Romance Revisited Day #18

matchmakermatchmaker_800A little short I wrote last year.

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When his matchmaking services are acquired by a vampire, Dane finds himself embroiled in a world he’d vowed to never get involved in.

Dane Sanders is one of the most talented matchmakers in the city…and without any hesitation he turns down the City Vampire Master’s business. After all, a vampire killed his family and he vowed to never have anything to do with them. However, when the sexy Master keeps a promise, Dane reluctantly finds himself the exclusive matchmaker of the undead.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a M/M/M ménage scene.


I’m going to kill him. It’s the only way to get out of this matchmaking contract, and I’m willing to do the jail time over it. Granted, I’m also betting I won’t be sent to jail. After all, I’ve matched most of the judges in the city and they adore me.

“I don’t approve of your choices.” The tall werecougar loomed over me as if my picks would change if he growled a little more.

“You haven’t even met them.” I held on to my temper…barely. I really longed to take my solid steel owl statue and smash it over his head.

“I will know my mate,” he insisted.

“Great. Then go and meet these three women and let me know how it goes. Now, get out of my office.”

A low growl rolled from his impressive chest. It was an unfair fact of life that all shifters were gorgeous. It didn’t matter what kind of animal—wolves, cats, or even the occasional rat…all gorgeous.

“No one talks to me like that.” He stood over my desk, trying to intimidate me with his size and power.

I rolled my eyes and stood up. I barely came to his shoulder.

“Listen, sugar, I’m sure everyone in your clan thinks you’re the best thing since warmed milk, but I don’t take intimidation well. I gave you the names and pictures of three potential mates—go meet them. If none of them are your match then come back.”

My patience, never very long to start with, vanished completely beneath his incredulous stare.

“I thought you were supposed to make me the perfect match.”

“Making the perfect match is all about lining up the right people. The three women I’m setting up for you are potential mates, which means any one of them could be the right one, but it will need a combination of how far each of you are along on your personal evolution to determine a mate.”

“You can’t just look at them and know?” His examined me closely with his feral gaze.

Actually, I could point out which one would be his perfect match, but people often fought against their instincts. If I pointed out girl number two, he’d go with number one or three then come back and yell at me about how they didn’t work out. It was best to let the man or woman pick. Once they met—and chose—the one I knew they would pick in the beginning, they settled down to domestic bliss.


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  1. I bought this book a while ago and just wanted to say it was one of the cutest stories, I really, really enjoyed it. Well worth reading for anyone who hasn’t read it yet.

  2. I really loved this story – I’d really like to see this world expanded and to see so much more! It was really fun!

  3. What … Say it isn’t so … There are people who have not read all of Amber’s Books? Do they not know How Awesome her books are? We must tell everyone… 🙂 This is an Awesome Book 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. This was a really good story, and I hope there is more to come from it. It needs a second story, that how much I liked it…HOPE…LOL…;)

  5. was an awesome story….i passed it up alot before i finally read it and kicked myself for doubting you abilities lol

  6. I’m not getting much done, since I keep going back to re-read these stories. But that’s okay, I love these stories.

  7. Really enjoyed this story. I really liked how Dane had so much attitude. Nothing like having a golem maker on speed dial to show you mean business.

  8. Love, Love, Love this story! Snarky comments, wonderful and very colorful characters and that smexy scene in the back of the limo, YAHOO!!!

  9. Loved this and was hoping it would have either a sequel or a series but you already answered stand alone. am sad for that.

  10. Aww… this book… ❤ I remember loving it but… .it's been so long that I don't remember the story anymore.. haha… Time for a re-read~ ❤

  11. I am actually hoping, and have been since I first read this, that there would be more of them or a series involving them. This is one of my favorites and I have reread it more than two dozen times since purchasing it, but I REALLY want more of this triad. I loved their dynamic and their personalities and have had many a thought about what could happen next in this world.

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