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saintreturns_800_2The final book in the Thresl Chronicles (it isn’t a stand alone I would highly recommend reading the others first)

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After centuries of isolation, Saint has returned to reclaim what is his…
Saint, a Thresl of unimaginable power, has spent centuries trapped beneath rubble. Now free, he is determined to claim both his throne and his mate. Anyone who stands in his way will be annihilated.

Marsley Jacks is unsure if he wants to be the mate of a ruthless Thresl. After spending most of his life protecting the shifters, he’s unsure if allowing a power-hungry Thresl take over is the best thing for the species.
Two men with opposing views—will they come together in time to save their people?

9 thoughts on “Now at ARe!

  1. I read the first book an loved it. Got to get this book along with the rest of the series. 🙂

  2. *_* YAY! Since the first mention of saint I’ve been really looking forward to this, although I am sad to see it come to an end 😦

  3. ;A; Augh!! So sad this is the end! I so wanted this to go on. …. even for only at least two more books! LOL…To see more thresl’s find their mates and lonely people/solders find their other half in them! lol..Ahhh— so sad, so sad… but I LOVED every single moment of it! ❤

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