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In honor of Amber’s Birthday Bash, Brier and Jackie (Brier’s Bargain) have decided to bake her a cake.

Jackie shrugged out of his coat and hung it on the hook beside the door. “Brier?” When he didn’t get a response, he headed toward the smell coming from the kitchen. He knew Brier was home. His love had been excited about making a special birthday cake for his friend Amber, so it wasn’t likely that he’d gone out after work. Although from the acrid smell permeating the air, Jackie guessed the baking hadn’t gone as expected.

“Brier?” Jackie called again, stepping into the kitchen. He stared at the charred cake in the trashcan. Oh, boy.

The pantry door opened, and Brier stepped out, his eyes red and swollen. “I burned it.”

“I see that.” Jackie sat at the table and beckoned Brier over. “Come here and tell me about it.”

Brier curled up on Jackie’s lap and rested his head against Jackie’s shoulder. “I followed the directions on the box, just the way we’ve always done, but after I put it in the oven, I started watching TV…,” Brier trailed off.

“And you forgot about the cake,” Jackie finished.

“Yeah. Back to back Will and Grace episodes.” Brier blew out a breath. “We don’t have another box, and I have to take the cake to work tomorrow.”

Jackie rubbed Brier’s hip. “We don’t need a box. We’ll make one from scratch.” Truth be told, the last thing he felt like doing was baking, but he’d do anything to put a smile on Brier’s face. They’d been together for almost five years, and not a day went by that he didn’t thank God they’d found each other.

Brier’s big eyes rounded in surprise. “You know how to do that?”

“Sure. It’s just a matter of reading a recipe.” Jackie kissed Brier, slipping his tongue inside.

Brier moved to straddle Jackie’s lap. “I know how to read.”

“I know you do. Which is why I have no doubt we’ll be able to make another cake for Amber in no time.” Jackie squeezed Brier’s ass.

Brier rocked back and forth a few times. “Can we fuck while the cake’s in the oven?”

Jackie chuckled. Even after five years of bliss, Brier still wanted him at least twice a day. Yep, he was a lucky sonofabitch. “If we do, we’ll have to do it in here or we’ll burn another one.”

Brier pressed his lips to Jackie’s and kissed him long and deep. He got off Jackie’s lap and started to undress.

“I thought we were going to mix up the cake first?” Jackie unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged it off his shoulders.

“We are, but cooking’s always more fun when we do it naked.” Brier paused in the process of pushing down his jeans. “Don’t you want to?”

“Have I ever turned down the chance to get naked with you?” Jackie toed off his shoes before ridding himself of his jeans, underwear and socks. The floor was cold on his feet, but he refused to leave his socks on like a dweeb.

“My cock’s happy you’re home.” Brier pointed down at his erection as if Jackie needed directions.

“It certainly is.” Jackie reached out and gave Brier’s erection a couple of strokes. “You’re going to make me forget all about Amber’s cake.”

Brier groaned before taking a step back out of Jackie’s reach. “Amber brought me that coffee from Seattle for my birthday. I can’t forget hers.”

“I know.” Jackie had to get himself under control. Brier’s sense of loyalty was unsurpassed. “I’ll be right back.”

Jackie retrieved his laptop from the office before setting it on the kitchen counter. “Okay, what kind of cake are we making, white or chocolate?”

Brier’s jaw dropped in apparent surprise. “You can make chocolate cake from scratch?”

“Sure. We have unsweetened coco powder, don’t we?” Jackie pulled up a recipe.

“Yeah, but I’ve tried that and it tastes nothing like chocolate.” Brier cupped Jackie’s balls before moving to encircle his cock.

Jackie reached back and laid his palm on Brier’s hip. “You have to add sugar to it, honey.” He stared at the screen and realized what a time consuming project it was going to be. Amber was a nice lady, but he wasn’t sure he liked her enough to give up an evening of sex just to make a cake. “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather go by the bakery on the way to work tomorrow and just buy a cake? I’m sure they have pretty ones we could choose from.”

Brier moved to stand between Jackie and the counter. “Will she think I’m a bad friend?”

“How could she think that?” Jackie stared down at the man he loved. “Just be honest with her.”

“You mean I should tell her we fucked instead?” Brier asked.

Jackie tried to hide his grin. “No, I wouldn’t go that far. Tell her you tried to make a cake but it got burned. Believe me, she’ll understand.”

Brier bit his bottom lip. He leaned his forehead against Jackie’s chest for several moments before pulling back to stare up at him. “As much as I’d like to be with you, I promised her I’d make a cake.”

Jackie’s heart swelled. He knew firsthand how much Brier’s promises meant to him. He cupped Brier’s face in his hands and kissed the love of his life. “Okay then. I’ll call out the ingredients we’ll need, and you can pull them out of the pantry.”

It was worth putting his sex life on hold for a few hours if it meant Brier could walk into the office and proudly present Amber with the cake he’d promised.

-Carol Lynne

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  1. Carol,
    I am so Happy you brought Brier and Jackie back. Brier always brings a smile to my face. His gentle innocence is a fresh breath of air and Jackie’s unconditional love is incredibly sexy. Time for a reread of this series.

  2. Awe that was so sweet of Brier and Jackie to make Amber a cake even if they had to wait longer to ravage each other. Thanks for sharing this wonderful scene.

  3. I love Brier and Jackie. Any chance you will be doing more of the characters from the series. They are mostly related and I was so happy for the Fingerprints and Muddy Shoes. Nate always needs another story.

  4. I hope you enjoy the cake. It’s so sweet that Brier wanted to make sure he baked it. Jackie is great partner to make the time to do the cake for Brier. Like the book, and this short.

  5. Love this, it was great to see Brier and Jackie again. Thanks for stopping by Amber’s BB. 🙂

  6. You are one of my favorite authors and I spend as much time rereading your books as I do reading new ones. I love the Cattle Valley Series!

  7. Amber, you lucky gal!! Carol thanks for the story, like the others it’s time for a re-read.

  8. Brier was always my favorite from that series, and that little short made me love him and Jackie all the more. I hope Amber liked her cake

  9. AHAH! Awww~~ I love them so much!! So happy for this! ahaha~ ❤ Thank you so much for being here Carol! ❤ and Amber, thanks so much for hosting. ahh~ ❤ love, love!

  10. Thank you for writing your birthday story about Brier and Jackie. Their story has always been one of my favorites that I’ve enjoyed re-reading many times.

  11. I love this series… Live the cattle valley series more! Just sitting down to read the new one… Rio is so cute in the toy shop!!!

  12. It was so good to read about Jackie and Brier again and I loved how you added Amber to the story it was sweet! and a great birthday present!!! 🙂

  13. Just adored this little snippet. I just finished rereading briers bargain so it was so nice to read this. I absolutely love brier & Jackie. Their story is so sweet & always brings tears to my eyes. I think if I had to pick my favourite couple it would be them.

  14. Thanks, everyone! Brier is my favorite character. Despite everything he’s been through, his innocence never fails to touch my heart. I will tell anyone who hasn’t read the Bodyguards in Love series, it’s a spin-off of the Men in Love series. To get the full story of Brier, you need to start with Tortured Souls, then Reunion, then Brier’s Bargain. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  15. Ohmygod, so sweet. I have this in my TBR folder and want to go put it on my e-reader now, right now. Hope you enjoy that cake Amber.

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