off so you’ll last when I’m spanking that ass.”

Gabe quivered inside and out. Every now and then, Mika got chatty and smutty, and damn it all, it was hot!

Gabe opened his mouth up to make a smart-ass comment, but Mika dropped to his knees. Gabe snapped his mouth shut.

“Arms up, hands behind your head,” Mika ordered.

Gabe did as he was told. “Yes sir,” he couldn’t help but snark.

Mika rewarded him with a swat to his hip. “Behave, baby.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Gabe asked, then he cursed as Mika licked over his slit.

Mika chuckled and did it again before sucking the crown into his mouth.

As much as Gabe would have loved to watch, he had to close his eyes or risk coming in record time. It was just too erotic a sight to see, Mika kneeling and sucking him off.

Gabe fisted his hands in his hair as Mika took him in deeper. He started reciting the websites he had orders to work on, hoping he could last longer, but Mika’s mouth felt so good, hot and slippery and so much suction.

Then Mika cupped his balls and rolled them. Gabe’s guttural moan was almost painful. Mika took him in to the hilt, as if he’d just been waiting for that sound to do so. He probably had been; Mika knew Gabe inside and out.

Mika swallowed, and Gabe’s eyelids became the backdrop for a myriad of colors as his climax rolled through him. Gabe felt it in every nerve in his body, so intense he couldn’t contain a shout.

When he was able to think, to speak, he opened his eyes and found Mika smirking, looking damned proud of himself.

“You’re entitled to look that smug after a blow job like that,” Gabe managed to get out.

Mika nodded. “Yeah, I am. You yelled so loud you set the dogs to howling.”

Gabe laughed and Mika stood, sliding his hands up to Gabe’s biceps.

“I don’t want you feeling bad about the cake or the soufflé,” Mika said before nuzzling Gabe’s neck.

“Okay,” Gabe murmured, resting his hands on Mika’s lower back. “You keep doing that, and I’ll never feel bad about anything ever again.”

“I can live with that.” Mika nipped him hard enough to send a zing right to Gabe’s dick.

“Yeah, me too.” Gabe palmed Mika’s shaft through his clothes. It was going to be a pretty spectacular day after all. “About that spanking…”

Copyright 2012

Bailey Bradford


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