Happy Valentine’s Day!

love_heartI hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day. Mine is going to be pretty quiet. Hubby is sick and oldest son is getting ready for a trip. We’re going to celebrate ours a bit late. LOL!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I am giving way a $50.00 GC to either ARe, BN or Amazon, winner’s choice. To enter the contest tell me out of all my books, who were your favorite couple. Winner will be chosen Sunday at a random time because I’m illogical like that šŸ™‚

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  1. That is a really hard question to answer because I have enjoyed several of the couples. Off the top of my head what comes to mind is Sam and Bob from the End Street Detective series, Kreslan and Vohn from Solider Mine, Sasha and Randall from Blood Signs, Nick and Damian from Vampire Wanted and Jaynell and Thomas from Jaynell’s Wolf.

    So I guess I have a lot of favorites. But I guess my absolute favorite from the many I just listed would be Jaynell and Thomas, I think! Maybe? I love them all, does that count?

  2. It was a tough choice between Aden & Gallen from Banded Brothers and Sam & Bob from End Street Dective. But I have to go with Sam & Bob they make a great team and make me smile. Happy Valentines Day

  3. I have to agree with Jaynell and Thomas just love those two of course I love all of your couples as I will love the future ones.

  4. Tough choice but I will go with Aden & Gallen…Especially after Aden basically said Gallen is his greatest treasure…..Oh damn I need to go reread 2 books now lol

  5. Sin and Callum in Tempting Sin are definitely my favourite couple (though I have a weakness for Jaynell and Thomas as well). I loved them and the way there were almost complete opposites but fit perfectly together. *Runs off to read it again.*
    Happy V Day šŸ˜‰
    PS hope your hubby feels better soon and you oldest has a great trip!

  6. You don’t ask easy questions LOL If I had to pick my absolutely favorite couple it would be Tam and Valko from Trials of Tam. Tam is just too smart for his own good and I love how he keeps surprising his alpha.

  7. My favorite book and couple are Carlyle and Ralph from Considering Carlyle. They are so good together and Ralph is so sweet. I really hope you write a third book for there friends.

  8. This is hard because I love all your characters but I will go with Sin and Cullam since I just re-read that one recently.

  9. For today, I’m going to go with Will and Cash from William’s House as my favorite. But I’m fond of all of the couples in your books. šŸ˜‰

  10. Well today its Sasha & Randall but if you ask me any other time it going to be different because I love your books & characters/ couples.

  11. Sin and Callum are my favorite. Love how Sin is just so heads over heels for Callum. Although I do love how Carey just kept surprising Broden with how capable he was.

  12. I love all your couples, but I think my favorite is Anthony and Silver. I just LOVE the Moon Pack series! šŸ˜‰
    Happy Valentine’s Day to all!!

  13. Anthony and Silver are still my favorite couple, though I have only read half your books maybe that will change.

  14. You don’t ask easy questions do you? I almost answered the guys from A Gamma’s Choice (I’m really enamoured of that book for some reason) but ultimately, I think I’m going to have to go with Tam and Valko.

  15. Only one? Sooo unfair, well can’t do one! Tam and Valko. Anthony and silver, Jaynell and Thomas. Most of them to be honest.

  16. Very tough choice, I have so many lol BUT if I had to choose it would be Steven and Dare from “Denying Dare” Very hot couple!

  17. Anthony and Silver hands down are my favorite couple, they are so opposite and yet so alike you can’t help but love them and I love that we see a glimpse of them in almost every book from the series. Happy Valentines Day!!

  18. At the moment it’s Val/Jory/Rai from Mate Hunt. From that epilogue I just know theirs would be a loving and rewarding relationship with lots of bumps and bruises.

  19. Tam and Valko from Trials of Tam are my favorites, because I love Tam’s attitude towards Valko’s attempts to protect him, but I love all of the couples!

  20. For today it would have to be Sin and Callum but it may be different next week because it depends which of our books I am re-reading.

  21. Just one couple there so many that are my favorites but if I have to choose it would be Patrick and Arthur!

  22. God that’s a hard question. I have three favs but if I had to pick one off the top of my head is would be Kres and Vohne.

  23. It’s Kit and Mase in My Subby Valentine. This is my favourite of all the many books I have read by Amber. Love them both. Anyone who hasn’t read this one – go and buy it now! I’m going to go and read it again tonight.

  24. Will like all have said its a hard choice but I’m going with Tyler and Cody. Got to love cowboys!! I hope you have a great valentines day!

