Sorry I’ve fallen behind. I’ve had computer problems and family things I’ve been trying to get taken care of. December had turned into a busier month than anticipated. *sigh*

The following won an ebook from my backlist or may request a future release (though you might have to remind me 🙂

Contact me at to claim your prize!

Day 5: pshearin

Day 6: Traci Kurtz

Day 7: H.B.

Day 8: Rhonda Wolf

Day 9: thai



10 thoughts on “Winners!

  1. Amber, I saw that the winner on day 9 is name “thai” not sure u mispelled my name or that’s the correct name which mean i didn’t win. .lol

      1. Cool. Thank u. Can i request the book. .. “to kiss a killer” in epub format? Somehow I don’t have that book.

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