Forever My Love #12

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Antonio appeared beside Michael. He froze at the expression on the angel’s face.

“You overexerted yourself.” The angel cupped Antonio’s face. Energy raced through him until he tingled from his scalp to his toes.

He both enjoyed and hated the sensation.

“I had things I needed to do,” Antonio defended himself.

“I saw.” Michael’s mouth tightened.

Antonio stepped back from Michael’s touch. “What?”

“You need to stop materializing, it uses up too much of your energy. If you use too much up I won’t be able to stop your soul’s transition to pure spirit. If that happens you will leave this plane for reincarnation.”

“And I’ll never know what happens to Lee?”

“No.” Michael gripped Antonio’s shoulder. “Stay here with me and watch from a distance, Trent doesn’t need help.”

“He could’ve been eaten by werewolves,” Antonio argued. “I consider that is a problem.”

Michael wrapped an arm around Antonio’s waist. The angel had been becoming more touchy over the time they’d spent together. “I wouldn’t let him become a werewolf unless he needed to.”

“Why would he need to? Lee doesn’t need a werewolf for his partner?” Antonio didn’t like where this conversation was heading.

“You can’t see the future Antonio. Things are coming and your ex-husband is going to need all the help he can get.”

Antonio bit back the instinctive argument against Lee being his ex anything. He had to get used to not being Lee’s main focus. They both had to move forward no matter how much the sight of Lee with another man tore Antonio apart.

“Are you saying I should’ve let Trent become a werewolf?” He tensed, waiting for Michael’s answer. He didn’t know which would make him feel better— that Trent didn’t need fur and fangs or that he did and Antonio had ruined something.

“Fate is a tricky bitch,” Michael raised his hand to slide his fingers through Antonio’s hair. “Some might think you were supposed to die just to be right here.”

Michael leaned closer. Antonio stepped out of Michael’s embrace. “Some might. I prefer to think I’m here to watch over Lee. Now tell me. Did I ruin something?”

“I don’t know.” Michael frowned. “The future has turned cloudy. I think my interactions with you have changed my ability to see your fate.”

Antonio froze. What did he do now? “You don’t see Lee’s happy ending?”

He’d counted on Michael having the inside track to Lee’s life.

“Easy, Antonio,” Michael cupped Antonio’s cheek. “Don’t stress. Everything will happen as it’s supposed.”

“You’d be surprised at how that doesn’t comfort me at all.” Antonio folded his arms across his chest. The pain over not having Lee to hold knifed through him.

“You really should be over him by now,” Michael sneered. “He’s a mere mortal, while I’m right here. I could be with you for eternity.”

Antonio regarded the gorgeous angel for a long moment. “Have you ever been in love?”

“No. Angels don’t love.” Michael’s voice rang true and a smug smile tilted his lips.

“I think that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. How can you feel compassion when there’s no love?”

“I don’t need compassion. I have justice.” Michael gathered his wings close to his body a motion Antonio had begun to realize indicated the angel had become uncomfortable with the conversation.

Antonio didn’t know what to say so he turned his attention back to Lee. For him, love was the only emotion worth giving up everything for.

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  1. oh wow, what could possibly be coming that Lee would need a werewolf for protection for. Poor Michael, he may THINK he doesn’t love, But I think he already does love Antonio. Can’t wait for the next installment to see what happens next.

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