The Importance of Fluff!

Twice now I’ve had a fellow author tell me that they feel marginalized because people consider my writing and theirs to be fluff. Fluff, meaning it isn’t real writing and contains little literary value. My friends all seem appalled by this classification but I’m actually okay with it. My books aren’t going to solve any world issues or yank you through the emotional wringer, which is fine because that isn’t my goal. I want to write a happy story that gives you that sense of romantic satisfaction in the end. And whenever I read an email from a fan who tells me my books helped get them through some dark times in their lives I feel pretty damn good about my fluff.

Granted my books aren’t going to solve world hunger and ninety-percent of the time won’t make you cry (yes I know Bonded Broken has a sad scene) but if at the end of the book you’ve laughed a few times and had a contented feeling at the end then I’ve done my job. As to whether I’m a real writer…well, I have over eighty titles to my name so I’m pretty sure I’ve answered that question. I think there’s room for all kinds of writing and they each have their niche to fill. When someone has had a hard day and is more concerned to learn if a human can handle his two dragon shifter mates than solving complex societal issues, one of my books is the kind they choose. So maybe I should change my tagline to be “happiness through romance”. Goes off to ponder happy fluffy thoughts.

57 thoughts on “The Importance of Fluff!

  1. Amen! The value of a book lies in whether the reader enjoyed it, not in some objective criteria of angst or “literary” value (whatever that even is). I’ve read plenty of “fluff” to lift my spirits on a hard day, which is pretty damn important to me! 🙂

  2. I tell people all the time that I read your books and this type of books because it gives me warm fuzzy feeling, I get a happy ever after, and I do not need a masters degree to figure out what you are trying to say, and there is enough depressing stuff in our everyday life. So I for one am very grateful for the “Fluff” that you write. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU !!! 🙂 🙂 You do an exceptional job of it!!!!

  3. Absolutely… what Jordan said… I read to escape and I write what I love. Yes, it may well fall into whatever definition *fluff* has but jeez, life is too hard already and sometimes you just want to lose yourself in a book that gives you the warm and fuzzies…


  4. Fluff? Maybe these critics have fluff for brains. Anyway, I don’t care if it’s fluff or not. It’s entertaining and that’s what a book is supposed to do. Your books have gotten me through sickness, boring hospital stays and just crappy days in general. They take me away from where I am. Yes, some make me cry (Glares). That’s ok. The ultimate ending is what I look forward to. Except for that ONE book but we’ve talked about that. You fixed it, I’m good 🙂 Keep writing you *fluff*. I’ll keep reading it as long as I can.

  5. I agree, I read for enjoyment and sometimes to escape from the real world. When I can sit back relax and read a nice “fluffy book” , it seems the most natural thing to do. Besides, I have over 3,000 titles on my kindle that I have read and re read over the years, so some may say “fluff” seems to be what I’m into. Keep up the good work!!!!

  6. I just want to say thank god for deversity in writing. I for once have different moods so I like different authors and different books. So thank you Amber and all those other authors for their work.

  7. I’m with you on this. You know what? Most of the people I know who read ‘fluff’ do so because their lives suck in many ways. They are working obscene hours to make ends meet, or they live in chronic pain, or they are going through emotional trauma of their own. When I was working FT and serving as one of my dad’s caretakers I simply couldn’t bring myself to read or watch anything that would traumatize me further. I wasn’t looking for enlightenment–I was looking to be distracted, to take me out of my miserable existence for a couple of hours, to give me the kind of vacation from my life I couldn’t get any other way.

    If I can do the same for someone else, I’m *delighted* 😉

  8. That was great!!!!! Your books help take people away from their problems for a little while. Sometimes thats the best thing in the world!!!! YOU ARE MOST DEFINATELY A REAL WRITER!!!!!

  9. I have actually referred to your books as Fluff before but I also own every single one of your books. I happen to love a little Fluff in my life.

