Forever My Love #5

I might have to cut down on so much head hopping in the final edition. LOL


Lee blinked back his tears. “Thank you for that. I hope I didn’t disappoint.”

Trent took both of Lee’s hands within his own. “I’m happy to meet you. I don’t know many people in this town and at the least we can become friends and maybe get your grandmother off your back about you meeting people.”

Lee took his hands back and brushed away his tears. “I’d like that. You seem like a nice guy and a person can never have too many friends.” He gave a shy glance through his lashes at Trent. “And you’re right it would get my relatives to leave me alone for a little while at least.”

“Good then it’s settled. We can be friends.” Trent leaned back in his chair and gave Lee a warm smile.

Lee nodded. He liked the idea of having a friend who didn’t know Antonio. People who knew his husband either went on and on about him until Lee could barely function through the pain of his loss or tried to not talk about him at all and made things awkward. Trent would be his first friend who didn’t bring any of Lee’s baggage to the table. Maybe Trent could help him make a fresh start. “Tell me a little about yourself.”

The two men chatted for a while before going in for dinner.


* * * *


Lee stood before his closet and looked at his clothes in dismay. Trent was coming over for dinner. For the past month they’d been meeting once or twice a week, having lunch or going out to movies or sports events, things friends did together. This was the first time the cop was coming over and Lee admitted if only to himself he found the sheriff attractive

He wondered what Antonio would think about Trent. Would he like the big, gentle cop?

Lee knew his dead husband would be appalled at his failure to move on but once you have the love of your life it’s hard to take second best.

Slipping on a blue sweater Antonio always admired and a pair of faded jeans, Lee left his bedroom not bothering to look in the mirror. If the outfit was good enough for Antonio it would be good enough for Trent. He felt a little guilty having such uncharitable thoughts about the Chief of Police but Trent wasn’t exactly a clotheshorse and Antonio had redefined metrosexual.


Antonio eyed Lee’s outfit with approval. His love always looked good in blue, it brought out his amazing eyes. He must have bought Lee dozens of blue clothes over the years and his beloved never understood how completely hot he looked in them.

A hand clapped him on the shoulder.

“Tonight’s the night.” Michael whispered in his ear.

“You think he’s ready?” As much as he wanted Lee to move forward he still wasn’t sure if Lee was ready for intimacy with a new lover. Tony didn’t want to be selfish, but Lee was special and deserved someone just as special for him.

“I think he’s as ready as he’s going to be.”

The doorbell rang, interrupting them.

Lee opened the door to let Trent inside. Antonio approved of the warm smile the chief gave Lee. When Trent removed his jacket, Antonio saw a set of nice muscles on the man. That would be good. Not much of a gym rat Antonio had been blessed with good muscle tone but not bulging muscles.

The difference between them would be good for Lee. He needed to have someone completely opposite Antonio so he could move on.

This could be the man.

“He’s not as pretty as you,” Michael said in his ear. “But he’s not ugly either.”

Tony laughed. “He’s a good looking man. You don’t have to try and babysit me. Feel free to go elsewhere and spread your angelic cheer.”

Michael laughed. “Angelic cheer? I like that.”

He ignored the annoying angel. He needed to hear what was going on with his beloved.


Lee tucked Trent’s jacket in the closet trying to hide his nerves. It had been years since he’d been on a date and before Antonio there had only been a few men here and there. Antonio had swept Lee off of his feet when he was twenty-two and he’d stayed enchanted with the man until the day he died.

“Nice place.”

“Thanks. I bought it after Antonio died.”

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  1. I like seeing all the different perspectives and seeing how each character sees each scene. I would suggest, though, that you make some kind of marking to denote a shift in point of view or you could make each chapter a different perspective and not at top whose POV we’re seeing, though I don’t think the second suggestion will work too well with how the story is progressing so far. Loving this and cannot wait to see how the story continues!

  2. It’s a good thing to wake up to. I think you should keep the changing POV. 🙂 Maybe delineate them a little better in the final version.

  3. Ienjoyed this installment. I also don’t mind the hopping and like to see what is going on in the characters heads. Anyway you write it we will read it.

  4. I am enjoying this story; and all the head hopping it lets us see what is going on in the characters heads. However. any way you write it I will read it. 🙂 🙂

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