17 thoughts on “Now Available!

    1. LOL that’s what I get when I have my dyslexic hubby put it up. I’ll fix. Thanks.

      1. Sorry to add my two cents but I just opened my download from your site and it has the same mistake. Plus the Title page and TOC have it reversed. Thanks for the new book.

      2. Mobi. Just finished reading. Love the cliffhanger ending. Can’t wait for the “m” in moonpack!

      3. Thanks figured out the problem. Hubby spelled it wrong when he put it in smashwords to convert. Oh well. Not a big deal 🙂 I’ve fixed them all but the Amazon version now.

  1. When will it be out for Kindle/Amazon? I need it for my KindleApp.
    I realy like to read it.

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