  10. I agree with you. I love your work and I look forward to each and every new book that is being released.

  11. ‘Fluff’ – if that’s supposed to be unkind then I say bring on the meanies, I’m not sure how many of ur books I own, but you’re definitely in the ‘favourite author category’ along with a few others, I can also confirm I own several of the ‘classics’ (which are used as doorstops, weights (warb& peace!) or kept because they have sentimental value (parents, G Parents etc) – certainly I never turn to them to brighten my day or lift my spirits, I turn to your ‘fluff’ for that …… Pfffttt to people with no sense of humor or some whacko need to belittle others, I’ll make you an offer – you keep on writing your stories & I’ll keep buying them & we’ll have a nice symbiotic relationship, you provide me with entertainment I want & I’ll provide u with $ you need to live, don’t know about the USA but in Oz that makes you a professional (& I’m pretty sure with 80 titles so far) a quite succesful author

  12. Because your books take me away to a world where I do laugh and smile and just escape for awhile, I read them as soon as they are released! Thank you for
    Letting me escape from real life and feel warm and fuzzy!

    1. I personally love the so called fluff you write. It has helped me deal with a lot of bordem and the deaths of both my parents. Wheni get sad or gloomy I read on of your books and I forget why i was sad to begin with. So keep it up fluff is good..

  13. I have a Master’s degree and I am a teacher. Many times your “fluff” has kept me sane. I just want to say how much I appreciate your work. I consider it more escapist fiction where you can get away from the real world and unwind for a little bit. It is what keeps me going so I want to say thank you to you and to your fellow authors out there who are feeling discouraged. We really need you.

  14. I agree. Your books are wonderful to read always a happy ending. Keep up the good work

  15. I completely agree. There are times when I want a nice short read and you are one of my go to authors. There are times when I want something light and happy, again you are one of my go to authors. Some may call it fluff I call it needed diversion without the heavy drama and when I enter someone else’s world I don’t necessarily need their drama as well. Keep writing the “fluff”!!

  16. I read a lot of books, a lot of authors, and my other half calls it all women porn. Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan, Lyndsay Sands, Stephani Hecht, Toni Griffin, Charlie Richards, RJ Scott, to JR Ward. And so many more. Some make me cry and some make me laugh out loud. Some take you to some pretty awful places and are hard reads emotionally and leave you drained. Some just leave you feeling good the rest of the day. I read to get away from the realities of life for just a little while. I appreciate all the authors I read, because they all have the imagination and talent to weave a story that takes me away! Thank you Amber for your gift.

  17. Most of the time I read for the entertainment value of the book. I want stories that make me feel emotions, from happy to sad and everything in between. I don’t want to think about world peace or any other earth shattering issues or things like that. Fluff reading fulfills this need. I love that it’s light and funny and makes me feel good. That’s why I read it. “Fluff” has it’s place in the literary world. Amber, please keep writing your fluff, I will read it every time!

  18. Looks like that’s what I’ve been reading for years then…my daughter-in-law thinks I’ll I’m reading is smut or sex books…lol….I tell people I don’t drink or smoke but I do Crafts (Sewing, Crochet, Plastic Canvas) going to the odd Movie at the theatre or buying them on Dvd…But my favourite thing to do is Read…..I consider that my only vice…I got into reading around 16, (I had trouble reading as a child since I changed schools in grade 2 /French to English). My mom always had Harlequins laying around the house and I finally picked one up. I have been reading ever since…Of course I have gone beyond them now…LOL …I have bought all of your Fluff since I discovered you and I’m constantly waiting on your next releases…So continue to write and I will continue to buy them because I love your “Fluff”…(Wow and here I’m usually just a lurker)…

  19. I agree. You should write what you want. Not everyone has the same tastes in things hence the reason why there’s so many genre out there. Your doing fine and I love your books. Keep up the wonderful work. 🙂

  20. When ever a critic says some thing I usually completely ignore it they are always wrong as far as I’m concerned. Books are a very personal thing to me I have authors I will always buy and read you are one of my favorites and have been for 80 books. Keep on writing and THANK YOU for all the fluff.

  21. Your books are great you know at the end things are going to work out. You just keep writing the stories you do they make my days just a little better

  22. It doesn’t matter what label you put on it, your writing is a source of joy and a necessary part of my day. I read, like many others, to escape to a less stressful place and time. Your books help me do that. I can’t wait for the next book and I love re-reading them. Keep up the good work and for those who claim you aren’t a “real” writer, when they have an extensive publishing list, contracts with multiple publishers and an equally loyal fan base, then they can talk smack.

  23. One of the reasons I love your books is because they make me chuckle. Another is I love a series that makes you excited for the next book, and all the series of yours that I have read have done that. I anxiously await any new book from you.

