Contest #2

I’m a wee bit behind in doing the 5 contests I claimed I would do in December. Where did December go? Sneaky little month! Today I’m running a contest for a $25 GC for Amazona, BN or ARe. Answer the following question to enter!

What is your favorite gift wrap? Mine currently is one my husband picked out with santas and reindeer dancing across the paper. πŸ™‚

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  1. I really like this one with snowmen that are in blue hats and gloves it kind of looks like the animated movie the snowman.

  2. I curently like a pale blue paper with silver snow flakes all over it. Or the comic page in the Sunday papers

  3. My favorite this year is Santa fulling up stockings at the fire place with two children watching in the doorway of their home .. truly a lovely classic christmas moment.afraid to use it to wraps gifts πŸ˜‰

  4. mine is a toss up between green and pink camouflage and our baby blue paper with snow and penguins dressed up in scarfs.

  5. We currently has some Peanuts paper which actually looks somewhat classy. It’s a white background with the characters black and red. Has the scene where Schroeder is playing piano with Lucy and snoopy dancing.

  6. Penguins seem to be the fave this year. First is a green and white checkered pattern with penguins wearing santa hats. After that it’s a sky blue paper with winter dressed penguins holding candy canes.

  7. I just got an absolutely fantastic gift wrap, it’s white and red with specks of silver. The background is completely white with silver specks as falling snow and red deers and artfully printed all over. So beautiful~!!

  8. Still all time favorite is the Disney Princess and Tinkerbell wrapping I bought when kiddo was 2-3 for that first Christmas she could get all excited over. I still have a little bit of it left after all these years and only special presents get wrapped in it

  9. I found some last year that I just loved. It was to support breast cancer and I was two different types of pink and silver. I was so pretty and money was donated when you got it. I haven’t seen anything like it this year though.

  10. Light blue wrapping paper with snow in the background and snowmen and reindeer’s all over it. πŸ™‚

  11. It changes all the time! I have one with sushi pieces on it, one with donuts, one with birds chirping, a few that look like European maps…

  12. My favorite for myself is simple and classic. Off whites with some gold. Or deep rich reds. For giving to kids- Loud and obnoxious all the way!

  13. Mine is the shiny blue with the snow flakes on it. & some times I add shiny stickers like my sons favorite character. (whichever it is at the time)

  14. I currently like a silver one with peacock feathers. I love the purple and teal colors along with the shiny silver. πŸ™‚

  15. Although red is my favorite color, when it comes to Christmas wrapping I find that my favorites are the off white, blues & silver ones with simple designs. Snowflakes, trees. That sort of thing.

  16. I have a roll I’ve hoarded for years (only using on the “special” ones….also they put more in the rolls when I got it) it is beige stripes with renaissance angles in muted blues, pinks, golds, silver and purple…it’s gorgeous.

  17. A soft gold background with white poinsettia groups that I bought from a school fund raiser years ago-I hoard it and use it for really special gifts.

  18. I have a weakness for Winnie the Pooh and I currently have one with tigger boucing around Pooh and friends.

  19. I like metallics and we’ve been using this really cute teddy bear paper. He is sort of a cream colored bear with a red ribbon bow and he’s just so cute all over the paper.

  20. I like the ruby ornaments wrapping paper. The ruby and white or silver just makes the gifts looks so pretty.

  21. I just got a new roll with old-fashioned style ornaments in red, green, blue and gold. Very pretty and not too busy.

  22. My fave wrapping paper right now is the one I got done special for my mom it has all her grandkids pictures on it.

  23. I have one that I really like at the moment that is all shiny silver with matt silver snowflakes on it. Gorgeous when wrapped around the gifts πŸ˜€

  24. When my babies were little I always picked out a certain wrapping paper for each one of them, that way even though they couldn’t read their names they knew what presents was theirs, so now I have started that with my granddaughter so my favorite wrapping paper this year is her Sofia the First. πŸ™‚

  25. Currently, it’s this double-sided paper. Nice and thick for those troublesome packages, with candy decorating one side, and some very creative stripes on the reverse. Though one year there was this purple penguin paper. *sighs*

  26. I’ve always been partial to the ones with polar bears or penguins on them. I also like the ones with Christmas tress and stocking.

  27. There’s this great paper collection we found that’s brown, like a paper bag, as the background with muted reds and blues and greens used for the pictures on each set. I just love the sort of old-fashioned feel it has.

