Forever My Love #11

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* * * *

Trent walked slowly toward his car. Maybe if he didn’t run he wouldn’t trigger the hunting instinct of whatever the hell they were.

A gust of wind swirled around him. Seconds later he heard a series of yips and the dark eyes vanished.

Not daring to question his luck, Trent grabbed the door handle of his car and yanked it open. He slid inside. Without another glance backward he started his engine and swerved back down the road.

“What the fuck was that?” He shouted. Now that he sat snug in his vehicle he could vent out his fear. For one heart stuttering moment he’d worried that his life would come to an end because he’d been stupid enough to go out on a call without backup. “I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Have you?”

Trent swerved then straightened the wheel. He cast a cautious glance over at Antonio riding along with him in a semi-transparent state. “Why are you stalking me?”

“I want Lee to have a happy relationship. You have a tendency to get into trouble. Going out into werewolf country without backup, not your brightest move.”

“How was I to know it was were wolf country? First of all I don’t believe in werewolves, second there wasn’t exactly a sign.” Delayed reaction had his hand shaking on the steering wheel.

“Hey, now you know. Don’t go into the woods alone.”

“How did you know there were werewolves there?”

“Oh, one died a few days ago. He was a nice fellow. He told me all about them.” With that Antonio vanished.

“Of course he did,” Trent grumbled. It would’ve helped for Antonio to share his knowledge but right now it might be more than Trent could handle. The fact werewolves weren’t just horror stories in books and movies would take a bit getting used to. He wished he could talk to Lee but telling him he’d received information from his dead husband much less seeing werewolves.

Yeah that was a relationship death knell. He should’ve thanked Antonio for stepping in but something about him rubbed Trent the wrong way, probably because Lee was still in love with him. Trent sighed.

He’d thought his move to this small town would be life changing he just didn’t realize how much.

“I wonder if vampires are real.” Trent mused as he turned into the parking lot for the station.

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  1. Trent should be careful what he wishes for, or in this case wonders about…. Now who could it be? Hhmmmmm?

  2. LOL… this is marvelous. It would be a lot to take in and believe. And oh no Vampires too. Excellent story. Ghost, were’s and Vamp’s you do know how to make us happy.

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