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I just realized that I never posted my contest information. My connecting flight from Dallas to New Orleans had been cancelled and I ended up having to drive overnight (well hubby drove most of the way). I’m still catching up with my sleep. Anyway. I will be giving away a dragon and a print book of mine. You can choose either Thresl book, The Wizard’s Touch or Banded Brothers. If you happen to own all these or don’t collect print books anymore I will substitute 3 e-books of mine. Yes International fans are eligible!

To enter the contest answer the following question: If you could have lunch with any person of your choice, living or dead, who would if be? Choose someone you actually haven’t had lunch with….and I don’t count 🙂

FIVE winners will be chosen!


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  1. Definitely Plato. I would ask lots of questions about Atlantis. Great question!

  2. I would love to sit down with SJD Peterson for lunch. I bet it would be a riot. 🙂

  3. I would love to have lunch with Vin Diesel (cliché I know). From reading others opinions you get a description of him and I’d love to have a conversation with him to see if that is the real him or just the press him. My other one would be my grandpa and grandma, they have both passed now and i’d love to sit down just one more time and hear the stories or play a game of tripoly or gin rummy. I have so many great memories but to hear them tell the family stories just one more time would be wonderful.

  4. That’s so hard!! But I’m going to go with – “I want to have lunch with…” Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
    Just because he’s on my most recent list of “why’s and how the hell’s?!”

  5. I would love to have lunch with Dean Koontz, he is my other favorite author.

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  6. I’d love to have lunch with my nan & grandad (one is maternal, the other paternal) both died within a couple of months of me being born. There are so many things I’d like to ask them. About their life and their families.

  7. I know it’s got some dumb but I would have to say James Gandolfini. He grew up in the town right next to the town I grew up in, and he used to go back and visit frequently to the point where there was a signed picture of him in the diner that I used to frequent. Our paths almost crossed a bunch of times but never quite got there and he is always been my major celebrity crush and I have to say if there’s anybody I would love to have lunch with it would be him.

  8. I would love to have lunch with Lincoln. I’m sure he would be very interesting to talk to.

  9. I would love to have lunch with my niece, Tori, just to have the chance to tell her goodbye and how much she is loved and missed.

    If it needs to be someone “famous”, I would love to have lunch with SJ Frost since she is one of my favorite authors and it doesn’t look like I’m ever going to get to meet her in person.

  10. I would love to have lunch with Tim Gunn from Project Runway. He fascinates me. He seems kind and intelligent and some one I could learn a lot from.

  11. I would love to have lunch with my oldest daughter, Kiera, who passed away at the age of 5 back in 2002. I’d ask her about heaven and remind her how very much she was loved and is missed.

  12. I would love to have lunch with Jack Sparrow. Not johnny depp but the character Jack Sparrow. I do love pirates!!!

  13. I would choose Elizabeth the First ( King Henry the VIII ‘s daughter. She has always intrigued me. I am a bit of a of a fangirl where she is concerned.

  14. I would want to have lunch with my maternal grandmother. She passed away ten years before I was born. The stories I have heard make me think she would have been an amazing woman. She was supposedly very mischievous and sweet.

  15. I would love to have lunch with Galileo. Can you imagine how his mind worked? He was smart enough and brave enough to talk about his beliefs even though the church and others didn’t agree. I would like to have that lunch after he was under house arrest to give him a change of scenery and also to see if he was still happy about what he did.

    If we could do fictional people, it would be River Song from Doctor Who. She is crazy, but so cool! Of course I would want to talk to her after she has been own over to the Doctors side. Lol.

  16. I would like to have lunch with Elvis Presley. I had a huge crush on him growing up. Thank you for the giveaway.

  17. Jesus I think. I’d like some clarity on his stance towards lgbt and other issues in the institution of religion.

  18. I would liked to have had lunch with Elvis Presley. I had a huge crush on him growing up. Thank you for the giveaway.

  19. I would love to have lunch with Jesus. It would be fun to ask him about various moral questions and ask him about family members that are no longer living.

  20. I’d love to talk to Saul/Paul to ask him for his version of his salvation experience and to ask what his thorn in the flesh was.

  21. I would love to have lunch with my father more than anyone. He died when I was 13 and it would mean the world to me for him to meet my husband and children and just talk to him about my life and say goodbye because I never got that chance.

