Finding My Groove!

I’ve been trying to find an exercise regime I enjoy enough to stick to. I’m not much for the gym, I just don’t enjoy it. I’m currently searching for an exercise I enjoy. Today me and the dog went jogging/walking along the water. It was pretty!

photo(267) photo(266)Scooter had a good time too. What exercise do you enjoy?


32 thoughts on “Finding My Groove!

  1. I’m on the cat exercise program:
    Get up, let cat out.
    Get up, let cat in.
    Get up, wait for cat to decide if he REALLY wants in…

    And the weightlifting portion:
    Lift cat off of keyboard.
    Lift cat off of laptop.
    Lift cat off of kindle.

    And, of course, the maintenance:
    Walk into kitchen, feed cat.
    Walk out to porch, feed other cats.
    Walk into kitchen to check the bowl he insists is empty [it’s not, not even close].
    Check water bowls inside and out, fill as needed…

    And the cool down:
    Hold cat.
    Pet cat.

    Repeat all of the above about 20 times a day…

    Cindy – So many books, so little time…

  2. Walking, hiking and climbing. The winter has been so long, with another 10 inches of snow last night, the only thing I’m climbing now is the walls!!

  3. I have a hard time with exercise too. I like walking and hiking. Must have a purpose (walking to somewhere, hiking along a trail or to someplace). I’ve considered Yoga and started doing that with my Wii Fit U. πŸ™‚

  4. Very nice pics. I only exercise when taking out the trash and feeding/taking care of my cat sunshine.

  5. I like riding the bike but unfortunately I don’t have any safe and good routes where i live and it’s pretty boring doing the only one over and over

  6. I try to use my elliptical everyday but in the spring, summer & fall I do a lot of bike riding and walking. Beautiful pictures and Scooter is adorable!

  7. I really like the turbo fire tapes. But when I don’t feel like I can handle it I do Turbo Jam. The music is fun. When I really don’t feel like doing anything I go for a hike with the IPOD. Looks like you have a great place to walk!

  8. I like walking with 2 lb. weights or if I’m feeling like Wonder Woman with 4lb. weights. There’s a lake I walk around that’s 3.5 miles around. Hi, Scooter!!

  9. I used to play lots of Volleyball now with family and kids not so much anymore. Put on weight too. Approx. a year ago I started with doing exercises in a group with music. Acutally I wanted to lose weight, but it’s not really working as the chocolate is soooooo delicous. I still do a lot of sports but now it’s just for fun as I won’t give up my chocolate!

  10. A few years ago i tryed out hot iron and fitbox. I really loved doing it, it gave me a good feeling, espcecially on days when i could fall into bed after a good workout. Unfortunately university put a damper on my excercise regime : )

  11. Swimming at the Y. Why do you have a muzzle around your dog? Does he bark a lot or is he scared of strangers and tends to bite?

    1. He tugs less when he has this on. It’s for my hubby since he has arthritis in his hands.

      1. We use a gentle leader on our lab too. It helps a lot. You’re so lucky to have a nice place like that to walk! πŸ™‚

  12. Aw, so cute…
    Hm, well, I don’t have one either… I just walk my dog most of the time. And then… when I feel like it I do some stretches in my room.. just basic stuff I learned in ROTC… but I probably really should make my own regimen .. >___>

  13. Studio Yoga. I’m not much for the gym either. I’d done yoga before but not studio yoga (with a yogi / instructor). I’m finding it very addictive.

  14. since I broke my back (11 yrs ago), I enjoy working out in the pool. Usually I run and excercise while in the water. My workout usually takes about an hour. Each day I put a cd in my mini player and just sing along.

  15. Curling. Last couple months I’ve been going to open houses for a curling club. Looked it up, and there is a curling club in Seattle! (

    Curling is a lot of fun, takes minimal beginner athleticism, no equipment costs just ice time (my club has shared equipment), and burns about 236 calories per hour–same as water aerobics or a leisurely bike ride! (Curling games usually last 2 hours.)

  16. Thought I would get back into an exercise routine also, so took a college course that requires you to exercise. Husband says probably will be the only course I fail!

  17. For the last few months have been clearing brush surprising how much weight you can lose digging and cutting brush. Only have 19 more acres to clear. The planting of new plants does break up the routine.

  18. Walking….I can go for hours night or day (at least I used to be able to do so) also gardening you get to be outside and play in the dirt and plants πŸ™‚

  19. I exercise four times a week either at the gym or at home. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but i feel so much better that it isn’t as hard to stay motivated.

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