    1. Also your books are so enjoyable I’ve read all of the ones I own at least twice. Some as many as 5 times.

  24. I love your books. I read to escape and I tend to want a happy ending when I do that. Thanks and keep on “fluffing.”

  25. “HAPPINESS THROUGH ROMANCE” this should be your new motto, i know mine is now and forever. 🙂

  26. I was reading your post and as I read it I started to really think about what you had written. There are times when I want do read something that will challenge me and make me think about issues, times when I want that roller coaster of emotions, and there are other times when I just want to read something that affirms my belief in people and love. That is why I read your ebooks. So I can sit back and enjoy a great story and just feel better about my life and the world. So be proud and keep the books coming.

  27. After a stressful day,your books make me smile when I need it. I don’t need to read War and Peace every day.

  28. Blood Signs, Samhain’s Kiss, Matchmaker, Matchmaker, and the Supernatural Mates series, to name a few are among my favorites and frequent rereads. Any book that gets me to laugh out loud polls high on my list.

  29. If getting to take a vacation from reality is Fluff, I’m the world’s biggest Fluff lover. Reading your books has helped me pull myself up from depression many times. Thank you, Tolstoy or Shakesphere have never made me happy to be alive, your books do

  30. Your work is better than taking antidepressants but just as addictive.
    You are giving happiness in a world where there is a lot of the opposite.
    To bring someone joy is a great aim for your work and and a life goal.
    Ignor the pretentious puffballs who make themselves feel more clever or important by belittling others.
    A great book is one someone is willing to buy and read (and reread) whereas a lot of the critic acclaimed books end up unread gathering dust on a bookshelf as a status synbol. Yours sell and as all these people attest to are read- enough said.
    Please keep all us addicts supplied with new books.

  31. Why rag on fluff?

    Light down or fuzz, as on a young bird or on a dandelion or milkweed seed.
    a fluff of summer clouds.
    the finest marshmallow crème.
    fluff something out.
    fluff and fold.
    fluffy pancakes, biscuits or cake.
    fluffy scrambled eggs.

    Sorry, just not seeing a down side to fluff.

    What’s next, I can’t enjoy PBS Masterpiece Theatre and Hong Kong action movies?

    The response to anyone making those comments: “Fluff you very much” or, if you prefer “Fluff you very much, you pretentious bag of wind.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    A die-hard fan

  32. I’m happy with fluffy. The real world is a horrible place everyone needs fluffy sometimes.

  33. There is nothing wrong with fluff, in fact I love and enjoy it immensely so keep up the great work 🙂 🙂

  34. I don’t know why people who supposedly “hate” your stuff or another authors because it’s ‘fluff’ even keep reading it. I mean, just GTFO. I love your stuff & fluff or not, it gets my mind off stressful things at home. I just say…’whatever’ to those douches. *shrugs*

  35. I don’t know that I have ever called YOUR books fluff but I do use the term. But when I use the term fluff I am referring to the fact that the books aren’t filled with angst and drama and heartbreak and I’m not going to need ten boxes of Kleenex and some aspirin for the crying-induced headache I will have at the end. The problem is that a lot of books that are like that – fluff – tend to come from certain publishers with less than stellar editing habits so the overall term “fluff” gets a bad rep. I can see where your friends are coming from because I have some folks I know on GR that seem to look down on fluff books, like there is no literary value or any value to them at all, and because of that they tend to look down on people who read and/or write those books.

    I’ll be perfectly honest with you, there have been some really horrific things in my life and I suffer from PTSD, ADD, anxiety disorders and depression. My family is nuts (but whose isn’t) and there are times I seriously start to wonder if I am cursed because it often seems like one crappy or difficult thing after another just keeps hitting me and my loved ones. My point to all of this is that when I pick up something to read I don’t want to delve into Anna Karenina (too long, too boring and too emotional) I want something that takes me out of my life, in a good way. When I do feel like reading something more emotionally draining I tend to go with nonfiction anyway.

