I can’t let the day go by without a contest. Married to an engineer we celebrate things link Pi day at our house πŸ™‚

To enter the contest and win a $20.00 GC from the ebook store of your choice, share with me your favorite type of pie! Winner will be chosen Sunday!


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  1. Any kind of cheese pie (especially with feta) and I’m your girl! There’s no way I can resist ^^

  2. chocolate mint pie made with chocolate pudding, whipped cream topping and cut up andes mint cadies. yummmm

  3. I love banana cream pie. I started making them myself and now I make a really good one with a few twists.

  4. We celebrate Pi Day at my office by having a pie baking contest. The prize is a pie dish with the Pi symbol in the middle and the equation around the edge. Blueberry is my favorite pie.

  5. My favorite is upside down pineapple cake my mother would make every holiday because it was my dad’s favorite now my sister in law makes it so he still has his traditions miss you mom

  6. Pumpkin pie has always been my favorite, but I have been having a craving for a good rhubarb pie lately!

  7. My husband and I met in a medieval recreationist group. I actually got the pie recipe from his ex! It is a medieval recipe called Canelon Pie with beef,cranberries and honey. The beef is seasoned with parsley, sage, rosemary and cinnamon; and the pie is coated in cinnamon sugar before baking. I only make them in the fall when the cranberries are fresh but he asks for them several times during the season.

  8. Apple pie. Yummy yummy hope you enjoy the recipe everyone Recipe is easy. 9 – 12 granny smith apples. 1 all ready pie crust pkg by phillsbury. Orange juice. Flour. Sugar. Cinnamon nutmeg and butter. 375 degrees preheat oven Take one of the crust put in pie dish Put a thinly sliced and peeled apple for layer one then put 2 teaspoons of flour and sugar spread evenly on layer of apples a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg and 1 slice of butter spread evenly thru layer , butter can skip a layer And repeat for each apple you put in. At the height you want. Keep in mind to go a little higher then you want due to shrinkish. Last layer. Add a little orange juice for sweetness on last layer with other ingredients put pie crust on top . Put egg wash. On top pie crust. Sprinkle sugar over pie and cut slits in top you can be creative with cuts . Put on sheet tray to catch drippings. Put In oven 375 degrees for 50 mins to one hour should Be golden brown. Egg wash 1 egg and little bite of water mixed together.

  9. Chocolate Chess Pie is my first choice always if they have it, most times have to make it myself

  10. So many choices. Used to be cocoanut cream was my favorite. Now Lemon cream pie is what I reach for but it’s still hard.

  11. Impossible to choose, but I love any sweet pie. Having said that dinner tonight was homemade Steak and Ale pie. Gorgeous.

  12. Married to a scientist, do Pi is also celebrated at our house. His favorite is cherry pineapple crumble

  13. No bake Philadelphia Cream Cheese Pie (with Ladyfingers, Cream Cheese, whipped cream, Lemon juice, Lemon Zest, Lemon flavored Jello and sugar) A Family favorite. Delicious and refreshing!

  14. my favorite pie is a peanut butter and chocolate pie they make at a restaurant here is Santa Cruz Ca called the surf rider cafe.

  15. I have to pick just one aaaaaaa. I love pie I don’t like cake so its my go to dessert. If I had to pick one probably home made apple pie.

  16. I’m a huge fan of blueberry pie. I like apple and peach, but blueberry is my all time favorite. And I’m a big fan of 3.14195 too. πŸ™‚

  17. My favorite is cherry but I made an apple cheddar pie and a gluten-free cherry pie for pi day. Already thinking forward to next year when it will be the ultimate pi day.

  18. while apple, pumpkin & key lime are all pretty yummy nothing beats a really good coconut or lemon meringue pie

  19. I Luv coconut cream pie. .. got a graving last week from being pregnant and make hubby drive 30 min to get it. ..apparently it is out of season this time of the year.

  20. I love pie…..I’m not sure I can pick just one! It really depends on the mood…..but Cherry is my current go to, but my second is Coconut Cream!

  21. My favorite is buttermilk, it is a type of custard pie. My mom makes it for Thanksgiving and Hanukkah/Christmas. My brother likes it fresh from the oven, but I prefer it after it has been chilled for a day or so.

  22. Fresh peach (not baked).
    Next year pi day is extra special : 3.141592653
    3-14-15 9:26:53
    I’m an engineer too.

  23. PUMPKIN! My dad even bought a different one from every grocery / super store in town (10+ pies) just so I could decide which I liked best … Costco!

  24. Apple & Rhubarb pie, yummy, love them. My mum used to make them when I was a little girl. Bought ones are just not the same though.

  25. My sister makes me a strawberry margarita (sans tequila) pie for special occasions and I absolutely LOVE it! She actually turned it into cupcakes for my baby shower for my baby girl! Mmmmm now I want some damnit and I moved across the country :/

  26. My new favorite is white chocolate cherry french silk pie…has cherries, white chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate crumb crust and chocolate mousse….it is absolutely the best.

  27. I’m n love with a Haupia chocolate pie. Haupia is like a coconut dessert from Hawaii and add chocolate to it and its HEAVEN,

  28. Bumbleberry pie. Yes it’s a real pie; I did not make it up πŸ˜‰ A little farm stand in my original hometown makes it along with many other good pies. But to this day Bumbleberry is my fave pie in the whole world of pies. It’s essentially a mix of several seasonal berries (I live in the Pacific Northwest so there’re lots) and rhubarb.

  29. Tart au oeufs….translated Egg Pie…similar to a custard pie…it is a family recipe …eggs, brown sugar, milk & nutmeg…been my favorite since I was a kid…usually made around Christmas…recipe always made 2 pies….I’ve cut it in half and made tarts and in my house it wouldn’t last 2 days with my 2 boys…I don’t just wait until Christmas to make it now…

  30. My favorite pie is what we call Christmas Pie.
    I make them every year on Boxing Day. Turkey Pork Stuffing and Egg

  31. My favorite Pi would have to be my choice of 3.14 different pies…Chocolate, Lemon, or Marionberry/huckleberry. Thanks for the contest, and posting the link for Farren’s Wizard. Can’t wait for it to come out. I love TEB’s early download feature.

  32. Personally any pie is good. But you cant be american if you dont like apple pie with ice cream. Chocolate and lemon and sweet potato pie are a close second.

  33. I like cornmeal pie. My grandmother made this pie when I was a child. You
    don’t taste the cornmeal. It is like a chess pie.

  34. Oh! Apple Pie for sure~ especially if it has whip cream on top. or…a little of cinnamon. It’s absolutely delicious! I love apple pie. πŸ˜€

  35. My Granny makes a pecan walnut pie with chocolate chips and then she serves it with homemade ice cream and a little bit of butter melted on top. It’s the best thing EVER! It’s decidedly bad for you but trust me you won’t care at ALL. And now I have to go find the recipe because I’m going to need to make one here soon.

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