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Just a little something I’m working on….I don’t think I’ve posted it before.


If Thoroux Jinters had known what his actions would lead to than he never would’ve tried to stolen from the King’s Chambers. But really who could blame him? The man kept thick gold necklaces right in plain sight just waiting for sticky fingers to take them away and give them a new home. How could any thief with a good conscience resist such temptation? It went against his own personal moral code to rudely turn down such an obvious invitation.

“So let me get this right you had the balls to steal from the king?” The thickset guard toyed with his dagger, as he looked over at Thor with eyes so dark they appeared black. He probably scared the entire battalion with that look. Thor wondered if he was supposed to answer the question or pretend interest.

He suppressed a yawn.

No point giving the man a reason to beat him. Bored, Thor’s quick scan around the room identified four different ways to get out. He’d picked the lock on his chains ten minutes ago. Now he twitched with the urge to escape. Like a bird, a thief didn’t like to be caged.

“Yes sir.” What would be the point in denying it? They caught him in the act. If the stupid chambermaid hadn’t screamed he’d have already been back in his hidey hole.

“You don’t deny it?” the soldier scowled as if he didn’t approve of Thor’s honesty.

“I don’t lie sir,” Thor responded.

“Let me get this straight. Thieving is all right but lying would be bad.” The soldier spoke in slow even tones as if by dragging it out the words would make better sense to him.

“No sir. I promised my mother,” Thor answered. His mother had asked him on her deathbed to at least grow up to be an honest man and not a slimy liar like his father.

Thor had sworn. Deathbed promises were nothing to break. The gods didn’t approve of that kind of behavior.

A knock at the door broke into his interrogation.

Thank the gods maybe something interesting would happen. For Thor the worst sin was boredom.

“Enter,” the soldier bellowed.

“The king has insisted on punishing this one himself.” The soldier’s eyes glowed with amusement.

“Crap,” Thor muttered.

“So cursing is okay too?” the captain asked.

“Yes sir. Only lying isn’t allowed. I can drink too if you’re interested.”

Thor braced himself for a blow but the captain looked more amused than annoyed. “Keep your spirits up lad. The king will deal with you soon enough.”

Yanking off the shackles, Thor handed them over. “Could you hold these? I don’t think it’s polite to meet the king not looking my very best.”

The soldier made a coughing laugh that ended when his superior glared at him.

“You think you’re clever don’t you?” the captain asked.

“If I was so clever I wouldn’t have been caught.” Thor replied. Luckily he doubted he’d be able to be confined in the jail. He’d never met a cage that could keep him. However, meeting kings wasn’t on his list of things he wanted to do in his lifetime. Thor preferred to be in the background. Hiding in the shadows and helping himself to things was his way of coping with life. He never took from anyone who couldn’t afford it no matter how much the lords and ladies screamed.

The captain threw the shackles on his table. His grip on Thor’s arm, tighter than the bindings, held him fast. “Let’s go wonder boy.”

Thor hurried to keep up with the soldier’s fast pace.

It didn’t seem like it took long before they were in front of an enormous pair of double doors. From his blueprints Thor knew this was the throne room. The king heard the concerns of his people in that room. Somehow Thor didn’t think the king worried about the problems of a thief.

The guards standing before the doors leapt forward to open them before Thor and his escort arrived.

“The very next person, father, I vow it!” a voice said just as the captain shoved Thor through the doorway.

Thor stumbled to capture his balance. He glared at the pushy man. “That was completely unnecessary.”

If he was going to his death he’d like to do it with a little dignity. Straightening his crumpled shirt, Thor walked over to the pair of men in the thrones and gave his best bow. The one he used when trying to blend in at nobles’ houses before he robbed him blind. It was rather a good one if he did say so himself.

“Your majesties,” Thor greeted them. He guessed the younger man on the throne beside the king was the prince but he didn’t generally involve himself in politics.

The king scowled down at Thor. “This is a thief. You can’t marry a thief!” he shouted.

“Whoa marry?” Thor raised his hands in defense. “Am I interrupting something?”

“No, your timing is quite impeccable. I’m Prince Arin as you probably know and this is my bossy father King Drewn. Father was just saying since I can’t make up my mind I might as well marry the next person who walks through that door.” The prince smiled.

In any other circumstances Thor would’ve been more than happy to take the muscled chunk of manhood to bed.

Thor’s throat went dry and he almost choked on the tiny bit of moisture he could muster.

“Um. I- I’m sure that the king was only kidding.” Thor stammered.

“No,” Prince Arin drawled. “I think he had the right idea.”

Thor turned wide eyes to the king silently pleading with the man.

“I don’t think a liar and a thief would make an appropriate mate,” the king said.

“Hey, I. Am. Not. A. Liar.” Thor folded his arms and scowled at the king.

Prince Arin leaned forward. “You don’t deny that you’re a thief?”

“Why would I deny that?” The royals were strange.

Prince Arin gave Thor a delighted grin he couldn’t decipher.

“I want him.” He announced as if he’d let a new puppy follow him home.

Thor gave the king another pleading look. “Weren’t you thinking of having me branded or cutting off my hand or maybe a nice beheading?” he asked hopefully.

The king’s shoulders shook. It took Thor a moment to realize the king was laughing. “I’m sorry we’ll have to postpone your decapitation until after your wedding.”

Thor took a deep breath and glared at the prince. “I’d make a terrible husband,” he offered.

“I’ll give you the choice. You can either be executed for thieving or marry my son and be a prince,” the king said.

Thor wondered where they would put him before his sentencing. If it was a cage he could get out of.

“Are you actually thinking about it?” the prince asked, outrage on his face.

“Either is a life sentence. They deserve equal consideration,” Thor explained.

“Take him to the blue room,” Prince Adin ordered the guards. “Make sure he stays there.”

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