My Books At Silver

Happy Sunday everyone,

It appears Silver Publishing is shutting down their site on May 1st. If you have any books that need to be downloaded you should get to that as soon as possible before their servers vanish. If you have one of my old books make sure you have a screen shot of your library so that when you want my new version I can replace it for free with your proof of purchase 🙂 (Note: Hubby said to remind that I can only replace the ones I’m self-pubbing)

I’ll now return you to your regularly scheduled Sunday!

13 thoughts on “My Books At Silver

  1. Don’t know if its just me or if it has to do with silver publishing closing their doors but I’ve tried for the last to days to log on to redownload my books so I can back them up and it keeps saying this page can’t be displayed.So I thought you might want to know and pass it .

  2. Thank you! I only had two and they are already downloaded from site, but backed up again just in case. Appreciate the heads up!

  3. Yes thank you Amber for letting us know. Luckily, I had seen A.J. Llewelyn’s blog yesterday that has an amazing piece about this.

    I was able to get my books, but I had to search online and then enter the site via their twitter links. I feel horrible for the authors and employees caught up in this mess.

  4. It has already shut down. I tried it yesterday. I saw someone else’s post and others said they couldn’t access it either.

  5. I had an email from them, I was able to log in yesterday and redownload the few books I had from them. Pretty sure I already have those backed up but better safe than ‘OH NO where’d that book go’ later on lol

  6. As soon as I heard they were in trouble I made sure I had all my books and took screenshots of my entire library. Go me, see me be efficient. 🙂

  7. This sucks. I had already stopped buying books from sites that do not allow unlimited downloads and we are not losing this site,

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