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Hello everyone,

I’m doing my yearly refresh of my blog and I thought I’d ask my readers what you like best about my blog. When you come here what are you looking for? Blog stories? New releases? Contests? What has you coming back? I try to make my blog as interesting as possible for my fans so I thought I’d get your input! Thanks!

101 thoughts on “Blog Input Needed!

  1. I love the blog stories, also like knowing when books will be available. But then there’s the contests.

  2. I love the way your blog is now. I think it would be really cool if you added short little vignettes about characters. Possibly when new stories are coming out in a series, centered around a holiday, or to tell what made a character a certain way. Although I love the blog stories, sometimes they frustrate me because they take longer. I would love a day where you give us a single line from a wip and we get to guess what series or what type of story…that would be fun.

    1. I agree! I love it and it would be good if you could tag somethings, like “Dragon Groomer”, “tidbits” or “snippets” and “coming soon” so that we can find everything with relative ease, I don’t know if it’s too hard, but if it isn’t it would be nice.

  3. I come for blog story updates and news on upcoming releases. I used to do the contests but never won so stopped about a year ago on that. Hope this helps:)

  4. I would like to have current updating on works in progress and coming soon. Blog stories are nice and I enjoy them, but I would rather have stories on my ereader to read all at once, then reread!!

  5. Seriously, I like everything about your blog. I mean you revisit books that I haven’t read before, I love your blog stories and I like your contest even though I never win. Lol. It’s still all good. Thank you.

  6. I come here for what’s next and the contests. Oh and when I forget the name of a damn book and have to look it up πŸ™‚ Maybe you could add images of what inspired you to write the book or the characters.

  7. The blog stories and the teasers are my favorites. πŸ˜€

    I would appreciate a list of upcoming books though. It’d be more to obsessively follow up on. πŸ˜‰

  8. New releases was why I initially started following your blog, but I love the blog stories and the contests too! They’re all great!

  9. Well the contests and new releases are the main reason, since I really need to catch up with the blog stories but as you can understand once I do they would be a reason too xD….

  10. I don’t know if this too personal but I’d love to find out about the process of writing itself in your stories, what inspires you, what did you see or hear one day that said, “that would be a great story”. And how in the heck do you come up with some of those characters names?

    I love your works in progress, the teasers, and the guest writers and of course news of new releases.

  11. All of it but would like to know what you are working on. Keep up the good work love your blog and books.

  12. Info about your books and the release dates of them as well as your blog stories are just two of the reasons I come back time and again. But anything written by you is good by me – you have a magical way with words that I truly enjoy.

  13. I love your updates on new releases, but also your birthday bash, sharing previous books (reminding me of ones I missed, like ‘Considering Carlyle’!), and the contests, I always fell part of your world, so keep up the great work in 2014, even as you take more time to relax

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  14. I like it all, the blog stories, the contest and learning about your upcoming releases. I like the fact I don’t have to go looking for your next release, you keep us well informed. πŸ™‚

  15. I think you have a wonderful mixture of blog stories, snippets of current works, ads for new releases and contests. Love seeing new covers and hearing about upcoming books as well. Personally, I can’t think of anything I’d change.

  16. Blog stories, new releases, contests, and your book list so I can check which ones I don’t have yet and in which order they go. πŸ™‚

  17. The Dragon groomer blog wish the book was out lol thanks for all the books that u have put out this year xx

  18. I really like the blog stories and I like getting an idea when the new stories will be released. Or what new stories will be coming. Contests are just a bonus.

  19. Well, I come mainly for your scintillating wit but your contests are awesome and new release info is always welcome.

  20. I enjoy everything about your blog. I check it out everyday sometimes twice a day as you are a few hours behind me… LOL

  21. New Releases and keeping up on your blog stories. By the way, you owe us one, Dragon Groomers please, its been awhile.

  22. I like there to be a section for the books. It helps me locate books in series and order reading, plus I come upon other books to read. Also updates on the blog itself some authors don’t update for months. You don’t have that problem. I do love the contests. I never won, but it is nice to see the authors interacting with and appreciating their loyal fans. πŸ˜€

  23. Happy New Year, What I like best about your blog is the new releases, contests and that you give heads up on sales and voting at other sites.

  24. Blog stories are very important but I love the contests and the new release updates are very necessary!

  25. I love that you have all of your books listed, along with links to buy them. I wish all authors would do this. The list is really long (which is awesome!), but makes it hard for a new fan to figure out where to start. It would be great if each series had it’s own page with a blurb giving an idea of what the series is about and what each book is about. News about upcoming books and release dates is always a win.

  26. Love reading your story new and old. Sometimes I read and find that there are books out I haven’t seen, so I go hunt them down. And your funny conversations with your family. Too cute. I say keep the old but adding new will only make it better (if that’s possible). Take care and hope your family have a happy new year.

  27. You’re very generous with the blog stories, which are always welcome, and you do a good job letting us know what’s coming – have enjoyed your blog since I found it

  28. Blog stories and contests! I love the little snip its, and the contests are nice as I’m a poor student πŸ™‚

  29. I love the blog stories. I agree with earlier posters that if there was a way to group them would be great, especially if I miss a day, it can be hard to find consecutive posts. The info on new releases is greatly appreciated also. I also like when you cross link to other authors books.

  30. I love your blog stories and up coming books. I would like to see time frame of when, I know you can’t always be positive of the dates yourself just tentatively would be good. Everything else is good.

