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Happy birthday Amber! I’m happy to be a part of her birthday celebration.

Here is a bit with the characters from Rayne’s Wild Ride.

It was a quite night. Rayne asked if he wanted to go on a bike ride and Piper jumped at the chance. He loved wrapping himself around his lover for their night time rides. It had been awhile since they’d been on one. Life always seemed to get in the way with a house full of family. Piper loved every minute of the chaos that was the Carr household.

The cold was creeping in and winter was close behind. Soon they wouldn’t be able to take these rides. That was the only thing he didn’t like about winter. Of course, they would find other things to keep them occupied during the cold. He loved the fire place they’d added to their little garage home behind the house.

They drove past the bridge where they’d first met, it seemed like such a long time ago, but it had only been a few years. The night his life changed for the better. Piper closed his eyes and rested his head on Ray’s back, squeezing tight. It was a bit chilly and he’d forgotten his jacket. His helmet wasn’t too bulky, but he didn’t want to rest on Ray for too long, it could be a bit heavy. They slowed down and Piper looked around. He wasn’t sure where they were. He didn’t have the best sense of direction.

Ray turned off the bike. They were in a parking lot of a restaurant. One of his favorites, El Azteca.

“Are we having dinner?” Piper got off the bike and put his helmet down, fastening it to the bike. Ray did the same.

“Yep. We are celebrating.” Ray winked at him.

“We are?”

“It’s someone’s birthday.”

“Yeah, but we can do something at home, with the others.”

“We could, but you love it here. Just—come on.” Ray held out his hand.

Piper wasn’t going to argue. He was hungry. He took Ray’s hand and followed him inside. Too bad it was too cold to sit on the deck, but he’d take what he could get. He was already thinking about what he wanted to order when he was led into the back area of the restaurant.

“Happy birthday!”

Piper stumbled back, but Rayne was right there to catch him, like he always was. Crap, he was going to start crying. Everybody was here. His brother, Sam, his aunt Kris all of Ray’s brothers and sisters.

There was a table with presents on it along with a cake. It was all too much to take in. A couple years ago, none of this would have been possible.

He turned into Ray’s arms and hugged him tight.

“I don’t know what to say,” Piper whispered.

“You don’t have to say anything, honey.” Kris ran a hand down his back.

He was so focused on Ray that he hadn’t heard her come up.

“I love you guys.” He turned and gave Kris a hug. Everyone was coming up to him and patting him on the shoulder.  He cleared his throat, “Thank you everyone.” He was amazed he could even talk through the tears.

“Were you surprised,” Jayne had a big grin on her face, her twin brother Dayne at her side. They were so cute and it was awesome to watch them grow into the great adults he just knew they would be.

“I was. Did you know the whole time?”

She grinned and nodded. “Bet you’re surprised I didn’t spill the secret.”

Piper ruffled her hair, winked at Dayne and smiled. They wondered off to a table and he leaned into Ray.

“Just wait until we get home.” Ray said into Piper’s ear.

He shuddered at the scratch of Ray’s beard against his throat. Ray gave the best presents.

They finally settled down enough to sit down. They took up the whole back room, not that El Azteca was a big place to begin with. It still amazed him how special these people made him feel. Sure, he wished his mom could be there, but she’d slipped back into the alcohol. At least Sam was on the mend and there was hope for a better day for all of them. The family of his heart was all he really needed, and they were all there to help him celebrate.

And later, he’d have his own little party with Ray. He couldn’t wait.

[Amber Note: If you are interested in reading more about these characters the buy link is here]

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  1. Jambrea that was awesome, Rayne’s Wild Ride was the first book of yours I bought, I really love it, I’ve re-read it lots 😀

  2. Rayne’s and Piper’s story was a really good read. Enjoyed this peek into their lives. It’s always fun when you stop in.

  3. Loved this little peek but I want to know what’s been happening between the book and now. Pleeeeaaaase!!

  4. ohhh~~ Thank you for the extra~~ ❤
    I'm not gonna read it yet because I still haven't read the first one, but I do so love the sound of it. And the cover is so cool! LOL…
    ❤ thanks again.

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