Wednesday WIP!

I thought I’d post a bit from my new Supernatural Mates book. I’m almost done writing it. Please note this is unedited.


Andrew looked both ways before heading to his car. It was still early in the morning maybe the birds didn’t wake up early. Weren’t they supposed to though, something about getting the worms? Did wren shifters eat actual worms? Would they have worm breath? He shuddered.

Another glance around didn’t reveal any birds hopping out to greet him. One cranky crow swept the sky above him but as he didn’t know any crow shifters so he ignored the bird. It probably only came to sit on the phone lines and poop on his car.

For once the wrens weren’t waiting around the corner to pounce. Besides birds didn’t really pounce, the most they could do was hop and peck, or shift into gorgeous men and try to seduce him.

A foot from his car two wrens landed on the roof. The familiar click of their claws against metal had his heart skipping a beat. Huh, they hadn’t lost interest after all. Andrew sighed, and tried to hide his smile. Relief washed through him. He knew he should step back from the wrens. He’d never acted on his attraction to men before. Why these two broke down his resistance he didn’t know. Maybe he had a weakness for stunning, sweet men who wanted to take care of him.

“You can’t sit there, you have to let me go to work.”

They responded with a series of scolding chirps.

“You need to stop coddling me.” Andrew held his hand up to the birds, showing his small bandage. “See I’m not bleeding at all. It’s almost completely healed. If I wasn’t heading for the hospital I would leave it unwrapped.”

He felt foolish showing his minor cut to a pair of tiny birds, but the sight of his blood had completely freaked out the wren shifters. They had insisted on hovering over him for days until they were certain he wouldn’t bleed to death over a small knife cut. Although he’d refused to let them stay the night, that hadn’t stopped them from making a nest in the tree across from his apartment. They hopped out to check on him whenever he dared step a foot outside.

A barrage of irritated chatter assaulted his ears.

“No! You two don’t get a say.” Ignoring the indignant birds, Andrew opened his car door. The flutter of wings he spotted out of the corner of his eye assured him they had flown off. He let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. He brutally squashed the stab of disappointment over their departure. Did he expect a pair of twenty-something shifters to hover outside his house forever? Andrew closed his eyes and rested his forehead against the cool metal of his car for a moment. The saying ‘there’s no fool like an old fool’ whispered through his head like a relationship death knoll.

He didn’t want to lust after the two young men. He’d already done the ‘fated mate with a shifter’ relationship and that hadn’t turned out so well the first time. The only good thing that came of his heart-crushing marriage to a lion shifter was his son, James.

“Hey, I thought you were feeling better?” Chen’s warm breath brushed across Andrew’s ear as he spoke. A large hand slid down Andrew’s back. Was it wrong he knew who touched him without opening his eyes? He’d become too comfortable with the two men. Andrew opened his eyes and turned his head only to find the wren shifter inches away. Chen’s brown eyes were lit with worry.

“I’m fine.” Andrew straightened. “Thanks for checking up on me. I do appreciate your concern.”

He knew he sounded stiff and formal but he couldn’t afford to encourage the shifter duo. His horrible romantic track record didn’t just make him gun shy, it made him consider becoming a monk.

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  1. I WANT MORE! NOW! Seriously though, I love it and can’t wait to read it. Do we need to come crack the whip?

      1. It’s may 😛 lol. Wonderful excerpt with a lot of anticipation built in on my side 😉

  2. oh boy, yippee. So we get this soon and any idea yet when Loving Leif will be available? Also are you working on a new Dragon’s of Seattle book yet?

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