  31. I first started coming to your blog to find out about new releases. I still come here for that but I also come for the blog stories and contest.

  32. I love coming back for your Blog stories, announcements— like of what book will be released next or what your working on now and such, Contests, and also for sneak peeks or book teasers you sometimes post. :3

  33. I mainly love the teasers you torture us with~
    But i also come back because of the awesome blog stories and i love knowing what you’re working on or what book is going to be released soon.. It’s also cool to sneak a peek at your covers before the book release~ OHhh and the contests are always interesting to participate too~!!

  34. I love your blog stories, and the new release announcements, and also the post about what you’re working on, snippets and such

  35. I agree with so many here Blog stories are awesome, but for me what keeps me returning to site over and over again is a nice mix of a bit of everything. One of my favorite author sites that I go to almost daily the author blogs about is WIP’s, future releases, post some stories, but he also blogs about other interest he has and sometimes just world events he’ll share his opinion and ask what other people think it’s like meeting a group of friends for coffee without ever leaving the house and is perfect for me, don’t get me wrong I enjoy going out and getting together with my friends that live locally but not everyday I’m a homebody so being able to interact with people on the internet just adds to my social life it doesn’t replace it. Sorry to have rambled on like that πŸ™‚

  36. The blog stories keep me checking back regularly and I love reading them. It’s also nice to hear about new or upcoming releases, especially when they come with excerpts. I like contests/giveaways, too, there’s no denying that. πŸ˜€

  37. I love the blog stories and new or upcoming releases. I also like the previously released stories. They are keeping me satisfied until the next moon pack series book is finished..Hopefully soon πŸ˜‰

  38. Contests and new release info. Prefer shorter excerpts cos I find that if I read a long excerpt and then look at buying the book later, I sometimes think I have already read it because I know so much about it, so end up not buying it.

  39. It’s the blog stories that keep me checking back. I check daily for a Dragon Groomer update even if you just posted the day before. The other stuff is awesome, but it’s the blog stories that have kept me faithful.

    Also, I thought this years Novembet bash was the best ever. I follow a lot of the authors you hosted and it was awesome to read a scene about characters I love. Too often, unless a sequel is written or the characters make a brief appearance in another book, pounce their book is over you don’t get to read about them anymore. The birthday party scenes were an amazing treat. I know you like to make it a little different each year, but this was so terrific I hope you can do something similar in the future.

  40. What am I looking for??? Hmmm… I’m SO HAPPY that I discovered your blog/website, I check it everyday! I like to find new/new to me books that you have written and I didn’t know about. However, I think my favorite part of visiting your site are the serial stories!! DRAGON GROOMER!!! Your birthday month stories (birthday month is a huge amount of fun, I found several new books/authors this year!) I’d love to see more on THE HEALER AND THE HITMAN! Thank you for all that you do! You don’t have to do this blog and be so interactive with your readers but you do and we appreciate it, A LOT!

  41. Your a fairly regular blogger and not all of it is promo stuff… blog stories are a nice change of pace and of course I cross my fingers that TODAY I will gat a new chapter in the blog story.

    For improvements, I’m always looking for a booklist/reading order with hyperlinks.

  42. You know, the blog stories are what first introduced me to your work. I do believe I now own almost everything you have written. I got a little behind this year due to some health issues, but I am catching up now. My husband bought me a kindle for Christmas, and several Amber Kell books were my first purchases!

  43. I look for your blog stories and I always looking for wip and coming soon. New releases are also one of my top clicks.

  44. I love the information about upcoming releases, the current book listing and I seriously like it when you announce that a book has hit amazon because I prefer the kindle app and it took me a while to set it up so I could get your books from other sites onto my kindle. I’ve since fixed the issue but the release announcements are always a day maker. I like the stories on the blog too.

  45. One more thing, I have written here before that you, Amber, are a very good writer, so good it is a shame that your writing has not reached the general public yet.
    How about writing a new blog story/series that are “not erotica” Take out a few of the sex descriptions and add in more descriptions about the world, the characters (more character building and word building).
    Snippets are awesome and so is anything else you would like to show us.

  46. Really love the stories and am always checking to see what’s coming out next! Also really like when you feature authors and have them talking about their books. Always love getting hooked on new authors.

  47. I love reading details about New stories and flashbacks on older stories which either reminds me to go go back & purchase it or encourages me to reread it. Competitions are great but not important, blog stories I enjoy and look forward to reading.

  48. I personally keep coming back for the stories. It is a little frustrating sometimes, the wait is very long and sometime they could use more fleshing out. But they keep bringing me back in hope for more.

  49. I love the blog stories and it’s always cool when you notify us of new books and their release dates.

  50. I bought and read my first Amber Kell book then went looking for more. I found your blog and have read it most days since so I don’t want drastic changes rather a few improvements. My suggestions would be categorizing each post so making it easier to find older posts on the same subject and it might help to think out the categories so as to limit the number of them with one to cover the odds and ends that don’t fit the main ones. My other suggestion would be to increase the font size one the main part of the text maybe one or two notches. Also remember to keep an extreme of contrast between the text and the background color. I have found sites where to read the text I have had to highlight it thus changing the color to before reading the post.

  51. For me, its usually the new releases. Because I read so many books, I have a hard time keeping track sometimes.

  52. Love your site as is pretty much, maybe be nice if you added a WIP page. Currently I look as soon as I get home from work to see if you’ve posted a new Dragon Groomer installment yet and if The Protector of Dragons has been released yet or news of when.

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