    I have a point here, honest. Your work and your friends’ have plenty of value. When I pick up one of your books I am entertained, I am taken out of my life and given some relief from whatever I am dealing with that day. I get characters I like, writing that draws me into the story instead of making me feel like there is a glass wall between me and the characters and I get a happy ending. There is a lot more value to your writing, for me and many others, than there will ever be in any of the “classics”. Besides, value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I think you and your writing are both valuable and beautiful. Let your friends know that some of us don’t mean anything derogatory by the term fluff, we use it to let each other know that it is something “safe” to read, and that they should keep writing and hold their heads high. Now, I’ve completely mucked up your comments section so I am going to go back to lurking, thanks for your patience! 🙂

  36. Critics of your work are entitled to their opinions; however, your readers opinions outweigh theirs anyday of the week. I personally love your work. It makes me smile after a long day. Besides, let’s be real, these same critics probably love Shakespeare; and in his time, his writing was considered “fluff” for the commoner and quite bawdy. So, continue on, make history by living and writing what makes you unique. I look forward to the next look into your “fluffy” universe.

  37. I have bought each and everyone of your books. You are a wonderful story teller and a fantastic author with quite the following of readers. You’ve put a smile on my face numerous times and even had me laughing out loud. I think that’s more important and shows signs of a great author to make a reader share the emotion of the story. I’m sure your “fluff” is enjoyed by all who purchase your books. Please keep writing and I’ll keep reading. Thank you for all your “fluff”.

  38. I personally like the term “mind candy.” It’s a book that you treat yourself to that has no other purpose but to make you smile and have all your worries and stress go away for a short but of “me time.” Then allows you to go back to the craziness of every day life with a slightly better attitude.
    Thank you for creating some of the best “mind candy” books and making me smile on those days were life just sucks.

  39. People who don’t read romance will always call it fluff and not real writing. Ignore them just like I do when they say I’m wasting my time reading something that I can’t learn from. I have actually learned a lot by reading some romance authors, I knew about Cafe de Monde loooonnng before I ever got to New Orleans and that was a treasure! I can’t say that I learn something will all romance novels because some of them are in nonexistent places and entirely the authors imagination but I actually think that those books are more interesting and harder for the author to write. So kudos to you and ignore those idiots!

  40. If I want “serious” I’ll pick up a history book. I read for entertainment. I worked for many years and now am retired. I did the “Mom” thing and everything else that was expected of me. Now is my time to do as I wish including dreaming of romantic partnerships, overcoming impossible odds, and dragons. Keep on girl-life is too short. I would have loved to be able to trip into fantasy when I was younger, but was too darn busy living life.

  41. I am extremely upset that your work and those of your fellow authors were called “fluff.” I have had a lot of medical issues that have required several surgeries and as I have recovered from each one I have depended on your books to make me happy and not so depressed. They have succeeded and I continuously reread them. I also anxiously await new titles. I got enough of history and world crisis in high school. As far as I am concerned, you are an author of execellent caliber. After laughter is the best medicine.

  42. All I can say if your writing is “fluff”, bring on the “fluff”. I read for enjoyment, and I enjoy your writing, as well as several other writers that would also be considered “fluff”.

  43. I love your work for the “fluff”, humor, quirky natures and FUN!! really if your fans like your work, you like your work and obviously the publishers like your work, who cares what small minds think.. keep writing- ONLY WRITE faster, I eat your books up too fast cause I loves um!! lol- thanks for making me smile and laugh.

  44. I love your books, I love that many of your books are not incredibly long because you can get a fun, imaginative story read in a couple of days! I have people tell me all the time that what I read is fluff, like it’s a bad thing! And I know for some, fiction is only good if there is a lot of angst, murder mysteries are “acceptable” as is high drama, but romance? And I’m okay with that too, I don’t watch TV or a lot of movies, I don’t play video games, reading is my “escape” from real life and I want it to be entertaining, it can be believable or completely not, so long as I enjoy it, I don’t really care! Life is busy, it can be stressful and demanding, I like the idea that when I read, I get to be taken to another world – it’s my modern day “Calgon” (and I’m sure only a few of us will remember what that is in reference to). I also believe romances can sometimes unintentionally educate us, my interest in car racing was started by reading romance novels! There is research as well as imagination and for me, there is nothing more perfect to the day than being able to read a book that is totally unlike my “real” life but makes me feel good, makes me cry or both! I think we should all toast to fluff – books, thoughts, whatever works! 😉

  45. If you are writing fluff I hope you continue to write it. I enjoy to get lost in your worlds.
    An anyone who thinks of it as fluff need to keep quite and let the rest of us enjoy.
    So to you an other writers of this type of books more power to you and many more
    years of writing.

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