Forever My Love #10

“Hey, easy. Let’s get you to my car. I think you should go to the hospital. Some of those cuts look deep.” He eyed the man’s injuries with concern.

The stranger’s eyes glowed. Trent blinked certain he’d been mistaken.

“Do you think you’re steady enough to stand?” He didn’t want to yank the man to his feet only to have him fall and hurt himself. The man would probably sue him and Trent would deserve it for his stupidity.

A quiet fell between them as the man considered Trent’s words. “Yeah, I think I’m fine. If you get me out of here I’ll be even more thankful.”

Trent leaned down to offer the man a hand. A big gust of wind blew Trent backwards and away from the stranger. Only by luck did he keep on his feet.

“Ghost,” the man sprang to his feet and bared his teeth at Trent.—his oddly long teeth.

“What ghost?” Trent backed up from the demented man.

“I think he means me.” Antonio appeared, a dim, shadowy shape beside him.

“Are you haunting me?”

Antonio shrugged. “Not really. I’m watching over you. You obviously need someone to. After all you don’t have the good sense to avoid wandering into the woods and becoming a munchie.”

“You’re not making any sense.” What made even less sense was him arguing with a ghost.


Instinct had Trent dropping to the ground at Antonio’s command. A furry shape leapt over him. He grabbed for his gun, his heart pounding as if it would soon break out of his chest to make a run for it.

Weapon ready, Trent scanned the area and he climbed to his feet. He glanced over and froze. “Hey, where did he go?”

No answer. He waited for a snarky response from his ghost companion. Nothing. Both his ghost and the injured man had disappeared. How was he going to write this report up. Missing injured man and warnings from a spirit. And not just any spirit but the ghost of his current love interest’s husband. Yeah, it would be best to deny seeing anything.

Something about Antonio made Trent defensive. Why had Antonio come after him? Had he truly been in danger? Should he be concerned about scary forest men?

Groaning with frustration he turned to go back to his car. A low growl had him freezing in place. “Antonio,” he whispered.

He’d rather it was the ghost screwing with him than a wild beast in the forest. He hadn’t heard of any particularly frightening animals around and he didn’t think wolves were indigenous to the area. Maybe it was a coyote?

Trent took a slow, sweeping glance around to see if he could spot the creature making that noise. A flash of glowing eyes peered from the underbrush.

“He wondered where the injured guy had gone. Once second he’d been there, the next gone.”

“He’s a werewolf.”

Trent spun around to glare at Antonio. The ghost didn’t appear impressed.

“Werewolf? Really? Did you find big foot while you were here too?”

Antonio grinned. “You don’t believe me. You can stand here and talk to a ghost but you don’t believe in shifters.”

Trent crossed his arms. “I don’t have to justify myself to you.” He wished Antonio were corporeal so he could shoot him. Lee wouldn’t pine for his husband so much if he knew what an ass hat he was in the afterlife.

“No, you don’t. I just thought I’d save you the trouble of being mauled. Forgive me for interfering.” Antonio vanished again.

This time Trent was certain the ghost wasn’t coming back.

“Jerk!” he shouted. A series of growling returned his attention to the woods. Now instead of one pair of eyes he spotted over a dozen. “Well fuck,” he whispered, too frightened to curse any louder. Maybe he should’ve believed the ghost.

12 thoughts on “Forever My Love #10

  1. I wondered where you were going with this new guy. Interesting. Can’t wait to see if we see him again.

  2. Hmm Amber, your mind works in mysterious ways. Loving the story and am looking forward to more.

  3. Oh wow, this just got much better. I think Trent needs somebody other than Lee. And I’m still not thrill with Antonio, he is an asshat.

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