  22. I would love to have lunch with Da Vinci. He created so many inventions that have been built since his death, including robots. I wonder if he really had visions into the future. Would love to pick his creative brain. Such wisdom

  23. I think I’d like to have lunch with my grandfather whom I never got to know. He died when my father was a baby.

  24. I would love to have lunch with Larissa Ione or Nalini Singh because I absolutely love their stories.

  25. I would love to have lunch with Cheryl Brooks because I love her cat star chronicles.

  26. Well I would want to have lunch with Sandrine Gasq-Dion because I think she would be a hoot and I would love to talk to her to see how her mind works vi love her work it is simply amazing and if it couldn’t be Sandrine then it would be Kindle Alexander she seems to be an amazing person.

  27. My Dad’s parents. They passed away when I was 9 and 11. Be nice to have lunch.

  28. I’m pretty boring, and reading is my main hobby. So I’d like to do lunch with any or all of my favourite authors. A luncheon party with Stormy Glenn, Vicktor Alexander, Mary Calmes, Cardeno C and a whole bunch of others. Yes that would be hogs heaven.

  29. I will like to have lunch with RJ Scott Sandrine Gasq Dion become I believe it would be a very lively lunch with a lot of laughs.

  30. The first person that popped in my head was Mary Calmes because I just love all her books! & Maybe one of my ancestors from my dad side because I would love to learn dine (Navajo language)

  31. I would like to have lunch with Anne McCaffrey. I adore her. Sadly she has left this plane of existence. But, I have a first edition picture book of hers illustrated by John Howe. She was gracious and sent me an autographed book plate for it. She’s inspired me in many ways to be the writer that I am today. … Yes, I’d love to have lunch with her.

  32. I would love to have a dragon! Well I’m going to stay away from M/M authors because I can’t just pick one. I would love to have lunch with Elizabeth Peters aka Barbara Mertz. I came close to meeting her once but had to cancel my trip.

  33. I’d like to have lunch with my grandmother on my mothers side, she died before I was born.

  34. The history major in me would have to choose one of the first presidents of the USA and see their point of view on how far we have come. Or if you really want to go out there me in 50 years. 😃. To see how my life develops.

  35. The famous person I’d like to have lunch with is John Wayne”The Duke”. He was my first crush. I think he’d be a hoot to talk to.

  36. So many choices: There are always 4 that come immediately to mind when asked this question, I can never decide on just one so here they are.
    Albert Einstein
    George Washington
    Abe Lincoln
    John Wayne

  37. Colin firth wearing his costume from pride and prejudice after he just come of the all lovely amd wet. That way i can sit throughout the meal and just ogle and dream

  38. Thomas Jefferson. Brilliant man maybe he could explain his prejudice and still be in love with a black woman. Maybe he could tell me stories about his peers and the situation back then. Maybe we could discuss politics and religion. Lunch wouldn’t be enough time.

  39. I would pick David Stuart, because he was the one to figure out the last piece of the code of the Mayan language and make it possible to fully translate the ancient Mayan text. The conversations about the language and the ancient cities of the Mayan civilization would be…….. AMAZING!

  40. Helen Keller I think, I have always been infatuated with her for some strange reason, I think any type of famous person report I was suppose to on someone at school and it was my choice of who, I always chose Helen Keller and my reports were always different she was just that interesting to me that other then the basic bio stuff I could always find something new about her to report.

  41. Andre Norton! She was an amazing lady with an amazing legacy and got me started with reading Sci-Fi at a very early age. She passed away a few years ago in her mid 90’s. What a pioneer for female authors.

  42. I think I would like to have lunch with Ellen DeGeneres. She seems like someone I could have an intelligent conversation but not too serious. I am sure I would be laughing a lot as well.

  43. I would like to have lunch with my oldest sister as I never had to meet her as she passed away way before I was born. .. Just want to find out her dreams and goals. ..

  44. I would like to have lunch with J. K. Rowling. I’m sure that there are many things in the Harry Potter world that aren’t written in the book. It would be really interesting to know. (For example, in an interview, J. K. Rowling revealed that Dumbledore was actually gay.)

  45. Lunch with I will say my Dad he passed when I was 5 he was 86. So I would love to ask him about his childhood in the late 1880’s.

  46. Until last October I would have answered that question with the name Anne McCaffrey, but now I think I would prefer to have lunch with my late husband, just so I could tell him face to face one more time how much he means to me.

  47. I’d love to spend the time with Mark Twain. He had such a gift for words, and was ahead of his time in so many ways. It would also be wonderful to see if he was as funny in person as he was in print!

  48. I would have lunch with the dog whisperer he helps so many dogs that would otherwise be put to sleep.

  49. I think I’d like to have lunch with God and ask him what I asked the priest when I was about 8/10 years old. Who created God, and who created the person who created God and so on.

