Sneak Snippet!

Loving Leif *unedited excerpt*

Leif reached across the table and trailed a finger over Blake’s right hand. “I think you’re very brave. I’ve always admired that about you. When some of the others turned mean and vicious, you tried to help.”

“I didn’t do enough.” Blake had spent months wallowing in his own despair before he’d shaken himself free of the grief over his mutation and tried to help the shifters against the scientist.

Leif squeezed Blake’s hand. “In the end you helped bring Lorus down and you’re still helping even though you’ve been changed back. You could’ve moved away and started a new life. Put all this behind you but you didn’t.”

He opened his mouth to dispute I but he couldn’t. Nothing kept him in this city except a dark-eyed shifter with the courage of a lion beneath his glossy feathers.

“I’ve thought about leaving several times but I’m not going anywhere until Lorus’ victims are given justice. For every mutant who is happy to be changed there are five or more trapped in that form, and looking for a way out. It’s for them I persevere.”

Leif leaned forward, his dark eyes glowing in the dim hotel lights. “I find your dedication admirable.”

He stroked Blake’s fingers, scrambling his thoughts.

“Th-thank you.” Blake blushed. Where had his confidence gone? He’d never been a player, too caught up in his studies to date much, but he’d been a confident man before Korl transformed him. He hadn’t been alpha material but he definitely wasn’t a show-his-belly omega either.

Leif’s dark eyes glowed, the brown color darkening close to black. Blake could see Leif’s crow peering out at him as if evaluating his worth. His wolf barked a greeting. Sometimes having an inner beast made relationships difficult. Blake had always taken wolf shifters as lovers in the past. Things were easier when the guys he dated shared the same weird quirks. It would be difficult to explain to a human Blake’s sudden urge to howl at the moon. However, the birdlike tilt of Leif’s head, his bright enquiring mind and the innate strength of will emanating from Leif, proved irresistible to Blake. He licked his lips and wondered how Leif would taste. With wolf shifters a little wildness flavored their lips. What would a raven shifter taste like—his raven shifter.

17 thoughts on “Sneak Snippet!

  1. Looks good, I was always interested in Blake’s story.

    I know this is unedited but in the last paragraph you refer to Leif as both a crow and a raven, two different kinds of birds.

  2. I love this series. I think you said that this was unedited? Because you refer to Leif as a crow and as a raven in the last paragraph. (Just trying to be helpful not picky–lol). I am sure I will love this one as much as the others.

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