  28. I like the starry night gift wrap!!
    It’s this beautiful blue night sky with silver stars all over it! πŸ˜‰

  29. I bought some years ago when my niece was selling it for school. It was a very heavy paper that was shiny silver with, I think, silver snowflakes barely visible on it. So pretty!! Almost cried when the roll got ruined after I’d only used it for a couple of items. The price has me using it sparingly for the expensive presents. πŸ˜‰

  30. mine is snowmen on thim …i love snowmen. evryone laughs because i get the ones with them doing bad things its special ordered….and for the kids its rudolph

  31. I’ve used the same one for the past three years.A light blue paper with white snowflakes,I just love it.

  32. I actually saw one that looked like a word search and I loved it, all I wanted to do was find as many words as possible. πŸ™‚

  33. At the moment I have this really awesome metallic silver paper wrap with black ‘Merry Christmas’ all over it. It is SWEET.

  34. I like the light blue with glitter snow flakes . It is really pretty but i am not good at wrapping. lol

  35. Mine is one we picked up at Target. It is silver and has beautiful penguins all over it. I just adore penguins they are so cute. I even have a penguin tree topper! πŸ˜€

  36. I used to have this BEAUTIFUL ivory, pearlescent paper. It had raised bumps on it, like snow. I would accent the paper with burgandy, or dark green ribbons! I loved thT paper!

  37. I have no idea yet what kind of paper I’m going to use for wrapping this year, but there was dark blue paper with silver stars on it one year that I liked.

  38. I’m partial to anything with snowmen on it, but this year, I found a really nice one that was a shimmery silvery-blue color with snowflakes and snow people (a whole family not just snow men).

  39. Mine this year has Dachshund’s on it with Christmas bows, since I have two of the dogs and love them this is my favorite.

  40. Found a new paper it has pictures of veggies on it and you can plant the paper in the spring to grow the veggies, appeals to my green side,

  41. Love the holographic ones or anything that shimmer and shines LOL. Have a happy Christmas =) Smiles,

  42. My favorite Christmas paper was one we had when I was a teenager, of a dinosaur w an elf hat on Ice skates. It caused some funny memorable moments!

  43. My favorite is Santa holding bags of toys o his back stepping into a chimney while its snowing. I remember this wrapping paper from last year.

  44. Well, I don’t have one I like best, but I have a type I like. I like all things pretty. It has to be different, yet pleasing to the eye. I’m not too picky, but it has to draw my attention.

  45. My fav at the moment is silver wrapping paper it is so shiny…… Then I wrapped it in silver foil like a parcel and put a silver bow on it… So pretty… Shame it is going to be ripped a part in Xmas day… πŸ˜€

  46. I like this one glittery paper my sister brought from target. LOL… It’s Dark/royal blue and has intricate designed with white reindeer tied or attached to them. It’s really nice. ~ I love glittery wrapping paper. lol

  47. I love kraft colored paper with gold holly and leaves and swirls! Very elegant and beautiful.

  48. I am a big time hunter so its camo wrapping paper for me. Figured it would blend in with the tree and the boys can stay out of them lol.

  49. I like the old fashion looking paper with beautiful bows and hand made gift tags.. I craft so it kinda my thing πŸ™‚

  50. We have two rolls, a red roll with ‘Nice’ written on it in white, and a white roll with ‘Naughty’ written on it in red. Fun to decide who gets which paper.

  51. My friend’s little boy picked out the cutest paper! It’s all sparkly and has stop signs on it and says things like “Stop!” and “No Peeking!” Too cute!!! I also love the wrapping paper with care bears on it!
    Ashley A

  52. My favorite wrapping paper this year is the one that has ten different stockings on it. I can make it look gd for adults with ribbon and fun for kids w character stickers.

  53. I don’t have a favourite per se… but I like using plain gift wrap and/or different origami paper, different coloured tissues, and other stuff to make my own style of gift wrapping paper.. I just finished wrapping my brother’s gift for his teacher in plain blue paper with many snowfake-shaped acetate splattered with acrylic paint…

  54. Hmm, mine changes every year but usually classic childhood characters like Grinch christmas paper, Sesame Street birthday paper, and Seuss baby paper..

  55. This year, solid colour metallic paper in gold, red and purple! When the kids were little, we made our own using paint and sponge shapes!

  56. My favorite gift wrap this year is one that has a row of candy cane, next to a row of green ‘HO HO HO’, then a row of Santa walking with the bag full of gifts and then a row with a gift, a teddy bear, a small candy cane and a card.

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