  50. Lucretia Borgia As my name is actually Lucrecea, I think it would be interesting to meet the one person I have been linked to by name for all my life. Even though she is said to be very very bad. LOL

  51. I think I would have liked to have lunch with Sean Michael… I love all of his books and would love to hear where he comes up with his idea’s…

  52. wow I have so many that I would love to have lunch with but the most important one is my father. He passed away 13 years ago and never got to meet my youngest children or walk my sisters down the aisle. He was the center of our world and held our family together. I would love to be able to have one more lunch with him and just surround myself with his love.

  53. Gabrielle Evans, Stormy Glenn, Jana Downs and you. And yes, you do count. Lol. And no, I’m not sucking up. I find authors to be the coolest and those I’ve meet through fb are awesome. Because you guys introduced me to M/M books and I will be forever grateful for it.

  54. I would love to have lunch with either my Grandmother (my dad’s mom) she died when he was 12 or my Grandfather (my dad’s dad) he died 2 weeks before I was born, so I never got to meet either of them.

  55. I would love to have lunch with Marilyn Monroe. I have always liked her and would love to sit and have lunch and to see what she was really like and not how the media portrayed her.

  56. He’s a local celebrity (Greek) named Nick Moutsinas. He has a wicked sense of humor and a mind that fires up comeback after comeback. I’d just love to spend lunch with him

  57. I would love to have lunch with the cast of golden girls … because they are so inspiring and amazing actresses and people. It would be a pleasure to get to know them in person, and chat for hours about working together and how they got to here there were, love them and the show.

  58. I think it would be neat to have lunch with JFK. It would be interesting to talk politics and see what would have been different if he hadn’t been killed!

  59. I hate to say my father has been dead for 10 years and he is who I would have lunch with.

  60. My grandmother Okvath, she died when I was 13 and I don’t remember much about her, I do know she was born in 1888 and watched the modern age evolve and would love to hear her take on the massive changes that happened in her lifetime.

  61. It’s hard to choose between Freddie Mercury or Robert Doweny Junior. And it’s not just because they’re both really pretty. Interesting and intelligent helps. 😉

  62. I would like to have lunch with my paternal grandmother. She died when I was just one, I keep herring my dad and his sisters tell this great stories about here

  63. There are so many choices! The first name that popped in my head is Anne Bishop. She wrote The Black Jewels series, among others. I’ll be she is just fascinating.

  64. I would love to have lunch with my mum one last time and tell her how much I love her and miss her to this day

  65. I would love to have a chance to have lunch with my grandfather to ask him how he did it everyday and what is most important in life that he managed to handle it so calmly and well. And maybe ask him what heaven is like.

  66. I couldn’t decide, but then Diane Mc’s post made me think of my great-great grandmother. She homesteaded here in the US without a husband (to start with), and that most certainly wasn’t common back then, so I’d love to have a chance to visit with her, and discuss the challenges and joys in her life.

  67. I would like to have lunch with Dr. Temple Grandin. I don’t know if she could help me know what my kids are thinking but I think it would be awesome.

  68. That is easy. I would have lunch with my daughter. She was stillborn 16 years ago, so I never even had a chance to look into her eyes or feel her breath against my face.
    If it has to be a living person, though, I would choose Jensen Ackles. He might be able to give me some future Supernatural plot hints hehe

  69. I would like to have lunch with the writers of the Bill Of Rights. I’m a history
    buff and this would be super.

  70. My grandparents on my mothers side. They died before I was born and when my mother was three. The little stories she told me about her childhood have always fascinated me and I would love to hear their stories about their childhood.

  71. I would have lunch with Prince. He’s my favorite musician of all time and I just think he is the most adorable little thing I’ve ever seen! 🙂

  72. Gabriel Garcia Marquez. His stories always read like poetry to me. Or Oscar the grouch my childhood favorite. It’s a toss up.

  73. I would have lunch with Martin Luthor King to thank him for trying and tell him I hope we will have that world he talked about soon.

  74. Princess Anastasia (even if she really wasn’t Anastasia) I’ve been fascinated by the story of the tzar’s and would love to sit down and talk with her and maybe find out if she was the real Anastasia 🙂

  75. Ahhh!! I hope It’s ok and i’m not too late to answer thisss!! Dx

    Hm, But I think I would just… LOVE, love, love to have lunch with Elizabeth I of England.

