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Farren’s Wizard is now on Amazon! Here is the link

Wizards, shifters, dragons and gnomes work to circumvent monsters and evil in this series of paranormal mates. In this group of stories, lovers must use their supernatural abilities to overcome adversity against what they are and who they choose to love. Even the strongest wizard will need his mate to keep him alive, and the weakest man will find strength in the people around him.

Come visit the world of magic and find out how true love can only survive with A Wizard’s Touch…

6 thoughts on “Now on Amazon!

  1. Hey Amber,

    I really enjoyed watching Dan and Farren find each other. I it was nice to have a different kind of paranormal to read about. I’ve been following this series since Jaynell was a blog story and its been awesome to see it evolve. I like all the new books and its always great to see Jaynell again.

    A bit off topic, but what happened to Accidental Alpha? I remember it was going to be retitled, but do not remember what the new title is. Has it been released? If not, will it be released soon?

    Have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks Cole. I’ve been working on Alpha I hope to have it released next month 🙂 *crossing fingers*

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