Forever My Love #3

*bites nails* whatever will the characters do next???

* * * *

Antonio laughed. He knew if Michael made a promise he’d keep it. He still didn’t know why the angel continued to seek him out, but if it meant Lee had a better chance at a good life he would give up a hell of a lot more than a century.

“Then you have a deal. I will go with you when they admit their love for each other.” Antonio bit back a laugh as the angel frowned at him for a moment.

“What if they never admit they care for each other?”

Antonio turned away and shrugged. “Then you never get whatever it is you want with me.”

Michael spun him around. “I want everything. Everything about you makes me want. It infuriates me that you are fixated on this human.” He spat the words out like they tasted foul on his tongue. The angel’s wings shook with his emotions. “If finding Lee a new love will free you to come to me, than I will present him with every gay man on the planet. Do you understand?”

Antonio nodded even though he didn’t understand really, but then he figured very few people understood angels.

Michael shook his head and before Antonio could object, the angel placed a soft kiss on the corner of his lips. “I’ll see you in a few days. Are you sure you want to see this?”

“Yes. I want to make sure he’s happy. To know he’s loved, to truly know for sure, I have to see the man that will watch over my Lee for the rest of his life.”

Michael rested his hand on Antonio’s shoulder. “You know he isn’t really your Lee any more.” He said the words pityingly as if Antonio was missing the entire point of their agreement.

“It doesn’t matter who he ends up with, Michael, some part of Lee will always be mine.”

Antonio felt a kiss brush his cheek, and seconds later the rush of wings told him the infuriating angel had left. He never looked away from his beloved.

Settling himself on the fireplace mantel, Antonio stared at Lee as his lover watched television. He longed for the days when he could sit beside Lee and cuddle on the couch with his husband in his arms.

* * * *

Trent Brown looked in the mirror and adjusted his badge. He hated to admit it but he was nervous about his first day on the job as the chief of police. Sure it was just for a small town but it was a small town he didn’t know. When he decided it was time to get out of New York, Trent had applied at a bunch of places across the country not really caring where he landed as long as it was out of the city. He was tired of the hustle and bustle and when his partner was shot while buying cigarettes at a convenience store, Trent knew it was time to get away.

His chief had tried to talk him out of it, but he knew it was more because she didn’t want to have to break in a new detective than anything else. It was a half-hearted attempt; they both knew he was getting close to burnout.

When the offer came from the Talia Falls police department he snatched it up, signed his name, and revved up his Harley.

Now he took a deep breath and released it, letting his tension go.

With new confidence he walked from his rental house to the station.


The day went smoothly with most of it filled with paperwork and getting to know the ten officers that made up the department.

It wasn’t until noon that he had his first real interruption.

“Mayor Barlow is here to see you.” The perky voice of the receptionist said when he picked up the phone.

It wasn’t like he could refuse to see the mayor.

“Send her back.” He spread out papers on his desk so it looked like he was busy—too busy for politicians.

He hated politics.

The white-haired whirlwind that walked into his office was just as energetic as the first time he met her at his initial interview.

“Hello, Chief.” She said in her cigarette-roughened voice.

Trent dredged up a smile for her despite his annoyance at being interrupted. This was the type of person Trent thought of when someone was described as being a ‘firecracker’.

She gave him a wide smile and plopped herself in one of the black visitor’s chair.

Shit this was going to take a while.

“I came to invite you to dinner on Wednesday. My poor Lee has been so sad since Antonio died.”

“Who’s Lee?”

Shit he was here for one day and he already had to fend off matchmakers. He told the mayor he was gay before accepting the job. Apparently she forgot that information.

“My youngest grandchild. Sweetest thing but completely devastated when dear Tony died.”

“Mayor Barlow.” He tried to think of a way to turn her down politely.

“Oh I know.” She interrupted reaching into her voluminous purse. “Here’s a picture.”

Before he could object she pulled a picture out of her purse and handed it over.

A pair of stunningly gorgeous men stood next to each other in the photo. A dark-haired man had his arm wrapped around the shoulders of a shorter blond. Trent smiled at the obvious love flowing between the two men. They leaned towards each other like the tiny space of separation was too much. The smiles on both of their faces told the viewer that nothing was wrong in their world that the other one could make disappear.

“The blond is my grandson Lee.”

Trent focused more on the blond instead of the couple together. Lee was a stunning man with the Nordic looks of light blond hair and striking blue eyes. A sharp pain stabbed Trent’s chest at the thought of the man being all alone after knowing such obvious love.

“How long since his partner died?” He asked still looking at the picture of two happy men.

“His husband.” The mayor corrected. “Two years. He’s sulked long enough. He needs to rejoin the rest of the world.”

“Is he sulking?”

She shook her head. “No. It was a poor choice of works. Fact is he’s heartbroken but it’s time for him to start dating again and I want to know he’s safe and not going to one of those seedy bars where men suck each other off in the bathroom.”

Trent choked on the sip of water he just started to drink. He held the picture up so he wouldn’t get water on it.

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  1. Great chapter. I knew Michael wanted Antonio for himself. Can’t wait to see what else happens.

  2. The last two updates broke my heart even though I loved the,. This added just that little something extra you always end up giving us. It made it a bit lighthearted but didn’t detract from the overall emotion of the story so far. I LOVE the Mayor. She reminds me of my Grandma Rose. Sweet as pie but she could knock you on your ass when you deserved it. 🙂 Enjoying this sooooooo much! Thank you!

  3. I don’t like Michael for Antonio (yet, maybe he can be redeemed). Based on what we have seen of Michael so far, Antonio deserves a lot better with his afterlife. Michael seems manipulative and selfish and does not seem very nice at all. And he has no respect for humans or separated soul mates. You would think an immortal would have a much better understanding of the concept of patience, and be willing to wait.

    1. You have to remember who Michael is though. He’s an archangel. He’s never been human, so for him to have human emotions is unlikely. He’s a warrior who’s been defending the heavens for millenniums, so I actually think that he’s being portrayed very well. As for the impatience, what if he’s been alone all those thousands of years? I’d be impatient too if I were him.

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    And the granny character rocks 🙂

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  6. Go Grandma… rock as a matchmaker….but Antonio is a little clueless here…Michael is jealous.

  7. I am so sad. I totally don’t think Micheal is good for Antonio. I didn’t think this was going in this direction, no way Antonio can come back? 😦

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