    As for WHY I’d love to… simply because she seems to be that one person that could have changed the whole course of history, had she had an heir to continue the Tudor line…
    I mean, she already did great things and seemed to have been an absolutely magnificent person, but… like… even though England has nothing to do with me, I’m fascinated by the history of the Tudor dynasty and how it all just came to a grinding halt with her. I mean, for all I know her kid would have been a fucking psycho and ruined everything, but the same, her child could have been an even greater ruler than she was…
    I don’t know, I just think it would be fascinating if I could have met her… lol…

    1. If Elizabeth had a husband or son she would have been marginalised in favour of the male. Judging by the rest of the Tudors your Psycho comment could have been correct.

  76. Historically men tend to look down on women so my choice would be a toss up between Mother Teresa for her selfless life and the good she did, Princess Diana for the good shake-up she gave the British royal famiy to bring it into the modern era or Elizabeth I who in a time when women were thought of as not much more the breeding machines showed the world that she had the skill and intelligence to rule and outsmart the male leaders of her time.

  77. My grandmother (my mom’s mom). She died when I was about two, so I don’t remember her at all. The reason why I would love to talk to her is because of a strange dream I had of a lady right after I became engaged to be married. In my dream a woman with dark hair was trying to get me to buy a hideous, purple wedding dress. I really did not think much about the dream….thought it was humerous until I told my mother what I had dreamed. My mom turned several shades of white. Apparently when she got married, they eloped and she wore a red dress that her mother hated. Her mother told her that she was going to have me wear a purple wedding dress when I got married. I never knew this until after I told my mom about my dream. I would love to seat down and ask her if she had visited me in my sleep! Would be interesting!

  78. Johanna lindsey. she captured my imagination and made me love books more. you cant find me without a it printed or electronic.thanks johanna

  79. If I’m picking anybody, I might as well go big. I would like to sit down with God. I have a few things I would like to ask him about that has happen to me in the past, and would like to have a say about were things are going. I don’t want to know the future, but I would like a say in it.

  80. I would pick Jesus, love to discuss what has been done in his name and get his opinion. If I get a second choice love to talk to lorna freeman and ask her where the bloody hell has she been, hope all is well and when is her next book coming out

  81. I would like to have lunch with my Uncle Eddie, my Dad’s brother. I don’t remember ever having lunch with him. But as a adult I would have liked to get to know him better. He died of AIDS he got it from his partner Uncle Bucky. I think I was around 19 I’m fixin to be 43. I got to see him not long before he died. But I’m different now and I would have felt more comfortable with him now.

  82. My husbands dad. He has been gone since my hubby was 16. Apparently he was a real non people person. My hubby has totally different memories than his brother did and I would really liked to have known him.

  83. I would love to have lunch with one of my ancestors from 500 years ago and just see how things were for them at that time period

  84. I would like to have lunch with my son. He passed away when he was born and I’d like to see who he would have become.

  85. My grandma who passed away when I was 8 to ask her about her life and get one more hug from her.

  86. Gabrielle Evans, Stormy Glenn, Amber Kell (you are my bestie), Dana Marie Bell, J.D. Robb, Patricia Biggs and Christine Feehan. Yes, I included you because we both have children with autism and I find your advice helpful so I would love to have lunch with you.

  87. Since I can’t pick you I would like to have lunch with Jackie Collins I was sixteen years old when I started reading her books the first one being The Bitch then Hollywood Wives. I would like to talk to her about how she forms her characters and the real identify of those characters.

  88. I would love to have lunch with two sets of my greatgrandparents (moms side) and the grandparents from my dads side I never met. I would love to hear about their life and the experience of being in both world wars. But also about how life was for the very independent women of my family and how they managed to findtheir ways Iin the world. I heard some funny and interesting stories about them. My grandparents mostly because I don’t know much at all about this side of the family past my dad’s generation.

  89. I would like to have lunch with Queen Elizabeth II, I think she would have some great and funny stories to tell…come on you know she does!!!!

  90. I would love to have lunch with Nelson Mandela. He was and really still is such an amzing role model to me. Being able to stand strong through everything he went through and continue to inspire people even after his death is incredible to me. He really knew how to live life to the fullest and make everything he did matter greatly.

  91. I would love to eat lunch with my Lolo. She died when I was a kid, and it’d be great to see her again one more time.

  92. As much as I would love to meet my favorite M/M authors, I will step out of the genre and select Joss Whedon or Kevin Smith. I think both of them must have a wicked sense of humor and a fantastic reading background. I absolutely love how they put in references to classic works into their writing/film endeavors.

  93. I would like to have lunch with Abraham Lincoln. To just talk about what the Civil War was really about!!!!!!

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