My Good Friend Stormy Glenn is Visiting!


I want to thank Amber for allowing me to be part of her Birthday Bash once again. I always have so much fun. I’m offering one reader of Amber’s choice a free eBook copy of any of my current releases.

This year, I’d like to bring you into my Tri-Omega world with Sasha and Vadim Miroslav from My Lupine Lover.


Alpha Vadim Miroslav watched his mate walk around the side of the house, his head hung so far down his chest it almost touched his belly button. Vadim sighed and rubbed his jaw. Sasha had been moping for days and Vadim just didn’t have a clue why.

“Come,” he said when someone knocked at his study door. When his beta, and brother, Niko walked in, followed closely by his two mates, Vadim tried to push his issues with his mate to the back of his mind and concentrate on the taste at hand.

With things growing more dangerous for Tri-Omegas every passing second, a large number of them, and their mates, were moving to Vourdala Island. Vadim’s beautiful island used to be a tourist destination for werewolves around the world. Now, it was a haven from Tri Omegas.

“What have you discovered?” Vadim asked when Niko stopped in front of his desk. His brother was in charge of finding more housing for all of the new residence of their tiny island.

“I’ve discovered that you forgot your mate’s birthday.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Niko,” Vadim said as he glance over at his calendar. “Sasha’s birthday isn’t for another…” Vadim leafed through the pages of his daily calendar, and then flipped a few more pages. “Bloody hell!”

Sasha’s birthday was three days ago.

Vadim dropped his head into his hands and prayed that a meteorite would drop out of the sky and fall on him. He had done the unthinkable. Forgetting his beloved mate’s birthday was bad enough. Not remembering to treat Sasha like the treasure he was was unforgivable.

“A new pair of boots isn’t going to fix this one, Vadim.”

“I’m dead,” Vadim whispered as he lifted his head and stared at his brother, pleading for redemption, or at least a way out of the ninth level of hell he had just landed in. “He’s never going to forgive me.”

“Sasha would forgive you anything,” Serge Dmitriev, one of Niko’s mates—and a Tri Omega—snickered. His arm snaked out and wrapped around Niko’s shoulders. “If I didn’t have my own mates, I would be jealous of how much that man adores you.”

“I can’t believe I forgot his birthday,” Vadim whispered as he glanced out the widow again, searching for his mate. It totally explained why his mate was moping. “Sasha must be so heartbroken.”

“Give yourself a little slack here, Vadim,” Vasiliy Federov said. Not only was the man Niko’s other mate but a royal prince. “You’ve been pretty damn busy dealing with all of the new people arriving and keeping the Council of Elders from invading the island. I think you have reason to be absent minded.”

Vadim growled as he jumped to his feet. “You don’t understand.”

“Then explain it to us and maybe we can help.”

“None of this is worth a damn without Sasha.” Frustrated, Vadim shoved his hand through his hair. His voice softened as he continued. “Everyone seems to think that I’m this great alpha that is creating a safe haven for Tri-Omega’s around the world.”

Niko’s eyebrows shot up. “You’re not?”

“No!” Vadim frowned. “Well, yes, but that’s not the only reason, not the main reason.”

“Then what is the main reason?” Niko asked.

“I’m doing it for Sasha.”

Niko blinked. “You’re creating a safe haven for Tri-Omegas for your mate, who is not a Tri-Omega.”

Vadim growled, his hackles going up at the mere thought of Sasha being a Tri-Omega. Tri Omegas are usually only born one per generation. They had special abilities. They also had to have two mates to keep them grounded and safe. And Vadim had no intention of sharing his mate with anyone.

“I’m creating a safe place for Sasha,” Vadim said vehemently. “My majiktoka is all that matters.” Vadim shrugged when his brother and his mates looked at him like he had lost his mind. “The rest of it is just a byproduct of trying to make sure Sasha and our children have a safe place to live.”

“And I love that about you.”

Vadim swung around when he heard his mate’s voice speak behind him. Sasha was standing in the doorway of his study looking just as breathtaking as the day they met. Vadim didn’t know whether to be excited about the fact that Sasha was wearing a blanket or not.

He knew without a doubt that is mate was naked under that blanket. He just didn’t know if he was going to be allowed to touch or if he was being punished, and would only be allowed to wish he could touch.

“Hey, majiktoka.” Vadim swallowed hard as he prepared himself to admit his failing. “I’m sorry, I—”

Sasha arched an eyebrow. “Have been so busy that you forgot about your family? Have been so busy saving the world that you forgot our little world was more important?”

Vadim gulped. The underlying tone in Sasha’s voice did not bode well for him and nothing scared him more than being the object of Sasha’s rage. The man might look cute and sweet but pissed off and no one was safe.


Sasha’s eye nailed each of the other men in the room until they started making a rapid exodus toward the door. “Your niece and nephews are waiting for you in the nursery. You’ll need to keep an eye on them for the next couple of hours. We’re going to be busy for awhile.”

Vadim felt a bead of sweat trickle down between his shoulder blades when Sasha’s copper brown eyes landed on him. The heat burning in Sasha’s eyes scorched Vadim’s skin, igniting another fire deep within.

The door had barely closed behind Niko and his mates before Sasha dropped the blanket, baring his sexy naked body to Vadim’s hungry eyes. He glide across the room and draped himself over the back of the sofa, sticking his gorgeous ass out and wiggling it until Vadim’s dick was so hard it was in danger of shattering.

No one in the world had an ass like his mate.

“I want my birthday present, Vadi.”

Vadim licked his dry lips as he ate Sasha up with his eyes. “Me too.”

“Now, Vadi.”

Vadim grinned when Sasha glanced over his shoulder, his face stern. He started walking toward his mate, ripping his clothes off as he went. “Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.”

“Uh, Vadim, it’s my birthday.”

Vadim stopped behind his mate. His hands trembled with restraint as he gently stroked them over the rounded curve of Sasha’s ass. “No, I’m pretty damn sure this is all for me, majiktoka.”

And that made it the perfect birthday present.



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    1. Nope, never intended Secret Desires to be series…LOL. I didn’t even intend it to be a shifter book. I was 3 chapters in before that idea hit and I had to go back rewrite…LOL

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