  25. I’ve got to say that my favorite couple is Sam and Bob from The Case of the Cupid Curse. I’ve read all the books in the serie and I’ve got say that they are the most adorable and funny couple I’ve read about!

  26. My all time favorite is the start of the Larson legacy. Valko and tam. I like the fact that even though he’s small he can still stand on his own. I can read this book numerous times and still laugh.

  27. I love all your couples but my favorite couple is Randell and Sasha from Blood Signs. I like to read it a lot. I hope you have nice Valentine’s Day.

  28. I like all of your couples but I have to say that my favorites are Jean and Ryan. I just read In Broussard’s Care and immediately fell for them.

  29. I love all your books. Any book with your name on I will get. You are that awesome of a writer. Attracting Anthony I love Anthony and silver. I want to ask. Are you going to do a book down the road for Anthony and silvers son. I would like to see how he grows up and who he ends up with

  30. Never met an Amber Kell couple I didn’t like, but…I do have a special soft spot for Sin and Callum

  31. Aden and Gallen. I was dying for their story. I love all of your books but those two just needed each other and everything about their story was utterly perfect. Neither one of them are perfect and the way they came together was everything I’d been hoping for.

  32. Anthony & Silver; no make that Sam & Bob (who doesn’t love a vampire named Bob). No let’s go back to A & S. Ah hell girl you sure do know how to put a kink in my mind. Now I am mentally debating the assets of all your characters; see a massive reread in my near future.

  33. It varies because I have enjoyed all your books, but right now it’s Tam and Valko. I know that will change around depending on my mood.

  34. I am having a tough time choosing, but I am going to say Chalice and Terrin. But I also loved Silver and Anthony.

  35. I have to go with the dragonmen, I like jory, kai (king) and the duke(I can’t remember the other guys name.)

  36. It is soooo hard to pick just one couple! If forced, I would choose Sin and Callum, but there are so many I love…

  37. Gotta say it’s a tie between Adrian and Talan in ‘From Pack to Pride’ and Callum and Sin from ‘Tempting Sin.’ I love all your men but for some reason they are the ones I like to read about over and over.

  38. You don’t make this easy, lol. I love all of them but for me I would have to say it is an equal choice between Darwin & Brin from Faerly Enchanting and Jory & Val from Mate Hunt. I’ve lost count how many times I have read those 2 books. They are both my go to reads when I need to be cheered up or I’m not feeling well.

    1. Doh! I forgot to add Rai into that equation. So Jory, Val & Rai then from Mate Hunt, along with Darwin & Brin.

  39. If I had to pick it would be Kres and Vhone…but I have to admit I love all of your couples its hard to choose just one…

  40. Happy Valentines Day. It is so hard to choose just one. I think my fav would have to be Nick and Damian from Vampire Wanted. Nick is so unpredictable and Damian is so possesive. i always seem to cime back to this book to reread (well this book or Hellbourne).

  41. I would have to be Kreslan and Vohna. I love the way Kres goes from not wanting and then does anything he can to protect Vohne from those who harm him. Some of the thoughts that Kres has for taking care of the problem made me laugh like a loon. You have a rare talent Amber. Thank You for the joy your books bring.

  42. That really is a hard choice, but I think either Callum and Sinclair, or Aden and Gallen would be my favorites, however I love most of them.

  43. Farro and Kylen…those two are super special. I adore their relationship from beginning to end…then if I can pick a menage…I choose Jory, Val, and Rai…I love their struggle to find balance…and then their cohesiveness…I love them!

  44. Hmmm. I read all of your books, and my favorite tends to change depending upon my mood at the moment. I love Anthony and Silver of course. Aden and Gallen just make me happy, and I am thrilled we are seeing more of them. I also was really drawn (ha!) to Stephen and Victor.

  45. OMG just one….ok I can do this ….Jaynell and Thomas ….no…no.. Anthony and Silver….oh but wait Henry and Dakota …. oh dear I just can’t choose there’s so many I love…lol

  46. Honestly I am going to just say a pair because I love so many I don’t have one favorite – Sam and Bob.

  47. Wow, that’s tough. Well, I think I’m going to have to go with Kreslan and Vohne, as Soldier Mine is my fave book of yours, and I absolutely love those two.

  48. Currently it’s a toss up between Anthony & Silver or Valor & Caden but that is always subject to change dependant on the book I am reading šŸ˜€

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